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What is the Difference Between AEPS Service and UPI Transaction

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What is AePS Service and UPI

Before starting the topic what is the difference between AEPS service and UPI, we have to know about AEPS and UPI. AEPS stands for Aadhaar Enabled Payment System while UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface. Both are the digital payment services which are an initiative by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) to make Cashless society under digital India project.

Here we discuss about both the topics like what they are and what are their benefits in daily life and how can you use them. First we start with UPI transaction.

Keep tuning with us for interesting facts about UPI transaction.

What is UPI Transaction and its Benefit

As we learn above UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface which is the digital payment service initiative by NPCI to make India digitally strong.

Before starting UPI Transaction I want to know, ever have you hear about UPI?

Any where?

I would try to remember you, Have you use Pay Tm?

Perhaps you remembered this function now; yes I am talking about the same function,

UPI transaction.

The main goal behind initiative this service is to compete with mobile first digital payment platforms like e-wallets with bank backed network. UPI is the instant payment system which is totally based on IMPS infrastructure. It is basically used for instant money transfer from one bank account to another at the same time.

Now we learn what the benefits of UPI transaction is and how can you use it in your daily life.

Benefits of UPI

  • UPI is the cheapest way of money transfer
  • It Makes you Free from Cash
  • There is no need to give bank account details
  • Cheapest alternative of POS machine
  • It is safe and secure to use
  • Instant money transfer facility

So basically these are some benefits of UPI transaction which enables you to use in daily life. You can use this service in PayTM wallet by direct money transfer without any further details at same time.

What is AEPS Service and Its Benefits

Aadhaar enabled payment system is type of payment system which enables us for cashless transaction with using credit or debit card. AEPS service also initiate by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) which main aim is to develop cashless economy in India under digital India project.

AEPS service facilitate basic banking transactional activities like cash deposit, cash withdrawal, fund transfer and balance inquiry by using aadhaar card number and finger print authentication. You can use these facilities anywhere if your bank account connected to your aadhaar card.

AEPS service makes you enable for cashless transaction without using any debit or credit card. You have no need to remember any pin or code. You just need to give 12 digit aadhaar card numbers to merchant and finger print authentication to perform basic banking transactions.

Benefits of AEPS

Here we learn about benefits of AEPS which you can use in daily life.

  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Fund Transfer
  • Balance Inquiry

So this is very beneficial service which helps you in daily life for cashless transactions. Sometimes if you are not able to go bank or ATM, this service enables you to perform basic banking transactions.

These are the benefits which you can use in your daily life; apart as a user you can use can this service as a business man.

Yes, it’s true

If you are a businessman and you have a business this service can help you out to perform banking transaction directly with clients without any cash transaction which is definitely safe and secure and you no need to appoint a person for this work.

AEPS Service for Mini Banking Business

If you are looking for new business startup, here I have a great Idea for new business plan. Yes I am talking about mini banking business or we can say AEPS service. If you are really planning for new business mini banking service is the best option on present scenario.

To start this business you have to purchase AEPS software from any AEPS service provider company and you have to connect your bank account with this. You can start this service at your shop or center. Any customer perform any AEPS transaction, you will earn the commission on it. So I can say this is the best alternative for business with less investment.

I would suggest you to purchase AEPS Software from the best AEPS service provider company in India which gives highest commission on aeps transactions which makes you earn more.


Here I am wrapping up this article, here we discuss two most famous digital payment services, what they are actually, how can we use it and how they can be used in daily life. Here also we discuss about how can we start own business by using AEPS software.

I hope this article may help you to understand AEPS and UPI. If you feel this article consist use information, share it with your friends and family to get benefits of these services.

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What Steps Did PM Modi Take to Encourage Cashless Society in India?

What Steps Did PM Modi Take to Encourage Cashless Society in India?

[caption id="attachment_143" align="alignnone" width="940"]Cashless Society Cashless Society[/caption]

Cashless Society | What Plans Did Government Take  

For months before Demonetization, Indian government has been announcing about many technologies, schemes and policies to moves on cashless society. For this they opened record bank accounts approx 99% of households and over 93% of adults have aadhaar till now. This was first step towards cashless transaction in India. If I talk about present scenario plenty of cashless payment methods come up like RuPay, BBPS, UPI and AEPS in India.

