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  • What is Aadhaar Enabled Payment System?
  • How Anyone Can Start AEPS Business?
  • Factors to Consider While Selecting a Genuine AEPS Service Provider Company?
  • Tips To Choose A Genuine Service Provider Company
  • What Are the Benefits Of Choosing A Reliable AEPS Service Provider?
  • Top AEPS Service Provider Company in India

Are you looking for an AEPS service provider to start an AEPS Company with your own brand logo? If yes, then must read this article till the end. Here I will explain to you from scratch to advanced guide to starting a profitable AEPS business. Along with this, I will describe tips to choose the best AEPS service provider that can help you to start, run and explore your business smoothly and successfully. At the end in FAQs, I have covered all small queries that will help you to learn more about AEPS.

So If you are really serious and actively looking to know about AEPS then this can be more than enough for you.

What is Aadhaar Enabled Payment System?

AEPS means Aadhaar Enabled Payment System, a complete payment solution that encourages a cashless society in India. AEPS payment system is a banking model that allows online interoperable financial inclusion using the AEPS app or micro ATM through business correspondents.

In simple words, Aadhar enabled payment system is an advanced payment system that allows a bank customer to use basic banking facilities through Aadhaar authentication.

The services that are provided in the Aadhaar payment system are known as AEPS services. By using the AEPS system, a bank customer can use cash withdrawal, cash deposit, mini statement, balance inquiry, Aadhaar pay, and money transfer services.

To use AEPS service, individuals don’t need to visit a bank or ATM. Anyone can use all basic banking services by visiting nearby BC(business correspondent) or AEPS agents.

How Anyone Can Start AEPS Business?

As I explained AEPS is a payment system that supports B2B business model. So If you are planning to start your own AEPS business, first you have to understand all levels of AEPS business.

  • Admin
  • Master Distributor
  • Distributor
  • Retailer

These are all the levels on which you can start a profitable AEPS business and can earn the highest AEPS commission.

On the Admin level, you manage an AEPS software through which you provide all AEPS services. You can create unlimited AEPS agents as master distributors, distributors, and retailers. By using B2B AEPS software, you control all the business and create member plans based on your business strategy.

Now the point is how you will get AEPS software to start a business.

There are a number of AEPS software providers who can offer you the best solution with all bank AEPS services and the highest AEPS commission.

You need to choose the best AEPS service provider in India to start your business. Because If you do not choose a good AEPS service provider, you have to pay the cost of losing your business.

So make sure you are choosing the best AEPS Company in India for your business. The following paragraph will help you to choose the best AEPS provider company.

Factors to Consider While Selecting Genuine AEPS Service Provider Company

While considering the best AEPS service provider company for your online AEPS business, it is very important to be aware of different factors and considerations. There are many companies that provide efficient and authentic AEPS software to clients. When you look at some of these factors, it will help you select the best AEPS provider in India based on your needs and requirements.

Tips To Choose A Genuine Service Provider Company

The company should be reputable

The company should have a good reputation within the industry, and quality services should be assured. This is necessary because this guarantees that there won’t be any problems related to confidentiality or security issues occurring at all. Moreover, you can be sure that the company is providing the best services to its clients.

Services provided should be easy to understand

Before deciding on any AEPS service provider, you need to take a good look at what services they provide. You need to know why a particular service is important for your business and how it will help your business grow in the long run.

The services provided by companies should help you gain an insight into why these are required by your business and the benefits presented due to these specific services. You need to know the importance of such services and how they will help you achieve your goals.

They must have the latest technologies

You should be careful about selecting the best AEPS service provider company that provides the latest technologies. Many companies provide the latest technologies as they know that this help provides better services to their customers. The software used by the company should be easy to understand and operate on your end. This helps in maintaining a great quality standard of services.

Value of money

You should always prefer to pay for an AEPS service in India based on the value or amount of money you get from it. It is always recommended to go for value-for-money deals as you can make use of your hard-earned money in a much better way. By this, you would not have to pay extra cash for simple services that your business may not require at all.

Select a reliable company

Finally, before choosing any AEPS service Provider Company, you should take a look at their reliability factor. Your business should be fine with the services provided by them. The services provided should help your business grow and reach new potential customers in the long run.

These are some of the most important factors which you need to consider when selecting a genuine and reliable AEPS provider for your business. It is very important to select an authentic and genuine company as this helps get consistent services from them with zero hassle or troubles.

What Are the Benefits Of Choosing A Reliable AEPS Service Provider?

Improved Performance

When you select a genuine and authentic one from the top AEPS service providers, your AEPS business will automatically improve its performance. In addition, the services provided by these companies are of great benefit to your business as they help you increase your website’s traffic and garner more players, resulting in increased demand for your service.

