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How to Start CSC Point Effortlessly with Zero Technical Knowledge

csc point
csc point

If I ask you that do you want to start your own business, your answer will be yes. Not only you but each and every person of this world want to start the business. A clear reason is no one wants to work under a boss. Everyone knows a businessman has more money than an employee and a business can help them to grow in life. Even after all this, how many people start a business?

A few,


If we talk about the basics, sometimes due to Ideas, sometimes due to lack of money and sometimes due to lack of knowledge. These are some basic reasons which stuck you to start your own business.

Today I am here with great business start-up Idea which anyone can start with a small investment and zero technical knowledge.

So If you want to start your own business either you are a shopkeeper, a college pass out, an entrepreneur, or still waiting for a  miracle, you can grow with these amazing Ideas.

So without wasting time I come to the point.

Today here I am gonna tell you about CSC point business which is also approved by NPCI and encouraged by RBI. This is an amazing business Ideas that support the government’s digital India project.

So keep tuning me till the end if you are really willing to start your own STARTUP!!

What is CSC Point?

CSC stands for a common service centre that facilitates essential public utility service. The purpose of CSC points is to provide much-needed information and services to underserved Indians in rural areas. In short, these are service point which facilitates all government benefits and schemes to the people who are still unable to use them.

How does CSC Point Model Help to Generate Employment?

There are many sectors of our society which is still away to use government schemes and banking service. A big part of our population lives in rural areas which are unable to use banking and government services under the digital India project.

By keeping this in mind, the government start the CSC model which helps you to start your own work. You can start your own authorized CSC point in your area and can generate a handsome amount of income.

How to Start CSC Point with Low Investment?

To start CSC business, you need a b2b portal. By using CSC b2b portal, you can start your own CSC points and can offer multiple services to your members and can earn commission on each and every service.

Now the point is how you will get CSC b2b portal?

There are many software companies that offer a b2b portal for CSC business. I would like to suggest you choose best b2b portal for CSC business.

By installing the b2b portal, you can start your business as admin and can create unlimited members all over India as a master distributor, distributor, and retailer.

Which Services a CSC Point Availed?

As CSC points, you can offer all following services to your members and they can serve to end customers.

  • Mobile Recharge Software
  • AEPS Service
  • Bill Payment Service
  • Money Transfer Software
  • Pancard Service
  • mPOS machine & Software
  • AEPS Payout & Micro ATM
  • Aadhaar Pay & Mini Statement
  • Bus Booking Software
  • Hotel Booking Software
  • Flight Booking Software

So as CSC admin, you can offer all the services to your members using b2b portal.

Now problem is, which company you must choose for your business as a service provider.

Which is the Best B2B Portal Provider Company for CSC Point?

As I told you there are many b2b portal provider companies in India which claim to be best. But I would like to suggest you start work with Ezulix Software.

Ezulix software is one of the best b2b portal provider companies in India over the last few years. We provide you advanced b2b portal designed on the latest technology. It helps you to achieve all your business goals and fulfill all business demands. Our b2b portal is fully customized and user-friendly. This is the reason it is very easy to use.

Anyone can use our portal without any technical knowledge. You can start work with small training and can make it a handsome source of Income.

Its modern design, specific navigation, and advanced functionality help you to attract more customers. We provide you best commission on all the services. Along with web portal, we facilitate you mobile app integrated with a web portal so that you can create a wider customer base. We have a real-time settlement facility through payout service.

We are the best AEPS service provider over the last few years in the industry. Recently we have updated AEPS service by adding on micro ATM, Aadhaar pay, and mini statement services in our AEPS portal which make your portal more advanced and modern.

Along with these, there is plenty of other function which helps you to grow your CSC business. For more details of our portal, you can visit our website or directly can apply for a free live demo.


You can start your own CSC point with Ezulix software at low investment and can make it a handsome source of Income.

We believe service is not enough, support after service plays a vital role in the success of CSC point. By keeping this in mind, we have planned to provide lifetime free technical support to our clients so that they can grow easily without any problem.

So here we learn what is CSC point, how it helps us to provide employment and how can you start your own CSC point with a small investment and Zero technical knowledge.

I hope this article will help you to understand this business model. Still, if you have any queries regarding CSC point, software or business you can apply for free query solutions and get all the solutions to your query.

Learn what is CSC point and how can you start your own CSC point with small investment & zero technical knowledge with best b2b portal provider company. Call: 7230086664

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