If I talk about from the very starting, Indian government PM Modi made an address to the nation asking the people to go cashless. Narendra Modi calls about cashless India in “Mann Ki Baat”. For this vision first Modi Government made world record of new opened bank account in India under “Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yoajna”. Almost 25 crore people opened account under this and most of the account are still active. Right now majority of people in India has individual bank account either he is shopkeeper or auto driver.

  • Two months before the demonetization Modi government brought UPI (Unified Payment Interface) in to implementation.
  • In August 2016, came the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)- that enable online bill payment through accounts directly
  • April 2016, Came the FASTag to pay tolls electronically
  • In January 2016, Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS)-That enables people cashless transaction, deposit and pay facilities
  • In the middle of 2015 came the RuPay credit cards

All of these efforts were to stop Black money storage, this transparency of accounts transaction helped to control this problem.  Modi’s dream of cashless society is about to come. Today we have a lots of methods of cashless transaction in daily life. Here I give you a list of useful cashless methods which help you out in daily life.

Best Options for Digital Payments | Cashless Society

This following list definitely helps you in daily life to use with cashless transaction-

 Groceries and Daily Items-

  • GROFERS- for fruits, vegetable and garoceries (

[caption id="attachment_144" align="alignnone" width="370"]grofers grofers[/caption]


  • UBER- Book a cab and bike (

[caption id="attachment_145" align="alignnone" width="275"]Uber Uber[/caption]

  • OLA- Book a bike, cab and auto (

[caption id="attachment_146" align="alignnone" width="301"]ola cab ola cab[/caption]

  • JUGNOO- Book a auto (

[caption id="attachment_147" align="alignnone" width="275"]jugnoo jugnoo[/caption]


  • ZOMATO- Order food online (

[caption id="attachment_148" align="alignnone" width="275"]zomato zomato[/caption]

  • SWIGGY- Order food Online (

[caption id="attachment_149" align="alignnone" width="300"]swiggy swiggy[/caption]

Medical Aid

  • PRACTO- Find doctors, gyms, spa and saloons (

[caption id="attachment_150" align="alignnone" width="298"]practo practo[/caption]

  • LYBRAT- Find online doctors (

[caption id="attachment_151" align="alignnone" width="349"]Lybrat Lybrat[/caption]

Online Shopping-

  • AMEZON- Shop online mobile, book, watch and shoes (

[caption id="attachment_152" align="alignnone" width="275"]Amezon Amezon[/caption]

  • FLIPKART- Shop online mobiles, clothes and electronics (

[caption id="attachment_153" align="alignnone" width="299"]Flipkart Flipkart[/caption]

  • SNAPDEAL- Buy online books, clothes and accessories (

[caption id="attachment_154" align="alignnone" width="300"]Snapdeal Snapdeal[/caption]

B2B, B2C Mobile Recharge Software-

[caption id="attachment_155" align="alignnone" width="600"]mobile recharge software mobile recharge software[/caption]

Cashless Bill Pay-

[caption id="attachment_156" align="alignnone" width="711"]bbps software bbps software[/caption]

Cashless Transaction, Deposit and Payments-

[caption id="attachment_157" align="alignnone" width="940"]aadhaar enabled payment system aadhaar enabled payment system[/caption]


So these are some methods which you can use in your daily life to solve some cash problems. All these schemes enable cashless society dream of PM Modi government. But this is not over, it is just starting, plenty of new schemes and technology are on the ways which you will enjoy in upcoming years. Keep tuning with us for latest updates.

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Top Benefits and Security Features of Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

Top Benefits and Security Features of Aadhaar Enabled Payment System


[caption id="attachment_138" align="alignnone" width="940"]aadhaar enabled payment system Aadhaar Enabled Payment system[/caption]

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) Service

Aadhaar enabled payment system (AEPS) is most popular mini banking service over the last few years. This service solved most of the banking service problems. Through AEPS service we can transfer funds, check bank balance and get the mini statement. In short we can say that this is the service through which we can perform most of the basic financial actions without going bank or ATM.

Why Aadhaar Enabled Payment System is Safe and Secure

The biggest reason behind the success of aadhaar enabled payment system (AEPS) is its security feature. Yes. This is the most secure system for any type of banking action.  this strength makes it most reliable system to use without any fear of loses.

But ever you think why it is so secure?

