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 Top Gaming Startup Ideas: #2 Fantasy Cricket App Development 

Seeing Fantasy Cricket App Development as a Lucrative Business Idea | Fantasy Game Stats, Facts, and Industry Revenue in India

Welcome back to our blog series! Today, we are sharing the 2nd Game Development Business Idea that can bring tremendous name, fame, and revenues for you. This time we shall discuss Fantasy Cricket App Development. In the previous blog of this series, we had already discussed the profitability of online gaming businesses and outsourcing their development to game development companies. 

So, in this blog, we will directly discuss how to earn money from Fantasy Cricket App Development and Why Fantasy Games are a lucrative business these days. Moreover, we will also understand what is Fantasy Cricket and some tips to follow while outsourcing the development to a Fantasy Cricket App Development Company.  

What is Fantasy Cricket? 

‘Fantasy Cricket’ as the name already suggests, is an ‘imaginary’ (fantasy) game where the players can play cricket virtually. Today, in the gaming world, ‘fantasy’ is a popular genre of game development all across the globe. Under ‘fantasy’ many types of games come. However, Fantasy Sports is the most popular gaming category.

A Fantasy Cricket App helps a player to create his virtual cricket team and play cricket online. Usually, all Fantasy Sports apps allow cash rewards for winning due to which players are now hooked to these types of games. However, not only the players but also the game owners or the admin make money from Fantasy Sports Apps. And today, we shall discuss how you can become the admin. 

But before that let’s find out why we are emphasizing Fantasy Cricket App Development over other Fantasy Sports Apps. 

Fantasy Sports Game Player Statistics 

The Fantasy Sports Game industry is one of the highest revenue-generating industries worldwide. Especially, in India, Fantasy Sports Industry is growing annually at a rate of 13.9%. Some anecdotal insights include:

  • Today, Fantasy Sports has over 61 Million players in India.
  • During the time of IPL the Revenue of Fantasy Sports Games increased by 24% in 2023 and reached over $342 Million. 
  • So, in the previous year, the Fantasy Sports Game Industry revenue was $275 Million. 
  • Among different fantasy sports cricket is the highest popular with 77% of players.
  • After Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Kabaddi and Fantasy Football are the most popular fantasy games played in India with 26% and 22% players respectively as per Statista. 
  • Furthermore, the overall Fantasy Sports Game Industry revenue is projected to reach $72 billion by 2023. 
  • Among, Fantasy Sports App Players 84% of engagement comes from College Students and graduate working/non-working people.
  • Among all the players, around 70% of players play for cash rewards and participate in betting and paid contests.
  • The Fantasy Sports Game owners keep 15-30% profit margins on the bets. 

Fantasy Sports Game Development is a highly lucrative and promising business idea. And Fantasy Cricket is the strongest pillar of this industry. So, now you can estimate that if you have a unique Fantasy Cricket App Development idea, then you can open doors for billion-dollar revenues. 

How to Earn Money From Fantasy Cricket App?

However, apart from the bets, a Fantasy Cricket App business offers multiple streams of revenue. If you own a Fantasy Cricket Game App, then you will also have the following options to earn from-

1. Offer In-App Purchases 

You can keep some gaming elements exclusive so that users can unlock them by ‘purchase’ only. Say, for example, make gamers buy-

  • A popular cricketer game character
  • Some popular T-Shirt or Jersey
  • Special Types of Cricket Accessories such as an exclusive bat
  • Some Advanced Cricket Kit etc.

The players who are die-hard cricket fans and crave an immersive and highly competitive playing environment will buy their favourite elements. 

2. Allow Advertisements on Your App 

Tie-Up with other gaming businesses and put their advertisements on your gaming application. The advertised games will offer you good money in return. However, you will first need to achieve a noticeable number of downloads. Only then another game will offer you paid advertisement opportunities. 

