ezulix b2b portal

[Ultimate Guide] to Start Business with Ezulix B2B Portal

ezulix b2b portal
ezulix b2b portal

B2B portal is a software solution that offers an online platform for business. It facilitates an online surface where businesses can interact with each other in terms of products and services. To understand this more specifically I would like to give you an example.

Have you heard about the Amazon affiliate program?

Here you can start a business just by registering for the affiliate program and you can sell their products. In return you earn the profit. In short, we can say you work as a partner in this. This is called a b2b platform, where businesses can interact with other businesses.

While when you go to the Amazon website and log in for shopping and you directly buy product this process is called b2c. In this case you are customer and Amazon is business.

I hope you get it to know how b2b and b2c work. But today here I am talking about b2b business.

There are many well known b2b portals like Indiamart, TradeIndia, Alibaba, Amazon, Flipkart, etc who offer business opportunities in their niche.

Today I am gonna tell you about a b2b portal which is a leading b2b portal in India for banking & financial services. You can start your own brand business with this at low investment and can make it a handsome source of Income.

So if you are a college pass out, a shopkeeper, a private employee, unemployed, or you are a businessman and looking for another business opportunity then this can be a great business startup opportunities for you.

What is Ezulix B2B Portal?

Ezulix b2b portal is a software solution which offers banking and financial services for other business. In short, you can start your own brand business with the Ezulix b2b portal as a partner. Ezulix is a leading software development company in India. We provide an all-round 360-degree software solution for the CSC industry. By using the Ezulix b2b portal you can provide all the b2b, b2c, and reseller banking and financial service to your members and can best commission in the market.

Our skilled and experienced professional team developed an advanced b2b portal that is fully advanced and based on the latest technology. It helps you to reach all your business goals. We have used a critical coding process to create this portal which makes it user-friendly so that everyone can use it easily. We are a trusted and authorized service provider by all banks and NPCI.

In short Ezulix b2b portal is an online platform that offers banking and financial service and anyone can start the business at this platform.

Now we will discuss which banking and financial services you can use at the Ezulix b2b portal.

Which Service Ezulix B2B Portal Availed?

By using the Ezulix b2b portal, you can offer the following services to your members and can earn the best commission on all the services. Here we discuss all the services in detail.

  • Mobile Recharge Software

By using mobile recharge software, you can start an online multi recharge business and can provide all online mobile recharge solutions to your members. By using this multi recharge software, you can provide recharge software for all the operators. Along with this you can offer prepaid mobile recharge, postpaid mobile recharge, landline mobile recharge, data card recharge, and DTH recharge etc.

  • Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS)

Aadhaar enabled payment system is a type of payment system which allows all bank customers to use basic banking services by using aadhaar card and fingerprint. Today AEPS service is most trending in the CSC industry. By using AEPS software, you can offer cash withdrawal, mini statement, aadhaar pay, micro ATM, and balance enquiry service to your members and can earn the best commission.  By using Ezulix AEPS service your members can use real-time settlement by using AEPS payout service.

  • Bharat Bill Payment System

BBPS stands for the Bharat bill payment system which allows you to offer all online bill payment solutions to your members. It is a conceptualized system driven by NPCI (national payment corporation of India). By using the BBPS system, you can offer online bill payment service anytime anywhere. This service offers an online electricity bill, water bill, gas bill, DTH bill, and landline bill payment service.

  • Money Transfer Software

By using money transfer software service, you can provide one bank to another bank domestic money transfer service to your members and can earn a commission. By using Ezulx b2b portal money transfer service, you can transfer money at the lowest surcharge. It helps you to run money transfer agency easily. It is complete software solution for money transfer business.

  • Pancard Software

By using pancard software, you can provide nsdl and UTI pan card creation facility to your members. It is also one of the most trending services in CSC industry. You can create authorized pan card agents all over India who can provide pan card service.

  • mPOS Machine & Software

mPOS stands for mobile point of sale machine. By using this service, you can offer mPOS software service to your members and also can provide mPOS machines for online transactions.

  • Travel Booking Software

By using this you can offer complete booking software for travel agency. You can offer domestic bus booking, domestic and international hotel booking and flight booking solution to your members and can earn the best commission on all the active bookings.

  • eCommerce Shopping Portal

We provide a complete eCommerce shopping solution for an online shopping business. So by using this, you can provide single vendor and multi-vendor shopping solutions to your members.

  • Employee Tracking Software

This is last but not the least. By using employee tracking software an employer can track their on-field employees. So you can offer an employee tracking software system to your members.

So by using Ezulix b2b portal, you can offer all the above service to your members and can earn the best commission. It is a complete 360-degree solution for all banking and financial services. Along with this we facilitate offline banking solutions. You can start your own brand business with Ezulix b2b portal as a partner and can create a huge customer base by offering all the solutions under a single roof with the best service and support.

How Can You Start Business As Partner with Ezulix B2B Portal?

To start a business with Ezulix b2b portal, you can apply for a free live demo. Our executives contact you and provide a live demo of the complete b2b portal so that you can understand the portal completely. You start business with us as admin. We create your own brand website integrated with all the service which you want to add in your portal. We provide you 2 wallets as the main wallet and AEPS wallet through which you can offer all the services. The complete system is fully automatic where you can set commission for individual service and members. When you start business, we provide you manual training to you and your team so that you can understand all the processes completely. Although, our b2b portal is easy to learn, anyone can start this and can start the business.

Why You Should Start Business as Partner with Ezulix B2B Portal?

This section will help you to understand why you should start a business as a partner with Ezulix b2b portal and how can it be beneficial for you.

To understand this, we have to go through its features firsts.

  • Easy to start in a short time
  • 360-degree banking and financial solution at the same place
  • It’s fast, safe and secured panel
  • Fully customized panel
  • Easy to use for anyone
  • Show your database in real-time
  • Create unlimited members all over India
  • Show all the members at the same place
  • Instant control on switching services
  • You can offer AEPS service through Yes, Fino and ICICI banks
  • Integrated with master API
  • You can use the panel on the web as well as mobile app
  • Integrate any service any time or any operator
  • Lifetime free technical support
  • Earn the highest commission in the market
  • SEO friendly portal helps t enhance the online presence
  • Real-time settlement by using payout service
  • Instant resolution of customers complain
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • SMS (Support Management System)
  • Sales management system
  • Using MVC and Ang. JS for high speed
  • Best server support
  • Portal is safe with the global security system
  • Start a business with your own brand

So these are all the features of Ezulix b2b portal which make it more valuable and potential. We have more 350 active portals and 1000000+ active members all over India. We are a well known b2b service provider company in India.


So here we learn what the difference between b2b and b2c portal is, what is Ezulix b2b portal, which services Ezulix b2b portal availed and how can you start your own business as a partner with Ezulix b2b portal. Check out tips to boost b2b CSC business as a beginner.

I hope this article will help to start your own brand business at a low investment. If you have any queries, you can post it in the comments.

For more details visit my blog or directly contact our executives for a free live demo.

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