I tell you briefly about this topic, its start from initial days of its invention. As we now Aadhaar enabled payment system (AEPS) based on individuals aadhaar number. Indian government link all the bank accounts to individuals aadhaar number. Now if anyone want to do any financial action through aadhaar enabled payment system service, he have to go to any shop and use his aadhaar number and his thumb impression which is the most unique thing in the world, which makes this service very safe.

Along this there are many security features of aadhaar enabled payment system which are following-

  • It has log in and log out system
  • Individual registration system, everyone has to register to use this service means everyone has their unique ID
  • 3D code verification and OTP system integration
  • Maintenance of MAC and IP based security
  • Integration Captcha in aadhaar enabled payment app
  • Secure payment gateway by integrating API

So basically these are top security features of aadhaar enabled payment system which makes it safe and secure to use. Ezulix software is the best aadhaar enabled payment system software provider company in India with AEPS API.

What are the Benefits of Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

If I talk about the benefits of aadhaar enable payment system, it would be a very wide topic so here I will talk about only top benefits of aadhaar enabled payment system. First of all if I come to basic benefits its facilitates us with basic banking financial actions like funds transfer, cash deposit, balance inquiry and you can also get complete mini statement of your account.

Along this biggest thing is that you have no need to find any bank or ATM machine nearby you. Yes, this is the unique features or we can say biggest benefit of it. You can perform anyone of financial action from anywhere, you need only your aadhaar number and thumb impression through mini thumb scanner with is integrated with AEPS application.


So here I wrap up this topic here. These are top security features and benefits of aadhaar enabled payment system (AEPS) which makes is safe and secure to use. You can use this service to run properly your business by solving some financial actions. Most of the businesses are adopting this service and getting benefits. Keep in touch for more interesting blogs.

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How Can You Start a Mobile Top-up Recharge Business| Mobile Recharge Software

[caption id="attachment_133" align="alignnone" width="940"]mobile recharge software mobile recharge software[/caption]

Important Facts About Mobile Recharge Business

If you are thinking about to start a mobile recharge business, first of all you have to research market. After all complete research you will found that there are two ways of recharge business. Either you can start a mobile top-up recharge store or you can make a website with online recharge facility in other words we can say that it all depends on investment or your budget. Plenty of amount enable you to purchase mobile recharge software.

If you have a huge amount to invest, you must contact to individual API network provider or purchase recharge coupons direct from Network Company.

But I will suggest you should join API Service Provider Company or join as a partner.

Process of API | Mobile Recharge Software

  • You should have a legal entity to start your own business in India with unique GST number.
  • Collect all legal documents.
  • Book unique domain name of your business
  • Purchase hosting
  • Website development
  • Integrate payment gateway
  • Purchase API from API provider company
  • SEO is also very important for business, this process enables customers to drive on website and increase the traffic. You must also use SMO for your brand promotion.

Process of Joining Partners

  • Signup as a partner
  • Manage your account
  • Trained your staff
  • Recharge customers mobile
  • Earn commission on each and every recharge

So basically we can say that these are two most common methods of start a mobile recharge business. For first one you need mobile recharge software to recharge. Ezulix software is the top mobile recharge software development company in India with plenty of potential customer’s portfolio. We provide best mobile recharge software and mobile recharge API solution with highest margin in the market.

Our main aim is to provide best services to the customers. Our R/D team always updated with market and new upcoming technology. All products and services based on latest technology and according to need of customers.

Along with mobile recharge software and mobile recharge API we provide lot more facilities which are following-


So now I think this is clear that how can you start a mobile top-up recharge business. Here I explain all the two methods based on your budget. So you can start anyone as your choice. Along with mobile top-up recharge I suggested you a company name which provides a plenty of services so if you want to start many more services along with mobile recharge you can start it today with us because our business is grow to yours.

Thanks I hope this information help you to start your business.

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Aadhaar Enable Payment System | Make Safe Business Transaction

Modernized Mobile Recharge Software to Enhance Business 3X Times

[caption id="attachment_128" align="alignnone" width="940"]mobile recharge software mobile recharge software[/caption]

How to Boost Moblie Recharge Software Business Today

Ezulix E-recharge is the complete package to start mobile recharge business all over the India. We have a huge number of potential client’s portfolio with strong service promises. You can be popular in the market by publish your brand name with this software on play store.

