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25 Mobile App Development Ideas in 2024 to Boost Your Business Revenue 


Trending mobile applications make users rise and function well. Businesses are now making standing positions with new application types to receive money and make the company rise to the top.   

With this blog, we’ll associate many types of trending applications which are users’ favourites and make them used well. It would help to look at this blog before going for mobile app development services.   

Home Security App  

Trending application to integrate home security innovative features for potential security threats. The best solution to make smart homes safe for the future!   

Elevate your path to make home facilitate with new trends of surveillance, smart locks, and alarm systems and empower to protect homes with the best security solutions. Some examples are Vivint and Frontpoint.   

Medicine delivery app 

Develop a medicine app that allows you to receive prescribed medicines with ease. You can take edge for developing software to make tasks easy and functional on demand. Pharmacy applications will create a significant impact to proceed for fast results. The best examples associated are NetMeds and Tata.   

Food Delivery App 

Online food delivery apps must be critical phone applications. Businesses are looking forward to food industry apps to try for the best output and efforts. It’s a must-growing industry app; you can try for better work to lead. Try out for the best! Some bests of examples are Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, and many more.    

Food Donation app 

Mobile applications mentor all working criteria, but donating food to needy people is best to function. It’s an easy task to donate food, reduce poverty, and promote responsibility for social well-being.    

Mobile app development for food security will eradicate the feminine and promote food security. It manages the world and creates the best output for needy people. Some examples are Food Flow and the Food Donation App. 

Employee Engagement App   

To maintain the operation in the working environment, you must focus on maintaining communication within the organisation. So, for relief to support the process in the corporate world, employee engagement or communication app is necessary.    

It is an application that connects the employees. Communication empowers employees to work correctly, improves employee engagement, is highly convenient, promotes collaborative teamwork, automates and streamlines workflow, and helps build a better cooperative working ecosystem. Here are some examples: Zoom, Google Chat, Slack, and many more. 

Editing App 

More readily used by youngsters! The majority of users engaged with trending applications like editing applications. The world cannot ignore the youngster’s demand for editing high-quality videos. Be sure of its working capacity and need to have entertainment. It’s more convenient to merge, apply filters, and enhance the videos’ look. Be sure to develop for the straight rise in the market of youngsters.   

It works as fuel to market expansion for video editing as people demand video content to make it more exciting and valuable to deliver the message to the audience. Some of the best examples are Quik and Clips. 

Wedding Planner App 

The wedding planner app is built to manage their budget, guests, seating arrangements, and many more customized features. It all develops to make events smoother and stress-free. Following the essential elements or more on-demand segments allows it to revolve according to make weddings convenient and systemized.  

Examples: Wedding Happy and WedMeGood 

Language Learning App 

Educational app-like features to educate for language study. People are mainly like to understand the new languages. So, developing a new application for learning languages is a brilliant idea to create revenue. People like to associate with this type of app for convenience, easy access, and affordability for learning new. Examples of it are Language Curry FluentU.   

Insurance app  

It’s a vast holding application providing easy access to policyholders and insurance companies. It’s a great way to address transparent and convenient business issues. It makes it easy to maintain the documents and online policy management. It all fixes it with simple application development to access the fast report and best result to serve the clients. The best insurance app example is PolicyBazaar. 

Freelancer/WFH App  

The Freelancer App is still helpful after being in the COVID-19 phase. It is expected to reach more frequently due to its vast use in the recent trend of WFH. Since then, people have been more convenient in offering the best result with this freelance application. Potential clients are a must to connect with this recent time application. It ultimately changes future jobs—for example, Slack and Zoom.   

Investment App  

People like to connect with revenue-generated apps. Usually, people are more inclined to get connected to earn money. This type of app includes trading apps for making the best use of saving and earning extra income. Good examples include Instr, Acorns, and Wealthbase.   

News App  

People mostly like to gain easy access to make life convenient, most of them for cost-effective solutions. They quickly gain access to live with current events in various requirements of life.   

Did you know how important it is to be with a news app? It puts the world of current affairs in the hands of life. Google News and Flipboard are an example of it. You can also try it.   

On-Demand App  

How do you want to proceed? Whether for delivering the food or any Insta grocery mart? All it needs to go with your choice of developing for your required business. Many on-demand apps are in the market for getting success in business. The option is all set to proceed. You want to look towards an excellent application for your business. Look at applications like Lyft, Instacart, Doctor on Demand, and many more.   

Fitness app 

A fitness app must be a creative idea to proceed with the fat gain or loss volume. All set to make for the busy people’s schedule to optimize the health status of people. Moving with such a great app will likely produce an excellent money stream. Examples are Fitelo Cure. Fit.   

Stress relaxing App 

Create the app for stress buster in the market. It would help if you focused on enjoying the meditation exercises, breathing techniques, and many mindfulness practices. People will likely follow stress relief techniques, improve mental well-being, and reinvent a healthy lifestyle. Developing stress-relaxing apps has a positive impact on people’s lives. The best examples are Calm and Ten per cent happier. 

Real Estate App 

Best for intelligent selling of apps nowadays! It’s beneficial to start collecting the best result in output by selling or renting houses. Clients generally focus on exploring accessible, ongoing applications for selling or buying property. The best examples for searching are Zillow and   

Travel booking App 

It is the most important application to travellers as people are now entirely in the mood to have fun without hassle. So, getting a system software application with all the required features is most important to proceed better. Collecting the best application to suit travellers’ moods is an option to start a business. Some of the best examples are MakeMyTrip and 

Cab Booking App 

It is one of the best applications for creating cab businesses in your area or operating anywhere. Collecting the information will help us create and develop a better-running business. Some of the best are in the market and functioning successfully. Ola and Uber are the best cab software applications. 

E-commerce App  

To make businesses provide convenient support to businesses. Make your mart with application software to take the rise in the digital market. Make your journey with starting functions of system software applications. Some examples of selling products are Amazon and Flipkart.    

On-Demand Fashion App 

Allow your user to easily browse and purchase trending clothes and fashion accessories from the comfort of their homes. You can look for custom mobile app solutions to provide the best shopping experience and cater for the online market with its excellent functionality. Examples are Myntra and Lifestyles 

Health and fitness App 

You can build apps to make users get and fine. This application must be followed for trending apps, which ultimately generate lots of money. You can also look for a better exercise set and diet plan app to function well. Some examples are Fitbit and Health. 

E-Book Reader App  

It is the most basic application to satisfy readers with its palm functionality. This app is entirely compatible with book lovers. The best-associated features are formatting, bookmarking, file handling, and adding search functionality.   

You can customize the app with user-choice books to make the business rise. It’s an easily demanded application in the market. Examples are Kindle and Outcrowd. 

Payment App 

One of the most trending mobile app development ideas for the fintech industry is to include the UPI (Unified Payment System) payment app with your businesses. You can generate one-stop solutions to make payments on time for being with new time digital landing. Users can receive and send money with your application.   

Dating App  

Love and making love possible with application development can be fruitful ideas to proceed in a new space. Dating apps make you rise in the digital market to connect with the functional application. Youngsters like to communicate with this type of application.   

Disaster Management App  

People like to make a step ahead in every format as possible. This precise way of developing applications causes you to deliver the best result in emergencies. It provides excellent help to function well. It helps users understand things in case of disaster. Examples are Weather Underground and Natural Disaster Monito.   


The world is entirely revolving in digital market space. So, receiving the best application to proceed with your business is handy. You need to take the best mobile app development ideas to make your plan visible with flying features of time with money.   

If you plan to launch a business, you can hire a mobile app developer from Ezulix Software to make your journey in the application business.    

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