aadhaar enabled payment system

[Secret] You Must Know about Aadhaar Enable Payment System

aadhaar enable payment system
aadhaar enable payment system

What is Aadhaar Enable Payment System?

Aadhaar enabled payment system (AEPS) is a banking model that allow bank customers to use basic banking activities through aadhaar card. This banking model started in 2016 by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) to brings all sectors of society into the banking framework. By using Aadhaar enabled payment system a bank customer whose aadhaar card linked with a bank account can use basic banking transactions easily. In short we can say, AEPS (Aadhaar enabled payment system) facilitates banking services through aadhaar card. To use banking service through AEPS, a bank customer doesn’t need to remember bank details, he can perform all the transaction using Aadhaar card and fingerprint authentication.

Benefits of Aadhaar Enable Payment System

There are many benefits of AEPS service which make it the most trending service now a day. Here we will discuss all the benefits of Aadhaar enable payment system which is following-

  • AEPS service facilitate all basic banking transaction service without going bank or ATM
  • By using AEPS service a bank customer can use banking services using Aadhaar card
  • No PIN or OTP required to use AEPS service
  • It is fast, safe and Centralized payment method by NPCI
  • Fingerprint needed for authentication which makes it secured
  • Banking and non-banking transactions can be performed using AEPS
  • You can use banking service and can withdraw money without using debit/credit card

Which is the Best Aadhaar Enable Payment System Provider in India?

Ezulix software is one of the best AEPS service provider company in India over the last few years. This is the reason today we have a wide range of potential customers. We have almost 350+ active portal and 1000000+ active members in India. Our experienced professional team developed an advanced AEPS portal which is based on the latest technology. Our new AEPS portal is fully customized and based on market needs. It helps you to achieve all the goals of your business. By using our AEPS portal, you can start your own AEPS business as admin and can create unlimited members all over India. Our AEPS portal is fast, safe, and integrated with secured AEPS API. By using our AEPS portal you can offer all bank cash withdrawal services to your members and can earn best commission in the market. Along with cash withdrawal, you can use all following services.

Which Services can be availed through Aadhaar Enable Payment System?

By using Aadhaar enabled payment system you can perform all following services using Aadhaar card and fingerprint authentication.

  • Cash Withdrawal

By using Aadhaar enabled payment system a bank customer can use a cash withdrawal service. To perform cash withdrawal service a customer have to visit nearby AEPS service provider and have to provide aadhaar card number, bank name, amount, and fingerprint for authentication. Through AEPS, a bank customer can withdrawal 10,000/day using a single aadhaar card via a maximum of 5 transactions.

  • Balance Enquiry

If you want to know your balance details, you can get it easily through AEPS service. By using the AEPS balance enquiry feature, a bank customer can check account balance using Aadhaar card.

  • Micro ATM

Micro ATM is the latest service in the market. By using micro ATM service a bank customer can withdrawal money using a debit card. Its process is quite similar to AEPS service. By using the micro ATM service, customers can withdrawal money easily as ATM. By using this service, shopkeepers can get payment through debit cards directly and also can earn a commission.

  • Aadhaar Pay

Aadhaar Pay is the most trending service now a day due to its specification. By using Aadhaar pay, bank customers can withdrawal up to 100000 in a day while it was possible only 10,000 through AEPS. This is the reason; today it is the most trending service in the market.

  • Mini Statement

This is last but not the least. If you are an AEPS service provider, it can help you to increase your customer base. By offering mini statement service, you can offer more service and can also earn commission on per mini statement service.

So by using the Ezulix AEPS portal, you can offer all the services to your members and can attract more customers and can earn more.

Why You Must Start with Ezulix Aadhaar Enable Payment System?

So If you are planning to start your own AEPS business then this can be a great business startup opportunity for you. You can start your own AEPS business with the best AEPS service provider Company in India. To start a business with Ezulix, you have to apply for a free LIVE DEMO. Our executives contact you and provide a live demo of our portal so that you can understand our software, its features. It helps you to use it at optimum level. There are some features that can help you to understand why you must start your AEPS business with Ezulix Aadhaar enabled payment system.

  • We provide you advanced AEPS portal with latest features
  • It is fully customized & based on the market need
  • It is a fast, safe and secured banking transaction platform
  • We have used modern design to attract more customers
  • It is easy to use fully user-friendly
  • It’s SEO-friendly so that you can rank on Google easily
  • Although we have used the latest technology, it supports all the browsers
  • You can perform all the above services using a single software
  • You can offer AEPS service through the web as well as a mobile app
  • We provide you best commission in the market
  • Offer you manual training so that you can understand it easily
  • We provide you lifetime free technical support
  • Instant resolve of customer complains
  • We provide real-time settle for your members (through AEPS Payout)
  • You can create unlimited members
  • You can add-on many more service easily in AEPS portal

These points can help you to understand why you must start AEPS business with Ezulix.


So here we learn what is aadhaar enabled payment system, its benefits, best aadhaar enabled payment system Provider Company and which services aadhaar enabled payment system availed.

If you are planning to start your own AEPS business, you can start with us today and can make it a handsome source of Income. For more details about AEPS visit my blog or apply for a free live demo.

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