We always work on new technology, process and modern methods regarding the service which is provided by our company. Our huge technical team always works on new updated technology so that we can provide best services in the market.  Our main motto is to provide highly reliable and quality services in the markets and this is the main key of our success that we are top emerging company in the market from last 2-3 years.

Ezulix software provide the latest and highly modernized mobile recharge software for b2b, b2c and white label services. We also facilitate with mobile recharge API, Money transfer software, Bharat bill payment system and pan card services.

Service provided by Ezulix software is based on highly technology which is trending in the market and cost effective. You can start your own online recharge business with small investment and highly earning benefits.

Ezulix software also provide best Aadhaar enabled payments system service which help to run business smoothly with cashless transaction. You can also start your mini banking service at your centre with small investment and can earn profits by each and every transaction in terms of commissions.

Our one of the best Bharat Bill payment system Service enables all types of recharges like electricity, telecom, DTH, gas, water bills etc. You can also start this business which helps to pay bills from anywhere and anytime.


Ezulix software provide different type of online recharge, bill pay and money transfer solutions with highly effective services. All provided services by our company is based on modernized technology and cost effective which enable customers to attract. Our main aim is to provide your best software solutions which helps you to enhance your business 3X times.

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Where Can I Get AEPS and BBPS API for Cashless Transaction and Bill Pay

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Where Can I Get AEPS and BBPS API for Cashless Transaction and Bill Pay

[caption id="attachment_124" align="alignnone" width="1920"](AEPS)Aadhaar Enabled Payemnt System Api Aadhaar Enabled Payemnt System Api[/caption]

Start Your Own Business Through AEPS and BBPS System Software

Ezulix software is one of the best software companies in India. You can get a wide range of web solution services like AEPS , BBPS and many more from here.

It is an online B2B platform for services like tour & travels, flight booking, prepaid mobile recharge, DTH services, Data card recharge, electricity bill, water bill etc. It provides AEPS API for cashless transaction service which works as mini banking.

How AEPS Helps To Setup Mini Banking Service

AEPS stands for aadhaar enabled payment system which is a cashless money transaction system.

But do you know how it helps in cashless transaction and how can you setup mini banking service at your center?

Without waste the time, I come to the point

Before some year’s Indian government collect all the data of individuals and in return they gave us a 12 digit unique identity number which is known as Aadhaar number. Later this aadhaar number is connected to our individual bank accounts or we can say our bank accounts directly connected to our aadhaar card.

Aadhaar enabled payment system is the payment system which helps bank customers to done basic transaction or financial services. In this system you can transfer, deposit and withdrawal the money without any pan card or ATM card. It only requires your aadhaar number and your finger print.

You can setup your own mini banking service at your shop or center. For to start this service you need a smart phone where you setup AEPS software and a biometric machine for scan customers finger print. Ezulix software is the best AEPS software development company which provides best AEPS Services with Aadhaar enabled payment system API.

So by this method you can start your own mini banking business and get commissions on each and every transaction by your customers.

Benefits of AEPS Software

AEPS software transactions and admin of software can distribute AEPS transaction amount for their register agents in real time in e-wallet and (T+1) in bank account because Ezulix Software provides bank settlement in real time in e-wallet and (T+1) in bank account to the software admin.  Here agents also get the commission by the customer’s transactions.

So we can say this is the best business opportunity which is growing very fast now days. All the transactions being online or we can say cashless through this AEPS software. We are the best AEPS Software provider company in India which provides funds in real time in e-wallet.

allow cash withdrawal or balance inquiry service for the bank customers and admin of software will earn commission on each cash withdrawal.

What is BBPS

BBPS stands for bharat bill payment system. This is the system which is approved by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) which helps to pay all types of bill like electricity bill, gas recharge, telecom, DTH recharge and water bills from anytime and from anywhere?

BBPS system accepts all kinds of bill across the India from different payments mode. Service suppliers can get the payment instantly and get transfer too. Agents as well as customers can check the details of confirmation on mail or BBPS system.

Ezulix software is best BBPS service software Provider Company in India. You can start your own market for bill recharge and can earn huge amount of commission on each bill payment.  we can say it is also good alternative for online recharge business with small cost.


So we can say that here we have two best low cost setup business ideas which is in trends now a days. I want to reference ezulix software which is best AEPS and BBPS software Provider Company in India. So from here you can get AEPS and BBPS API for bill payment and cashless transaction.

