Be the Next Gaming Unicorn Startup With Color Prediction Game Development!

Are you looking for a profitable online gaming startup idea but do not have game development skills? Worry not! Today, we are starting a complete series sharing the top 10 online gaming startup ideas. In this first blog of our series, we are starting with Color Prediction Game Development.

So, in this blog, we will explore how aspiring online gaming startups can earn great revenues from online Coulor Prediction Game development

Also, we will explain how you can become a unicorn online gaming startup even if you are not a game developer. So, let’s scroll down and explore a billion-dollar online gaming idea!

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Online Gaming as a Profitable Business Idea

Before discussing color prediction game development as a profitable business, it is important to know that the entire online gaming industry is limitlessly expanding. The online gaming industry provides mobile applications and web applications for online gaming

And this particular area of business has become a billion-dollar business idea for many game lovers these days. Did you know that

  • In FY23, the global online gaming industry earned $26.14 Billion in revenue
  • Of which, India generated approximately $198 Million
  • Consequently forming approximately 0.76% market share

Clearly, online gaming is a billion-dollar business idea. However, it is not necessary, that only a game developer has the right to unlock billion-dollar profits. Rather, just having some local, cultural, and regional gaming ideas can also be sufficient. 

So, if you are a game lover and have some amazingly potential gaming ideas but lack game development skills. Nevertheless, you can make your online gaming ideas come true with the help of the right Game Development Company

Why Online Gaming Business is Profitable? 

Starting an online gaming business is a profitable idea. And certain factors make this business idea decently profitable. Let’s have a sneak peek at these factors-

A Worldwide Reach with Global Availability of Smartphones 

As per the latest data available, today around 61% of the global population uses smartphones which is around 5 billion in number. With special reference to India, smartphone users exceed 650 million. Moreover, according to recent reports out of every 6 smartphone users, 5 love to play mobile games. In this way, online gaming businesses have a ready-made Target Audience. 

Multiple Revenue Streams 

However, due to not having any previous business experience, you might think that there are multiple free-to-download online games on the App Store and Play Store. Then, how does a mobile game earn money? Well, a mobile gaming app has multiple streams of income such as 

  • Advertisements
  • In-App Purchases
  • Tie-Ups with YouTubers and Live Streaming
  • And many more! 

Easy Investment 

Not only the sources of income are many, but also mobile game development is an easy investment. If you are a game developer, then it is the easiest development for you. However, if you are not a game developer, you can find a game development company and get help from them. Mobile game development is a business that you can run remotely and independently. 

Simple Business Partnerships

However, you might be thinking that web development services are extremely costly. But, you can also approach some game development companies on a partnership basis. Propose the game development company for business partnership. You can make a partial payment at the time of availing mobile game development services, and later you can set a percentage payout monthly from the revenue. 

The Best Online Gaming Business Idea 2024: Color Prediction Game 

So, you must now have understood well, how you can start your mobile gaming startup. But if you are confused about unique gaming ideas, then this blog series is just for you! So, let us now start with our first idea which ‘color prediction game development’. 

What is Color Prediction Game?

Color Prediction game is a kind of betting game. In this game, the participants guess the outcomes of an action. And if guessed accurately, the winner gets a cash prize. In this game, the players guess the possible color as an outcome of drawing a card or rolling a dice.  

Such prediction games trace their history back to the mythological era of India. Remember the dice-rolling game in Mahabharata? However, unlike those unfair means, in the present-day scenario, the players will get cash rewards through your Color Prediction Game Services

How to Get a Color Prediction Game App? 

Excited to know about the game? Well, now you must be curious to know how to get a color prediction game app for your business venture. If you are a game developer, then you can develop a game yourself with proper knowledge of RNG algorithms

On the contrary, if you are someone who has thrilling colour prediction game ideas, but lacks game development skills, then opt for a colour prediction game development company. These games come under the ‘fantasy game development’ category. 

