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ecommerce website development

Ecommerce Shopping Website Solution


We offer ecommerce website development and design services with a proven expertise in these areas. We work closely with our clients to better understand their requirements and business needs. Our expert ecommerce web design and development team offer a unique blend of services ranging from basic website design to corporate websites which deliver large scale applications. The Ezulix team has the creative talent to appeal to your sense of style, the requisite knowledge of industry trends to ensure a technological fit, and the dedication and experience to turn your ideas into reality!

The internet has become the single most dominant, cost efficient and convenient tool for day to day business transactions. So that ecommerce web application software can be utilized by any company in any industry. Each day, the commercial activities of more and more businesses are becoming internet based; any ecommerce company can sale their products or services using our best platform ecommerce shopping portal, it is fully customized, user friendly and SEO friendly that will generate you huge traffic.

Internet usage at both the consumer and business level has been rapidly growing since its advent. The internet has crossed all global barriers and allows customers and businesses to buy or sell their product in a virtually limitless worldwide supply chain. Ecommerce business initiatives are now essential to the strategic positioning of every consumer focused company today, so we deliver best ecommerce shopping portal with integrated payment gateway.
Our company provides ecommerce shopping cart software solutions such as payment gateway solutions and integration services, secure shopping cart solutions, credit card processing integration, and merchant solutions.

Ecommerce Website Development:-

Font End Design

Our professional front end web designer create unique design with responsive layout and after client approval design will be implement to client ecommerce portal.

Home Page Customization
  • Top Menu Implementation with submenu support
  • Copyrights Footer module Implementation
  • Footer Menu Implementation
  • Left / Right side Custom text module
  • Quick Contact Info module
  • Inner Page Design and Customization, the layout will be differ from the Home Page
  • Converting the uniquely designed graphics design into CMS layout.
  • Configuring the CMS module Positions & layouts
  • Menu layout and position creation as per graphics design

Front End – Search
  • Basic and Advance search option
  • Search result page with listing all matched entries with navigation
  • After select any one of the list, goes to the Entry detailed page
  • Display the Entry detail page
  • Option for select the entries from Alphabet
  • User Management User Registration Process
  • User Registration with specific fields like Username, Name, Email, Password,
  • Account activation using email verification code to avoid the junk registration
  • Login Module for user login from the front end
  • Recovery Password Option

Orders and Reports
  • Admin can View all the Orders list
  • Admin can Edit / Delete Orders from the list
  • Admin can manage the orders of the user.t
  • Admin can accept/reject the order.
  • Order can filter by Payment Status and Order Number
  • Admin can view the reports
  • Admin can filter the reports for Date Range, Monthly, Weekly, Daily
    • User, Coupons, Discounts And Others
    • Admin can View all the Users and User Groups
    • Admin can Edit / Delete the users data
    • Admin can create a Coupon code for Discount
    • Admin can give the rewarding system to users
    • Admin can add any number of countries
    • Admin can add any number of Currencies
    • Based on the coupon code user will get discount

    Shipping Management

  • API integration
  • Wallet
  • Customer Wallet would be attached within the site where refunds /cancellations could be deposited
  • Inventory Management
  • Admin can add/edit/delete the inventory
  • Admin can set the inventory alerts
  • Once the inventory reaches the limit admin will receive the alerts

Shopping Cart & Checkout
  • User can click the buy now button, it will added in their cart
  • Again giving option for continue shopping or go to check out
  • Check out page process, showing the cart item list
  • User can update / delete the Items from the shopping cart
  • Shipping methods select page
  • Billing information collect page
  • Payment Method select page
  • Order confirmation page
  • Order email confirmation email will go to Admin and User
  • Shopping Cart with product images and editable quantities
  • Estimated shipping cost and tax before check-out
  • Express check out with minimum contact details and auto generated password
  • Email opt-in during checkout
  • Automated abandoned cart recovery
  • Custom Message during Checkout for Delivery Instructions

Content Pages
  • Adding content pages with proper alignment
  • One or more images included in the page
  • A content page includes company profile, about us, Service details, vision-mission, History about company and Privacy policy etc.
  • Slide Show – Admin Functionality
  • Admin can able to add images to the banner slide show
  • Admin can able to view/edit the images in the banner slide show
  • Admin can able to delete the images in the banner slide show

User Management - Admin Functionality
  • Admin can view all the user list
  • Admin can edit the user profile details
  • Admin can delete / Block any user
  • Admin can manage the orders of the user.
  • Admin can accept/reject the order.

User Profile
  • After login user can view their profile page
  • My accounts
  • My orders
  • My wish list
  • User can edit the profile details
  • User can write comments on any Products
  • There is an option of giving ratings for the products (5 star rating)