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Aadhaar Enable Payment System | Make Safe Business Transaction

Best Aadhaar Enable Payment System For Business| Aadhaar Payment System

AEPS Stands for aadhaar enable payment system, a new launch technique under digital India project which makes easy cashless transaction. Before study that what is AEPS software and how it works, we learn about what is Aadhaar?

What is Aadhaar | What is Aadhaar Number

The unique identification authority of India (UIDAI) a central government agency of India collected all the data of people who lives in India and then stored in a centralized database it means we can say our all data is stored like a very huge pen drive.

Against of this data government provide us a 12 digit unique identity number for every person it works like green card in US. This 12 digit unique identity number is known as Aadhaar number and this issued card is known as Aadhaar card which is the biggest identity at this time in India. All your document are connected to aadhaar card means if you have aadhaar card, you are not required any other documents.

How Aadhaar Helps in Cashless Transaction

The main Moto of digital India project is to make all the business transactions cashless which helps to stop black money storage. For this great project Indian government first stored all the data and issued Aadhaar card and then connected it to the bank accounts of individuals.

Now Indian citizens can make all the transaction cashless without using credit or debit card, no smart phone required, and no need to learn any password or pin code.

Yes, this is true

Indian central government launched an app “Aadhaar Pay” which required Aadhaar number and biometrics to make payments. The main aim of aadhaar payment app is to increase digital transactions among merchants in the country.

How AEPS Works

Aadhaar enable payment system is the payment system which helps bank customers to using basic financial services by using aadhaar identification number. AEPS service is the new age of cashless banking service which is approved by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) which makes easy cashless transaction by using Aadhaar number authentication.

But do you know how AEPS works?

Now we will learn point vise how AEPS works-

Step1- First of all merchants needs to download application on the android smart phone which is connected to biometric scan machine.

Step2- After downloads the app, now merchants would be register on the app and connected it with the individual    bank accounts where they want to receive payments from customers.

Step3- If customer want to make payment, he just need to type his aadhaar number in the app

Step4- Linked bank name will open, now customer will select from linked banks and merchant will enter amount.

Step5- Now app required biometric scan of customer, here biometric works as password if the biometric scan is right, your transaction take place in to merchants account.

Get Your AEPS Amount in Your Bank or E-Wallet

If you are in business industry and if you want to start mini banking service at your shop or your agents then AEPS (Aadhaar Enable Payment System) is the best option. It will help to take cash withdrawal from customer’s bank account. For this customer account must be link with their aadhaar number. If customer aadhaar number is link with their bank account then he/she can perform AEPS Transactions at their retail shop by authenticating through their finger print using biometric machine.

Benefits of AEPS Software

AEPS software allow cash withdrawal or balance inquiry service for the bank customers and admin of software will earn commission on each cash withdrawal transactions and admin of software can distribute AEPS transaction amount for their register agents in real time in e-wallet and (T+1) in bank account because Ezulix Software provides bank settlement in real time in e-wallet and (T+1) in bank account to the software admin.  Here agents also get the commission by the customer’s transactions.

So we can say this is the best business opportunity which is growing very fast now days. All the transactions being online or we can say cashless through this AEPS software. We are the best AEPS Software provider company in India which provides funds in real time in e-wallet.

How Agents can register for AEPS Service

[caption id="attachment_100" align="alignnone" width="985"]Aadhaar enable payment system (AEPS) Aadhaar enable payment system (AEPS)[/caption]

Earlier agents had to register for AEPS service by submitting manually KYC and they have to wait for approval but now we have upgraded the system. Now agents can register for AEPS service through e-KYC process. In this process now agents only have to use their finger print using biometric machine and they can easily register by approval of biometric scan machine.

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Search Aeps service company to start all bank cash withdrawal service

Get Start Bank Cash Withdrawal Service Using Secure AEPS Software and API of Yes Bank

The great news for all business partners that we have launched secure panel for banking transactions through yes bank AEPS service. Our AEPS software allows all our agent to access banking services like cash withdrawal, balance inquiry and fund transfer on the web panel and mobile application. Using AEPS software each agent can do hassle free transaction like cash withdrawal, balance inquiry and fund transfer of bank customers on own shop.

aeps service company

AEPS service allows banking transaction for the bank customers based on aadhaar number and fingerprint verification if customer not registered their aadhaar number in the corresponding bank then his/her not able to do banking transaction through AEPS software. Our AEPS software allows banking service like cash withdrawal, balance inquiry and fund transfer for the customers who bank account link with their aadhaar number. AePS service provides by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) to the bank. And we have a tie-up with yes bank and offering aadhaar enable payment service to our customers.