3. Get Sponsors 

Make business partnerships with a big brand and ask them to offer sponsorship to you. A business collaboration can help you grow faster and you will also get a chance to earn great profit shares. All you need is a unique Fantasy Cricket App imagination and if your gaming idea is different from others, then surely you will get some great sponsors to collaborate with. 

4. Freemium Business Model

Just like In-App purchases, you have the option of making a Freemium business model. In this type of business model, you can offer a Fantasy Cricket App with certain features for free. To unlock the full version, the player would need to pay a subscription fee. This too can add to your income stream.

How to Build a Fantasy Cricket App? 

To make a Fantasy Cricket App, you have 3 options:

1. Development By Self

If you are a game developer, then Fantasy Game App Development is not a hard nut to crack for you. Furthermore, if you are tired of coding different applications and web solutions for other businesses that are making money from your application. Then it is the right time to enthrall your gaming venture. 

2. Hire Freelance Fantasy Cricket App Developer

However, if you are not a game developer, then you always have the option to hire a Fantasy Cricket App Developer. Many freelance game developers all over the world offer dedicated game development services. They cost you around $25 per hour to $40 per hour depending upon their experience and expertise. 

You can approach some freelance game developers on platforms like LinkedIn and Upwork. Whichever game developer impresses you and fits in your budget you can go ahead with him or her. However, always make sure that you cross-verify the credentials of the Freelancer to avoid fraud and ensure on-time quality delivery. 

3. Hire A Fantasy Cricket App Development Company

The best-suited method to build a perfect Fantasy Cricket App is to hire a Fantasy Cricket App Development Company. A professional game development company is the most reliable option to maintain its public image, the company takes responsibility for quality products and on-time delivery. 

A Fantasy Cricket App Development Company houses a qualified and experienced sales team, marketing team, and most importantly the Game Development team. They also have a team of testing engineers to cross-verify the game quality before delivery. However, you will require a higher budget for the same. But, the product will be worth it!

Outsourcing Fantasy Cricket App Development to a professional company is always the right option. Furthermore, you can also outsource Fantasy Cricket App Development to a Freelance developer. However, both have their pros and cons which we have explained above. Now let us find out that while you outsource the Fantasy App Development process to a company or a freelancer, what steps you must follow?

Discussing Ideation with the Fantasy Cricket App Development Company Smartly

Whenever you approach a company to get Fantasy Cricket app development service, you can’t act noob. Rather you must act smart before the company and especially as a freelancer so that you can avoid getting tricked. So, always follow these steps while approaching a company to get fantasy cricket app development services

Discuss The Fantasy Cricket App Features 

Never approach any Fantasy Cricket App Developer vaguely. It would allow them to dominate you. Always make a detailed list of the game features you wish to have in your Fantasy Cricket App and then ask the developer if he can create a Fantasy Cricket App with these features. Some essential features to mention include-

  • User Registration: The App must have an easy user registration option with a Google account or phone number. Complex registration processes make people uninstall the application. 
  • Profile Creation: Profile creation is another important feature of the Fantasy Cricket app. This allows the game owner to access the personal information of each player and plan business strategies based on their attributes and demographics. 
  • Sign-Up and Remember Me: If a player has to log in with a password every time he or she opens the game application, it reduces user engagement. Rather, the player can also give up playing and download another gaming app. So, easy sign-up and remember-me features are also a necessity.
  • Team Customization: One of the biggest fascinations of playing a fantasy cricket game is team customization. Every player has the dream to build his/her cricket team. Make this dream come digitally true and offer an addictive and enchanting gaming experience. 
  • Player Customization: Likewise, players also wish to make their player characters. So, ask the Fantasy Cricket App Development Company, if their developer can provide player customization features. 
  • Admin Features: The admin version of the Fantasy Cricket App must have data insight features and centralized authority features through which the admin (you) can oversee the tournaments, gamers’ profiles, leaderboards, and financial transactions. The admin panel needs to be robust. 

