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A Complete mPOS Overview in a Glance

mPOS machine is key element nowadays in business but most of the population still unaware of this. My aim in this post to aware those all who are still using mPOS but don’t have proper knowledge and information about mPOS machine. After the complete survey, I found some basic questions, which most of the people ask me in post comments so today we will discuss all the same questions.

Let’s start now …

  1. What is mPOS Machine Full Form?
  2. What is imPOS?
  3. Best mPOS Machine Provider in India?
  4. What is the mPOS Machine Price in India?
  5. How much mPOS Machine Commission You get?
  6. What is mPOS System?
  7. What is the Mobile POS App?

So without wasting time, I come to the point, Here we discuss all your queries regarding mPOS.

What is mPOS Machine Full Form?

POS full form is “Point of Sale” a place where the retail transactions are carried out. mPOS refers (mPOS full form) to “Mobile POS or Mobile Point of Sale”an electronic device like mobile and tablet which perform a transaction at the point of sale or place where the transaction occurs between merchant and customer.

What is imPOS?

Impos enterprises basically suit for the large business like multi-national service organizations or it may be multi-site restaurant groups. An important thing about Impos, it consists at least one product which suitable for your any type of hospitality business type. In short we can say that if you have any type of service business at a large level, Impos is the perfect POS solution for it.

Best mPOS Machine Provider in India?

Ezulix software provides best mpos in India. Ezulix software is most leading company in web & software solution over the last few years. This is the reason today Ezulix have a large portfolio of potential customers from all over  India.

We are the best mPOS machine & software solution provider in India with the best commissions in the market. Our main aim is to grow your business. Here we provide you POS machine with integrated software and complete manual training to you and your staff that will help you to understand software and this help to run it successfully.

Our support team always stands for you of any type of your post query. So you can start your own startup or if you are in business, you can grow it with us.

What is mPOS Machine Price in India?

Ezulix software offering the best mPOS machine price in India. We are offering the best machine with quality features like Bluetooth & NFC facility, Swipe & insert functionality, API/SDK for easy integration, compact and easy to handle and lowest cost of terminalization.

Ezulix software giving you an opportunity to minimize par piece price of mPOS machine. Up to 50 units we offer 3000rs/piece but if you have more requirement up to 300 units its decrease from 4000 to 3000rs/piece.

Note: 18% GST Applicable for all device conditions

How much mPOS Machine Commission You get?

I know this is the best topic you love the most like how much commission you will get if you install this machine at your shop or start this business.

Before calculating the commission, I want to tell you about What is mPOS machine commission?

So let’s start

mPOS machine commission is directly equal to merchants profit, Yes, it is true. I want to learn you this term by an example. Suppose you have a general store shop if any customer shopping from your shop and he/she pay money through credit or debit card by using mPOS machine, so you will get some extra payment form actual payment to the customer, this extra payment is known as mpos machine commission.

Every company gives you a different commission on their services. I will prefer you ezulix software which gives best commissions on mPOS service. So you can start your business with ezulix and can earn the best mPOS machine commissions.

What is mPOS System?

POS or mobile POS system is the type of cashless payment transaction system. POS machine is a combination of software and hardware. As hardware, it consists POS machine which also consists a chip which enables to read data from credit and debit card and as the software it has mobile POS software or app. Through this process, customer swipes their debit and credit card and type pin as the password to complete the payment transaction. These details send to the central authority for validation if all the details are matched, transaction takes place.  After transaction a receipt generates as a proof, this all process is known as mPOS system.

What is Mobile POS App?

Mobile POS App is the type of application and software which helps in the cashless transaction through mobile or tablets. Here you no need to use credit or debit card, without using these physically you can occur cashless transactions. So, in short, we can say that mPOS is the advance version of POS which helps in cashless transactions with mobile and tablets and it also enabled you for transaction anytime and anywhere.

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So finally here I am wrapping up this article. I hope you will like this. It must be valuable for you and your business. This is also informative and knowledgeable for the customer’s point of view. Here we learn about the full form of mpos, machine price, about profit or machine commission and which is the best provider in India.

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