Our company provides AePS service in our B2B software and mobile application, so all our business partners can access aadhaar enable payment service on the web panel and mobile application. And our web panel and mobile application design and developed with secure functionality and user-friendly design that help to attract customers and ease their work.  In our AEPS system agent need to register itself by submitting KYC like pan card and aadhaar after approval from a bank can access AePS service on web and mobile application to make banking transaction for their walk-in customers on own retail shop. And each bank transaction agents will earn a commission.

If you are searching aeps Service Company then it’s a right source where you will get complete aeps software and APIs solution for your business. We are Software Development Company offering software design and development, API solution for client business like mobile recharge software, money transfer software, AEPS software, bus booking software and e-cart shopping software with integrated payment gateway and API services.

Aadhaar Enabled Payment App for Small Financial Transactions

AEPS known as aadhaar enabled payment system, it is a banking module, allow small financial bank transaction through aadhaar or fingerprint verification to customers without visiting the bank. With help of AEPS service, any bank customers can withdraw any amount from his bank account by visiting at nearest AEPS agents or retail shop.

We have integrated yes bank AEPS API with our AEPS software and mobile application, which provide secure payment solution to all our business partners. Using our AEPS software, any business partners can start aadhaar enabled payment solution to their agents or customers on own shop using our secure AEPS software.

Our developed AEPS application is secure and easy to use which is allow instant withdrawal facility to the customers through addhaar number or fingerprint verification on the device like mantra or morpho etc. and our AEPS service is enabled in mobile application also, so any agent can allow easy bank withdrawal facility to their customers anywhere, any location, no need to manage laptop or desktop.

aeps software

In our AEPS software active services like balance inquiry, cash withdrawal, fund transfer and cash deposit, so any business owner can start immediately these banking services on own business domain, or mobile application for their business customers. In the each AEPS transaction agents will get the instant commission in his/her wallet and can withdraw AEPS wallet amount in bank or E-wallet immediately as per the terms and conditions.

Our company also provides mobile recharge, bill payment and money transfer service in the b2b or b2c recharge software, so any business partners can work in the industry on the wide level. We have a complete web-based solution for mobile recharge, money transfer, and AEPS services, any business partner can start own business immediately, and all services will be the host on the client business domain that will be accessible anywhere in India.

How SEO Services Helps To Boost Your Business Performance in the Search Engine

The advance in technology and the updates in search engines make SEO more complex. Especially if you run a small business, you will constantly have to use SEO services to complete with the bigger brands in the market. However, even if your business is small there are a huge number of benefits that you can get by optimizing your business website.

Why Should SEO Services to Your Business

Internet marketing has become an important component of a business enterprise  regardless of its size and scale of operations. Internet marketing constitutes several online marketing procedures almost all of which results in high ranking for a website in major search engines. Internet Marketing is the order of the day and it helps you create a powerful impact on your business on the Internet.

Please remember that for internet marketing, your website serves as a virtual store front making your business active and visible 24/7. Therefore, optimization of your corporate website becomes imperative. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) are essential for the online promotion of your website, and for obtaining greater visibility in the search engines to attract more and more prospects. Professional assistance and guidance from experts in SEO and SMO techniques will enable,you to acquire the high position in search engine result pages. We are a renowned company with an expert team capable of providing professional SEO and SMO services.

seo services

We are a leading IT company in India with a resourceful team of Internet marketing experts, who are conversant with all emerging trends. We provide high quality and yet affordable website design and hosting solutions as also SEO and SMO services. If you are experiencing difficulties in reaching your website in top 10 search results then SEO is the strategy to attain your goal. As a SEO company, we will partner you in every step towards ensuring your business attains a powerful web presence. Our SEO services consist of providing appropriate content, keyword density, link building, website redesigning and lot more.

Create content that is useful to your audience

SEO is not only about having a high ranking on the search engine result page. It is also about creating content that is of use to your customers. Good response from customers will then automatically give your website a higher ranking. You will need to connect with your customers and be responsive to them in order to maintain customer loyalty. By giving useful and interesting information about your business on your website, blog and other social media, you can build brand awareness among your audience.