Improved Results

When you select a reliable AEPS company, then it is sure that your website will get the desired results within no time. This will improve how you have designed your website by providing you with better marketing techniques that help expand your market to new people.

Increase AEPS Transactions

When you select the no 1 AEPS company like Ezulix to help you in promoting your business, it is sure that you will get a considerable increase in AEPS transactions. These services will help provide attention to all customers on your website, which will result in increased traffic and, subsequently, more AEPS commission.

Improved Design

Your website design should always be improved by using a genuine service provider such as AEPS. This is because using this service provider can achieve many things, such as updating with all new technologies, design, security, etc. In addition, this helps give individual attention to your website, resulting in a better conversion rate.

Reduced Cost

When you choose a reliable and authentic company to help you in the online business, then it is sure that you will have reduced costs in advertising your products and services. This is because these companies charge based on value for money. So there will be no extra charges for simple and basic things that may not be required.

Lowered Risk

You might think that these companies are immoral or may do some foul play with your website. This should be kept from being entertained as they are a genuine and authentic service provider. They only provide services to customers interested in their services, while others only bother to service.

Cost Effective

The services provided by AEPS service providers are cost-effective. They provide you with the best quality services for your money at a very affordable rate. This is because they have increased their reputation by providing quality services to their customers and have gained a level of trust within the industry.

100% Customer Satisfaction

The services provided by these reputable companies are top-notch and thus can guarantee that you will be satisfied with their services which is the only main purpose of these companies. They always keep in mind that the client is king and must be satisfied with their work to ensure they use their services again.

So these are the benefits of choosing the best AEPS service provider for business.

Top AEPS Service Provider Company in India

best aeps service provider company in India

Ezulix software is the 1 AEPS company in India that offers the best AEPS software with the highest AEPS commission. Along with the standard b2b AEPS portal, we facilitate a business website and AEPS app.

You can start an AEPS business with your own brand name and logo with NPCI registered AEPS company and can earn the highest commission by offering all bank AEPS services.

We provide you with manual training in software so that you can understand and use it at optimum. Along with we offer lifetime free technical support to help you.

By using Ezulix AEPS, you can offer all the following services-

  • AEPS Cash Withdrawal
  • Cash Deposit
  • Mini Statement
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Aadhaar Pay
  • Micro ATM

You can offer all services to your AEPS agents and can earn profit.

By using Ezulix express payout features, you can provide 24*7 real-time settlement facilities from wallet to bank to your agents.

We provide you AEPS service through multiple banks which are-

  1. ICICI Bank AEPS Service
  2. Yes Bank AEPS Service
  3. All-in-One Bank AEPS Service

So If you face an issue with any bank AEPS service, you can switch to another bank AEPS service API. It helps to boost the service success ratio.

In A Nutshell

Here I am wrapping up this article with great information. I hope you find all answers to your questions regarding the AEPS service provider.

Still, if you have any queries regarding AEPS, please visit the following FAQs section.

Or If you are on the edge to start your own AEPS business and want to check about AEPS software, please apply for a free live demo.


How Do I Get AEPS Service?

To start AEPS service as an admin, buy AEPS software from no 1 AEPS company and activate AEPS service by eKYC. After approving eKYC by the AEPS service provider company, you are allowed to use the AEPS service. Now you can provide AEPS service to your agents similar to AEPS registration of your AEPS agent.

Which Portal is Best for AEPS?

Ezulix AEPS portal is one of the best portals for AEPS business. So If you are planning to start an AEPS business, you can choose Ezulix as your AEPS service provider.

Top 10 AEPS Service Provider Company?

  • Ezulix Software (No 1 AEPS Service Provider Company 2022)
  • Fino Payment AEPS
  • Paytm AEPS
  • Yes Bank AEPS
  • Spice Money
  • Paynearby
  • Fritware
  • IGglobal
  • NamoPay

Which is the Best AEPS Company?

Ezulix software private limited is the best AEPS service provider company in India and offers a variety of banking services from multiple bank AEPS APIs.

Which is the Best AEPS App in India?

Ezulix AEPS app allows you to offer all basic banking services to your AEPS agents. They can further provide these banking services to their customers. We provide you AEPS portal with the AEPS app for business.

What is AEPS Retailer?

AEPS retailer is the last person who provides AEPS service to end customers. Retailers have also known as BC(Business Correspondent) or AEPS agents. Retailers can start AEPS service at the shop by taking the AEPS ID to the admin or distributor and can start providing AEPS services by AEPSt registration.

Who Can Do AEPS Transaction?

A bank customer whose primary bank account is linked with an Aadhaar card, can use AEPS service and perform AEPS transactions.

What is the AEPS Withdrawal Limit?

A bank customer can withdraw 10,000/- in a day by a maximum up to 5 AEPS transactions.

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