Mobile Recharge Software, Money Transfer, Pan Card Service

Software for Money Transfer, Pan Card & Mobile Recharge with Free App

software for mobile recharge, pan card, and money transfer
software for mobile recharge, pan card, and money transfer

Best Software for Mobile Recharge, Pan Card and Money Transfer

Are you in the recharge service industry or want to start the business in recharge industry and looking for a portal where you can provide a one-stop solution like money transfer service, pan card service, and mobile recharge services then this article is for you. Here I will tell you about the best portal by using this you can offer these all services to your customers and can earn a commission on each service. So keep tuning with us, this article may help you to solve out your many problems.

So without wasting time, I come to point. Here we learn about all service and their solutions one by one.

Money Transfer Software

The first one is money transfer software or service. Here we learn everything about what is money transfer, best money transfer software or portal and how can you start domestic money transfer service at your shop and which company provides best money transfer system with free money transfer app.

What is the Money Transfer?

As per name money transfer is an electronics money transfer process which enables us to transfer money from one bank account to another bank account.

What is Domestic Money Transfer?

In domestic money transfer software service (IMPS) a customer can transfer money from one bank account to another bank account in India without having a bank account at transfer place.

Best Money Transfer Software Provider

If I talk about the present scenario monthly approximately 100cr. Rupee Transaction occurs in India. So we can say this is a great opportunity if you offer money transfer service. Here we offer you the best money transfer software application by using this you can offer online money transfer facilities to your customers. Our portal allows transaction of any bank which supports IMPS and NEFT mode of transaction.

Our portal is safe and secure and provides easy money transfer service in one click. This money remit software provides you robust solution for your money remittance business.  Here we offer you b2b money transfer software with integrated secured money transfer API from different providers. B2B software has different layers as Admin, Master Distributor, Distributor, and Retailer.

We offer you a secure money transfer system to help business owners to run their business successfully.

Why Choose Us

  • We offer the best money transfer software in India
  • Our portal is safe and secure
  • Highly secures and easy to use
  • By using the mobile transfer app you can track the details of the beneficiary
  • You can get email and SMS alert while transaction occurs
  • Provision for B2B, B2C and White Label
  • Money Transfer Success rate is 99.50 %
  • Highest commission in the market
  • No limit of no. of beneficiary account
  • Automatic refund for failed transfer

For more query visit here: Contact Us

Pan Card Service

Pan card service is the most demanding service at this time in the market. So this is also a great opportunity for you to start pan card service to your customers and earn the commission. We are the best pan card software Provider Company in India. By using our software and application admin can create unlimited pan card agents in all over India.

By using our panel you can create unlimited registered agents all over India and they can offer UTI/NSDL pan card services to customers.

Easy Steps for Work as Pan Card Agent

  • Register Outlet
  • Log into the panel and complete KYC
  • Apply for PSA registration to get credentials for UTI login
  • Buy Pan card Coupon
  • Go to UTI website login & use purchase token

In our portal, we use a third-party pan card API that processes all pan card request and pan card status UTI. Using this pan card software all the agents can apply for new pan card, correction in pan card and track pan card application status.

For more query regarding Pan Card Service: Comment Us Here

Mobile Recharge Software for Multi Recharge Business

We offer you the best mobile recharge software for multi recharge business. This is one of the best multi recharge software provider company in India over a few years. We offer you b2b, b2c and white label mobile recharge software. By using this software you can offer many services to your customers and can earn the highest commission in the market.

Services We Offer

  • Prepaid Mobile Recharge
  • Postpaid Mobile Recharge
  • Landline Mobile Recharge
  • DTH recharge
  • Data card recharge
  • Electricity Bill Pay

By using our mobile recharge software portal you can offer all the above services to your customers and can earn a commission in the market.

Why Choose Us

  • We offer the best mobile recharge software in India
  • Successful recharge ratio
  • Safe and Secure
  • Easy to use
  • Highest commission in the market
  • Best services with a manual training process
  • Based on latest technology & Customers Requirement
  • Admin has all control on its channel members

We offer you the best multi recharge software with integrated mobile recharge API and free mobile recharge APP. By using this you can explore your business up to 3X times.

Start Your Mobile Recharge Business with Us & Get Free Mobile Recharge App


Ezulix software is one of the best web & software solution Provider Company in India over the last few years. We provide the best portal for all above services by using this portal or software you can provide all services to your customers and can earn the commission.

Along with portal, we provide you manual training process so that you can understand the software completely. This will help you to use it efficiently.

Along with the web version of all service, we also offer you a free mobile app version of all services so that you can operate your business from anywhere and this also help to grow your business fast.

So I wrapped up this article here, still, you have any query or want to start your own business visit us Here.

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