Why Your mPOS System not Giving Profit _

Why Ezulix mPOS Service is the Best for Your Small Business?

Why Your mPOS System not Giving Profit _
Why Your mPOS System not Giving Profit _

What is mPOS Service?

mPOS refers for mobile point of sale service which is a place where transactions and sales take place. mPOS is the newest and most effective cashless transaction service nowadays. If I talk about the present scenario most of the businesses are using mPOS service to enhance their sales and reputation in the market.

There are many mpos service provider in India. But the question is this which mpos service is best for your business. Because on the basis of calculation 57% of businesses are not using mPOS service properly. In short, we can say these all numbers of businesses are not getting an efficient profit of using mPOS.

But Why

If you want to get the proper advantage of mpos service then you have to choose the right mpos service according to your business. In opposite, if you use the wrong mpos service which not suitable for your business then you can’t get proper profit of it, this is totally a waste of time and money. So using right mpos service is a very important factor in the way of business growth by using mpos.

Without wasting time I come to point, today here we discuss businesses and which mpos service is best for them.

We are Ezulix mpos service Provider Company. We are the most leading company in this field over the last few years. This is the reason today we have a huge portfolio of potential customers. Our main aim is to provide the best software with excellent support service. We provide the software along with manual training to clients so that they can understand software properly. This helps them to use it efficiently for their business which makes proper use of service.

Ezulix mPOS Solution Best Suited for Hotel & Restaurants, Snacks Center, Kirana / Grocery Stores Gift Shop, Garments Shop, Ice Cream Scoop, Bakery Shop, Coffee Tea Shop Bar, Wine Shop, Super Market Retail Shop Mall, Water Bill, Petrol Pump & many More.

What We Offer (Ezulix mPOS Service)

Ezulix mpos service is most suited for all the above business. Here we offer you a mpos machine which integrated with a mobile application through Bluetooth system. You can perform all the actions by using your mobile and this mpos machine. This application is directly connected to your bank account and machine.

But now the question is this, which actions we can take through this mpos service.

Basically, there are 3 actions which you can perform through our service which are following –

  1. Cash Withdrawal
  2. Sales
  3. EMI Service

  So these are 3 actions you can perform through our ezulix mpos service.

  1. Cash Withdrawal-

    This is the first action you can perform through ezulix mpos service. In this, you provide cash withdrawal facility to the customer.

  • Process-  

    In the cash withdrawal action, you provide cash facility to your customers, in returns they have to pay the amount through card by using mpos machine. They can use the swipe card and a chip card for amount pay.  The settlement takes place into your account in T+1 time after all verification.

  • Profit-

    This is service you provide to your customers in returns you get the profit in terms of commission. This commission is based on company policies which are determined at the time of the deal.


  1. Sales-

    This is one of the best and very basic uses of mpos service. This is the service which you earlier experienced in malls and shops when you go shopping. In this term you provide the service to customers then they can pay the amount of sale (product or service) by their credit or debit card using this mpos machine.

  • Process-

    In this when customers complete their shopping, they have to come on the cash counter for payment. Most of the time if customers don’t have cash, then you can receive payments through credit or debit card by using over ezulix mpos service.

  • Profit-

    In return of this service, you can charge customers 2-3% according to your terms and policies.


  1. EMI Service-

    In this, you can provide EMI facility to your customers through our mpos service.

  • Process-

    This is most suited for the sale of costly products like mobile. Hereby using our mpos service you can provide EMI facility to your customers.

  • Profit-

    In returns of your EMI facility, you can charge a percentage of the amount to the customers like your service charge, in your this is your white profit.



So this is ezulix mpos service which you can use for your business to enhance sales and reputation of the business in the market. You can retain your customers by using mPOS service. Here we discuss all the services which we provide, their process and the profits you will get.

So if you are looking for best mpos service in India and you want to enhance your business sales and reputation of your business in the market.

Contact us for more details regarding mpos software offers by Ezulix.



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