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How Can be Beneficial Hiring a Website Development Agency for Your Online Business? 


Website is the first marketing tool of every business in the present day scenario. Small or big, every business owns a website necessarily to elevate its brand image, run the business more professionally, and establish trust. However, when it comes to professional and credible website development, a business often falls prey to ready-to-edit website templates due to cheap prices. 

But, it is not a trustworthy practice and chances of poor backend quality and even financial fraud are high. Therefore, hiring a website development company is the right solution. In this blog, we will discover why professional website development is better than template website development. 

Website Templates Vs. Custom Website Development from Web Design Agency

Today many online platforms offer free-to-edit website templates. Developing a website using a template requires no coding at all and almost anyone can develop a website “without any coding experience” and at a cost as low as $20-$50 per annum (hosting charges only)! Hmm…Interesting!

Now consider that you are having symptoms like coughing, fever, sneezing, and fatigue. There are ready-to-use medicines in India such as Crocin for fever, cough syrups for coughing (that are too well-defined for dry and wet cough as per TV commercials), multi-vitamins for fatigue, and D-Cold total for sneezing as well. So, why go to the doctor?

Yes, you are going in the right direction if you are wondering that Coughing, Fever, Sneezing, and Fatigue can be symptoms of different diseases! And these were symptoms of Covid-19 as well that killed billions of people all over the world! You have to visit a doctor for an internal checkup and a proper diagnosis. 

Similarly, even your website requires a thorough internal development (backend development with proper coding) and diagnosis (testing) that ready-made templates can hardly offer. Therefore, custom web development always has an edge. So, without waiting any further time, let’s directly jump on to the major Benefits of Hiring a Website Development Company for website development.

10 Benefits of Hiring a Website Development Company for Website Design and Development

Personalized Branding 

Whenever someone establishes a business or a startup, there is always a mental image of the brand. Certain logos, colour themes, and website appearance. Professional web development agencies always take your ideation on your brand image. Afterwards, they develop a prototype (graphical representation such as Figma) of your website. 

They would welcome your suggestions and feedback on the design. So, you get a personalized website look and personalized branding. This is never possible with a template!

Bespoke Website Designs

Bespoke website designs imply website designs that a client demands from the web development company. The bespoke web design is for those clients who wish to have a website that demonstrates colours, sections, and functions of their choice only. 

When you hire a web development company for bespoke website development, you will always have the scope to customize the website designs and even content. 

Latest Development Tech-Stack 

Do you know that technology grows, upgrades, and improves every second and so do web development technologies? New and updated web development frameworks, coding techniques, and programming languages keep on coming to the IT market. 

In order to stay compatible and competitive, using the latest development technology is vital. A web development company always houses developers knowing the latest technologies. Eventually, one of the core benefits of hiring a website development agency is the assurance of getting the latest technology!

High Professionalism 

Even if you have an in-house team to execute your website development project, the kind of professionalism you can get from a website development firm remains unmatched. While in-house developers might extend deadlines, switch their companies, and be busier on the B2B projects. 

Likewise, the free-to-edit templates offer no backend support but you will have to be responsible for everything. On the contrary, a web development agency ensures complete support, answerability, and higher professionalism. 

On-Time Project Delivery 

To maintain their public image and business goodwill, a web development company always focuses on timely delivery. They divide the entire web development project into achievable day-to-day tasks and execute the project with the web developers’ team. 

In this way, a web development agency works in a systematic way with preset targets. So, they estimate the accurate project delivery time and strive their hardest to deliver the project on time. 

Free Competitor Research 

Whenever a website development firm works on your website, it always researches the competitor’s website first. Say, for example, if you need a website for your new restaurant, the web development company will first research numerous top-notch websites in a similar industry. 

They will get design ideas and will also check traffic on each website. Then, they will create a website for your business with ranking keywords and will apply better design tactics than your competitors. 

Get Responsive Websites 

While editable templates may or may not be responsive enough to quickly adapt to the screens of smartphones, tablets, and PC devices of different sizes. On the contrary, when you hire a custom web development company, they will always ensure highly responsive website designs. 

Even you can ask the web design agency to offer responsive website design only. Responsive websites will elevate your brand image and will help you reach the maximum members of your Target Group.

Complete Search Engine Optimization 

Did you know that in order to rank high on the Google SERPs, your website has to be Search Engine Optimized thoroughly from the backend and frontend as well? With Google’s Core Updates 2024, Google has now laid high emphasis on the user interface, user experience, and high-quality content. Your website needs great and original content with proper keyword stuffing. 

Likewise, the backend must be so strong that the website loads quickly without any glitches and offer a smooth interaction to the user. A website design firm is responsible for offering SEO-optimized websites and thus it can help you rank higher and get organic traffic and leads. 

Free Hosting Up To 1 Year 

When you hire a website design agency, you get free hosting plans for up to 1 year. So, it is never like spending ‘extra’ on website development by paying for development, design, and hosting as well. When you go for a template-based website development, you will have to pay for the hosting. However, you will not receive any technical support for unforeseen events. 

24*7 Hour Technical Support 

Professional web design firms offer 24*7 hour technical support. So, if your website faces troubleshooting, bugging issues, or any other technical glitches, the hired web development company will offer complete support. Likewise, when you need a website update or content revamp, you will always have the option to reach out to the web development agency. 


In this way, hiring a website development company for website development is a more secure option. At one hand, choosing online editable templates might land you in financial fraud and poor website quality. On the other, your in-house development team will have to shift its focus from the B2B projects. Therefore, be you an IT or any other industry business, always choose a professional Web Design Company to get smooth-functioning, SEO-optimized, and backed by technical support website development services. 


  1. How much does it cost to hire a web development company for website development? 

Depending upon your business website requirements, the website development cost varies from $800 to $8000. However, on an estimate, if you want a static website with a simple home page, about us, our services, and contact us sections, you will pay the minimum. However, if you need a highly functional website with multiple videos, animations, and pop-ups embedded, then the cost will increase accordingly. 

  1. Is custom website development better than a template website? 

In a word, yes! Custom website development is always better than a template website. The following are some reasons: 

  • Custom development uses the latest coding techniques
  • Therefore it is more reliable
  • Bespoke designs (chosen colours, sections, design, and themes)
  • Custom development comes with technical support
  • The online payment system in the template website might be fraudulent
  • Template website development is a no-code technique hence not SEO-optimized
  • Also, template websites offer no technical support or contact person to resolve issues. 
  1. How long does it take to create a website? 

A website development company can create a website in 1 day as well as in 3 months. The duration purely depends upon the level of customization. More animations, functionalities, and features incur more development time and vice versa. 

  1. Is the template website really free? 

No, you will have to pay for the domain purchase and the annual hosting charges as soon as you hit the ‘publish online’ button. 

  1. What are the advantages of hiring a website development company for website development?

Hiring a website design agency for website development has a myriad of benefits such as:

  • Credibility
  • Professional designs
  • Backend-support
  • Bespoke designs
  • Free competitor research 
  • On-time delivery

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