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The online gaming business is one of the most rapidly and immensely flourishing businesses worldwide these days. Local games have their charms, and card games are the only ‘globally localized games’. From India to the USA, Card Games have a special place in everyone’s heart!

So, do you have a creative card game idea that you wish to make famous worldwide? No worries! You have come to the right website! We are an 8+-year-old card game development company in India serving 200+ clients globally. Let us convert your gaming idea into an immersive gaming application and enthral your journey to success today!

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Choose Top-Notch Card Game Development Solutions by Ezulix!

Your card gaming ideas must be scattered and lacking a direction! Just come to us, and we will gather all the scattered cards in your mind and club them into an exciting and visually captivating mobile game application.

We, at Ezulix, have a highly dedicated and enthusiastic team of 20+ card game developers ambidextrous in developing high–performing mobile gaming apps, game UI/UX design, 3D graphic animation, and hypnotic game audio development.

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Ready to dive into the game development world? Well, get ready to see your concepts turning into captivating and high–paying mobile games. Here is what Ezulix can create to unlock enormous revenues for you! Check our complete card game development services.

Rummy Game App Development

Probably, it would not be wrong to mention that ‘Rummy is the Mother of all Card Games’. So, when it comes to card game development, Rummy game app development is the first card that we throw at your table! We specialize in creating Rummy Game Apps featuring multi-player games like

  • Indian Rummy Games
  • Gin Rummy (USA)
  • Dummy Rummy (USA)
  • Oklahoma Rummy
  • Pool Rummy

Be India, the USA, the UK, Africa or any other corner of the world, Rummy App Development is a global requirement. We, at Ezulix, proudly call ourselves a leading Rummy Game Development Company. And if you have a different Rummy game concept from the ones listed above, feel free to connect with us. We will design and shape your Rummy Idea into a bespoke mobile Rummy App.

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Teen Patti Game App Development

Teen Patti App is another popular choice among young online gamers. Despite being one of the most complicated card games, the Teen Patti game is played worldwide. Therefore, Ezulix provides Teen Patti Game App Development that manifests

  • Originality
  • Engagement
  • Captivation
  • Multi-Playerhood
  • Immersive Graphics

So, do you wish to become a card game business tycoon but can’t develop a game by yourself? No worries! Choose the best Teen Patti Game App Development Company and get custom Teen Patti Game Development Services. Your idea, our development!

Poker App Development

Another popular card game is Poker. Latest and the most favourite to the betting community, Poker is one of the most played online card games. Especially, the young generation loves betting on Poker games that give a casino feel. We are a Poker Game Development Company that ensures

  • Live Casino-Like Feel
  • International Tournaments
  • Varying Variants
  • Classic Card Styles
  • Modern Casino Styles

Wanna own a Poker App? Give Ezulix a chance to execute your Poker Game Idea with exceptionally smooth, secure, and engaging Poker Game Development. We provide the best Poker App Development services for gaming businesses. Get your Poker App developed by our dedicated Poker Game Developers and engage your enthusiastic audience effortlessly.

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Why Choose Ezulix to Fulfil Your Card Game Development Dreams?

We Full’Stack’ the Deck!

Ezulix provides Fullstack game development and is a full-service Card Game Development Company. We follow a step-by-step card game development approach and ensure that our clients get custom card game development services. Specializing in bespoke designs, we fulfil the dreams of aspiring online gaming business tycoons by transforming their ideas into a bespoke gaming app and software. Here is how we do it!

Concept Ideation

First, we keenly listen to the online game development concept of the client and then develop a card game app development ideation featuring app design, features, UI/UX, and development cost.

Game Documentation

After a thorough discussion with the client, we prepare a proper game app draft in a documented form. The Game documentation explains the colour theme, features included, APIs to be integrated, and app budget.

Game Design

When the documentation process is completed and the client approves the draft, the game design begins. As per client instructions, we prepare the game concept, rules, rewards, tournaments, and constraints.

Game Development

Finally, the game coding and programming begin with the best game developers at Ezulix. Our card game developers ensure smooth-functioning and interactive UI/UX for your target audience.

Payment API Integration

Rummy, Poker, and Teen Patti games cannot satiate the end-users until they offer real cash rewards. Therefore, we provide quick and secure payment API Integration post-development process.

Quality Assurance & Testing

After the ideation, design, development, and Payment API integration, your innovative card game application goes through dual testing- manual as well as automation for thorough quality assurance.

Game Application Launch

When the card game passes all our security, quality, and performance parameters, then we provide launch support for the Play Store and App Store to the client.

Support & Maintenance

Do not worry! Our business relations do not end here. Rather, Ezulix provides lifetime support and maintenance provides game updates time-to-time and resolves all technical and non-technical queries.

Our Value-Added Additional Services: ‘We Do Not Pass the Buck’

Additionally, Ezulix stands out among other card game development companies by providing not just game development services but value-added services. Our card game development is not limited to consulting, designing, and maintenance. We offer something extra!

Exciting Game Audio Production

We are a card game development company that does not leave you in the middle of the sea. We also provide hypnotic HD game audio production.

Randomizing Outcomes with RNG

Random Number Generation Algorithms ensure random outcomes in a betting game and end monotony. We provide RNG-certified game development to keep your gamers hooked to your application.

Socialize with Social Media Integration

Keep your gamers always hooked to your business mobile app and social media pages with our Social Media Integration facility. Allow your gaming community to chat and share live scores.

Be Responsible with Responsive Designs

Not all players will play on mobile phones, some will also play on desktops. We are responsible towards our clients and therefore we develop responsive game designs that adapt to every device effortlessly.

Get Game Monetization Support

Real money rewards are the heart and soul of every card game. If the player earns a reward, so must earn the Gaming Business. We offer complete game monetization support and ensure profit maximisation.

Hire Industry-Best Game Developers

Ezulix houses 20+ in-house card game developers experts in Rummy Game App Development, Teen Patti Game App Development, and Poker Game App Development. Hire the one you need!

Connecting with us is ‘In The Cards’!

Feels great? Connect with us today and get more information on the Card Game Development process. Give shape to your gaming ideas and convert your concepts into high-paying mobile games today. Choose our top-notch game development services and unlock your earnings and your gamers’ gaming potential!

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Card game development costs depend purely upon the game features and the quality of graphics, animations, and background audio. More features incur higher game development costs. Similarly, higher graphics, animation, and music quality also incur higher costs and vice versa.
In a word, yes. Game app development is different from game software development. While the game application is for the end users (players), game software is for the developers. Game software helps game developers in coding, programming, interface designing, animating, and producing game audio. In general, software is a much broader form and they are to manage tasks and command computers. However, applications are lighter versions of software designed for mobile devices only to perform certain functions or tasks.
In a word, yes! We provide-
  • Rummy Game Software Development
  • Poker Software Development
  • Teen Patti Game Software Development
Yes, Ezulix provides iOS card game development, Android Card Game Development, and even Cross-Platform Card Game Development services.
No! We do not provide Online Card Games for the players, but we offer Card Game Development Services to aspiring gaming businesses. So, people who have an online gaming idea but can’t develop a game can come to us. We develop game applications as per their concept and instructions.

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Grow the card game development business by harnessing the Ezulix card game development team with our specialized team for designing to coding to ensure your app's seamless and long-term success. As a trusted card game development company, we boast a highly experienced team to ensure the realization of your vision regarding games.

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