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Awards and Recognition

4.8 / 5.0 by 450+ customers for 600+ Web and Mobile App Development Projects.

Grow Your Corporate Brand with Mobile Application Development Services

Ezulix Software is a leading mobile app development company to produce the most pioneering and responsive mobile application development services in India. Our bespoke android & iOS app developers use a variety of method to design and deliver high-quality applications to traders. Every app we create is tested to ensure it is user-friendly, visually attractive, and usable by a large audience. Mobile apps are frequently created particularly to take advantage of the unique features of a given mobile device. We specialize in developing user-friendly UI/UX designs and functional mobile apps for iOS and Android. For many firms, mobile applications are an essential component. Smart device apps provide access to business resources and the ability to clutch additional business opportunities.

Android App Development Services

Ezulix Software is a renowned android app development company working worldwide to elevate client’s business app growth. An elementary procedure of building android app for our developers is to start by creating a strategy, strengthening viable solutions, designing seamless experiences and building apps that add value to the user's livelihood.

  • We have been providing end-to-end solution to diverse audience for years. Our proactive developers work on trending technologies to design sophisticated mobile applications and keep you ahead in the race of competitors.
  • Our custom android developers deliver best-in-class solutions to meet the business objective.
  • We can assist you whether you need new bespoke Android applications or need to migrate your current app to the Android version.
  • Our developers’ team not only check the functionality of the application but also emphasizes developing desired results. They complete the program analysis and provide you with a bug-free application.

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iOS App Development Services

Welcome to a cutting-edge iOS development platform that creates impressive apps that perform like shining stars in the app store and are adored by millions worldwide. Working many years of experience, we delivered more than 200 profitable apps globally and Ezulix Software eventually established itself as the go-to business for developing iOS apps for customers worldwide.

  • Our skilled iOS app developers follow user behavior science and market research to create user-friendly iOS mobile appthat is both incredibly useful and beneficial.
  • We use modern databases like AR/VR, IoT, and Machine Learning to make the future generation of iPhone apps.
  • We take satisfaction in providing nearly all industries with top-notch iOS apps and our support & maintenance services for Apple devices.
  • In order to give modern innovations for faster and more secure growth, our developers enable you to integrate iOS apps into your existing business environment.

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Mobile Application Development Services for Various Platforms

Some of the essential characteristics of the app created by our firm include robust performance, next-generation features, research-based attractive UX/UI, and support for various technologies like:

Mobile App Api
Machine Learning
enables AI

Powered applications to learn from gathered data and gradually increase their accuracy.

IoT Image

IoT links sensors, devices, and mobile phones to transform data into useful information.

AR/VR Image

AR stands for Augmented Reality, which helps blend reality and the digital world into an interactive application. In addition, VR stands for Virtual Reality, a go-to technology for effectively showcasing your product so that your target audience understands every aspect of your product.

3D Modelling Image
3D modelling

3D modelling is applied in numerous applications to create visual representation of actual objects.

Working Method of Our Skilled Mobile App Developers

Our industry-leading professionals at Ezulix Software welcome your groundbreaking ideas. After carefully considering them, they can offer you some of the most valuable and cost-effective Android and iOS app development services to increase the app's success after its launch.


Whether you wish to work with Ezulix Software hourly, under a contract, or by hiring our developers, we can adapt to all your needs. We'll never say no to anything you ask for in your app. We'll carry it out for you if doing so will boost your company's expansion. And to maximize this potential, we rely on our incomparable expertise.


Apps are created by specialized Android and iOS app developers in accordance with client and corporate necessities. We adhere to an active process that enables us to deliver projects of the utmost quality. We never compromise on values or timing and steadily provide top-notch app on time. In the past decade, technologies that rely on mobile applications and software have gained high prominence throughout the world.


We have a well-thought-out strategy in place to provide excellent work. We maintain contact with our clients throughout the mobile app development process to produce the desired outcome. It explains why we have more satisfied customers and a more excellent satisfaction rating. We keep a backup of the client's project to handle any data loss. This occasionally allowed us to survive during difficult situations.

Live Supports

We are not good with goodbyes. Therefore, you can always text us if you need our assistance with anything connected to the iOS and Android interfaces. Our mobile app development services include constant support and maintenance. Any of our clients can feel free to communicate with us 24*7, as we are always available to assist you. We constantly perform health checks and even optimize your apps as part of our process to give you the best possible boost to your app growth.

Best Mobile App Development Company for App Management and Coordination

Our advanced Android and iOS App development services have helped us to immerse ourselves broadly into the application world.This is the process we follow to develop applications at Ezulix –

Know our Client Requirements

UI/UX Design

App Designing

App Development

Quality Assurance

Play Store or Apple Store Submission

Post Launch

On-Going Support

Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developer from Ezulix

Exulix Software offers high-quality apps that can be used on various iOS-running devices, including iPhones, iPads but not limited to, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs. Our services can give you the tools to break into the competitive market. We use the most advanced technology and significant development process to build app that can benefit from current Android operating systems while still supporting a limited number of legacy devices; therefore, we are more than capable of creating apps that utilize this system. We have a highly efficient team that develops customized business app with a track record of creating seamless, bespoke, and powerful Android apps that meet various business demands.

The use of programming language depends on the specific needs of your app and the platform where it will be released. Java, Kotlin, Swift, and Java Script are the most popular programming languages utilized by custom app development companies like Ezulix Software.
Since we have been in the services sector for more than 7 years, we are aware of the confidential potential of your product idea. To ensure that your invention is safe with us, we always advise signing a stringent NDA & IP agreement.
Preferably, you should find an authentic & reliable mobile app development company, to do this work for you. But, instead of this if you wish to build it by yourselves then the process is as follows: Ideation -> Building a working model -> choosing the right tech stack -> coding -> designing -> testing -> release
There is a strict approval process for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. A few factors that are of utmost importance are taken into account before uploading the program to the Play Store or App Store. In the event that the app is refused, we analyze the flaws and resubmit the application.
We offer a varied range of custom application portals, i.e. :
  • Fantasy App Development
  • Grocery App Development
  • Taxi Booking App Development
  • Mobile Recharge App Development
  • Food Delivery App Development
  • On-Demand Gaming App Development
  • Online Education App Development
  • Household Service App Development
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