Some more additional and important features include Leaderboards, Live Tournaments, Paid Tournaments, and Push Notifications.

Share Your Game UI/UX Design Ideation 

Always offer a clear ideation on the Game Design. You should be clear with the Game UI/UX. So, do some market research to find out what type of Fantasy Cricket App UI/UX is more popular these days. Try to present a sample to the Fantasy Cricket App Development Company. In this way, the company can have an idea and they can endeavour to build a gaming app that suits your dream ideation. 

Tell Them About Your Target Audience

Furthermore, also discuss with the Fantasy Cricket App Developer whether you need a cricket app for iOS users, Android Users, web players, iOS and Android players, or all three kinds of players. Eventually, They would offer you the following services-

  • iOS Fantasy Cricket App Development
  • Android Fantasy Cricket App Development
  • Cross-Platform Fantasy Cricket App Development
  • Hybrid Fantasy Cricket App Development

All these development technologies have different pricing plans. So, be smart and discuss all these game development types. 

Inquire Them Of Their Techstack

Every IT company and game development company has a Techstack. Techstack means the set of programming languages, databases, and development frameworks that a company uses for development. Ask the Fantasy Cricket App Development Company about the techstack they follow. Remember, that the following Techstack is the latest and must be available as a bare minimum with every game development or IT company-

  • Programming Languages: Python, Java, JavaScript, Swift, C++, PHP, Ruby, Kotlin, HTML,  CSS.
  • Software Development Frameworks: Django, Angular, Laravel, React, NodeJS, .NET, Flask, Symfony
  • Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle etc.

Ask About Audio Production 

No Fantasy Sports App is complete and captivating enough in the absence of realistic and enthusiastic background music and sound effects. For example, spell-binding high-energy background music, live commentary, and sound effects like hooting, applause, shouting of fans etc. So, ask the Fantasy Cricket App Developer if he or she contributes toward audio production or integration as well. 

Have a Discussion on Payment API Integration 

Payment API integration is an integral part of the Fantasy Cricket App Development. So, ask the game developers about the Payment APIs they already have to integrate. Make sure that they can embed UPI payments to your Fantasy gaming app as it is a hot trend these days. Also, let them know if you wish to integrate any other payment gateway. This way, you can be clear on their skills and expertise. 

Check Their Previous Work 

Most importantly, when taking Fantasy Cricket App Development Service from a company or freelancer, always check their previous work. Ask them to share with you some Fantasy Cricket Game Websites that they have developed. Fantasy Cricket Website Development comes in handy with the cricket app development services. So, the development companies usually mention on the website that it has developed the game. Say, for example, check the following Fantasy Cricket Apps developed by Ezulix Software

In this way, it becomes easier to verify the credibility of the company. However, if you have chosen a Freelance Fantasy Cricket App Developer, then ask for his or her online portfolio on Beehance or check their LinkedIn profiles. If the freelancer fails to present any reliable evidence, then it is better to avoid choosing him/her. 

Finally, Discuss Fantasy Game App Development Cost and Duration

Once, you have finalized the Fantasy Game App Development Company, now it is time to have a discussion over the game development cost. Generally, Fantasy Game App Development Cost in India ranges between $3000 to $25000 (INR 25,000/- to INR 20, 00,000) depending upon app complexities and features required. However, a basic app might cost even lower than these prices. So, it is always better to connect with the service provider and discuss the cost. 

Also, if you wish not to outsource the project, then you also have the option to ask a company if they provide Fantasy Cricket Software Development. With the help of game development software, you can develop the project in-house. 

Final Thoughts 

So, we have provided you with an amazing and billion-dollar gaming business startup idea with the second blog of our series. Fantasy Cricket App Development can bring tremendous success, a customer base, and huge revenues to your doorstep. Even if you are not a game developer, it does not stop you from getting into the gaming business. You can hire a game development company and multiply your investment 100 times with their unmatched game development services.

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