12 Steps to Get an Accurate Estimation of Mobile App Development Cost 


To develop an application, is it necessary to elevate sales? Of course, it’s the most accurate step for surviving in the online era. Now, the world is making everything go around with marketing platforms. You also need to make steps with mobile app development for your business.  

Now, make a step into the blog for a better understanding of how much it costs to turn your business idea into application development. It’s an ultimate guide to explaining the procedure of measuring the cost of your application project. 

Make clear identification of your project 

You need to look for clear identification of your application. What is required? And how much do you need to have in your business application? List out your required features and functionalities associated with your business. It’s a basic step to accurately measure the mobile application cost before going to any mobile app development company.   

Choose the right platform for development 

Platform selection is mostly associated with tackling audience connectivity. Whether you want to develop for iOS, Android, or both platforms, if you demand a platform like native, it will cost more than the single platforms like iOS and Android. You need to have a clear view of the selection of platform to develop the right platform.   

Check out the complexity of your application 

Check for your application complexity level. Companies providing mobile app development services will charge according to complexity level. With simple applications, the company will charge for basic, which is not much like complex applications. Highly complex applications will cost according to advanced features and functionalities. This complex application requires more systemized integration with better functionality. So, developing costs will get high.    

Design and UI/UX for the perfect crafting of the application 

Better designing features need the best design team to understand your idea and theme. Designing will attract the user base. Customer retention with your application will generate the most demanded app. Your application will manage to develop a smart and engaging look with design and UI/UX. An attractive and functional app will cost more to craft. For creative and intuitive design, the app development company will charge more.   

Features and functionality needed in the application 

I understand your application perfectly. What do you need to compete in the market? How do you need to take your business in the market? These important questions will provide a rough idea about your cost to develop. Please make a list of all features and functionalities in your app. Some important features like push notifications, in-app purchases, and GPS integration will add additional input. Mobile app development cost will go according to features applied in the application.   

Third-party Integrations with your application 

Payment gateways to manage the business application with API integration will cost more. APIs like payment integration, social media platforms, or linking of external databases. All the additional facilities will make an impact on payment. 

Development team associated with your project 

You need to understand the criteria for selecting the team for your application. You need to understand what the charge of in-house development and outsource development company. Both variations will decide the choice of selecting. Sometimes outsourcing will cost less than in-house developing of an app.   

Location of a hired development team 

Location is also important for impacting the cost of development. Some developers charge less, and some demand extra hourly rates. It has an impact on their region of living. In some countries, it is very expensive to develop the app, but in some countries, charges are minimal with our matching criteria. So, the choice is yours for developing the app.   

Timeline set for building your application 

It would be best if you decided on the app launching in the market. With figuring out, you need to determine the timeline for your app development project. Small projects will take 3-5 months to develop, but with more complex features, it takes more than eight months to develop. With timeline criteria, we can decide on cost. The longer timeline will charge high.     

Testing and quality of a project  

Testing and assurance are important for developing bug-free applications. You need to look for the best team to provide the best quality assured services in your application. The application will run well with a perfectly tested application in each phase. The team will charge more according to your application requirements. 

Post-launch costs associated with the application 

Remember to understand the launch cost of your application. Applications are required to have continuous updates, bug fixes, and improvements with time. This associated cost will add to the development cost. You need to add all the charges for application development. It is better to look earlier than look after completion. It will add to your essential requirements. You cannot leave update charges; it will help you to look for future running of the application.   

Review the overall cost  

Now, with the final step, you need to add the estimated app development cost. Decide on every factor for developing the application. c They will provide you with all the ideas with their charges on every aspect.    

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Why is Ezulix Software best for developing your mobile application?  

Ezulix Software is a leading mobile application development service in India. Their custom Android app developers use a variety of methods to design and deliver high-quality applications to businesses. Every application we create is tested to ensure it is user-friendly, visually attractive, and usable by many businesses. 


With the final estimation, we conclude to choose a qualified team and understand the requirements of your application. You can choose to have more accurate and reliable mobile app development cost. You can stabilize your development cost by adopting steps like effective planning, essential features, hiring an outsourced team, and using cross-platform development tools. For developing applications, Ezulix software offers the best pricing model to suit every aspect of development. You can hire a mobile app developer in India for perfect application development.    

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