Almost every web development and game development company today provides fantasy app development services. The market of fantasy games is booming really high in India. Especially, since the time of COVID-19, the mobile gaming industry has boomed like never before. So you can easily hire a  Colour Prediction Game Developer from anywhere. 

How to Find the Right Color Prediction Game Development Company?

So, if this color predicting game idea intrigues you, then you must now be thinking, about how to find a reliable game development company. No worries, we have a solution for all your worries. While choosing a colour prediction game app developer, you might come up with two ideas-

Hiring a Freelancer 

The first option is the hire a freelance game developer. However, it is a simple process and you can find a freelance game developer through platforms like LinkedIn and Upwork. But, hiring a freelancer is a risky approach as it is hard to find out if the hired freelancer is even certified. Alternatively, with a freelancer, you get no guarantee. Rather, the only guarantee while hiring a freelancer is that you will get no post-development support. Financial fraud and cyber security concerns are another disadvantage

Choosing an Established Game Development Company

To hire a professional color prediction game app development company is always the best possible option. Game development companies do not only have certified teams of game developers, but they are also reliable in terms of life-time post-development support. Furthermore, you will also be able to launch your game application in 2-3 months. However, the only disadvantage is the slightly higher development costs

So, now it is totally up to you whether you need to find a freelance game developer or a professional game development company. While choosing the latter, always keep in mind the following tips.

Conduct Thorough Internet Research 

Before selecting or finalising a game development company for your colour prediction game app development venture, always conduct thorough internet research. Search on Google ‘best color prediction game development companies’. And see the available options. This way, you will get an idea about the number of options available. 

Check the Websites of Game Development Companies 

Now, check the websites of as many companies as possible. Observe how good their website is, see the services they provide, and also check their game development portfolio. Whichever company’s website intrigues you the most note down their contact details. 

Make A List of Top 5 Color Prediction Game Development Companies 

Using the above techniques, make a list of  4-5 color prediction game development companies so, that you will have more options to discuss pricing and services. By discussing with multiple companies, you will learn about the game development process, time, and cost. 

Call and Get a Quote to Compare Prices 

So, after choosing the options, either send a query through their website or call them directly. Ask them about their game development portfolio, and services, and get a price quote. Do the same for all the options and compare judiciously which game development company is offering more services at a lesser price. 

Choose A Color Prediction Game Development Company That Fits Your Budget and Requirements

So, after conducting thorough research, finalise the company of your choice. Always go with a company that fits your budget, but also fulfils the bare minimum requirements such as

  • Great game development quality
  • Honest prices and 
  • Post-game-development support

How to Know If A Color Prediction Game Development Company is Good?

While conducting the research, you might come up with a situation of confusion. Especially, if you are not a colour prediction game developer by yourself, then you might feel enigmatic if you are choosing the right company. But, why worry when we are here to solve all your concerns? Keep in mind the following points while searching for a game development company.  

A Color Prediction Game Development Company Must be an IT Company

Always choose a core Information and Technology company that offers all IT services including web development, mobile app development, and software development in addition to game development. It is because an IT company is more skilled and hence a reliable choice for top-notch game development services

They Must Have Expertise in Fantasy Game Development 

In their game development section, they must be offering fantasy game development services. Colour Prediction Game Development is also a part of fantasy game development. Therefore, call only those companies that offer Fantasy Game Development services already. It ensures that their developers have worked on such projects earlier and they have relevant skills and expertise. 

Get Color Prediction Game Development Cost Quotes and Compare Prices

Never forget to get Color Prediction Game Development Cost quotes from multiple companies. A comparison will always help you choose the most suitable game development company for your business venture. You will get an idea of the price range and it will help you negotiate prices. 

Look for Client Testimonials on Their Website 

An established game development company will always have robust client testimonials on their website. So, check their client testimonials. Download the gaming apps that they have developed and try playing them. Also, you must observe the game quality by judging the graphics and running speed. In this way, you will get an idea of their quality and expertise in Color Prediction App Development.

Ask Questions

Lastly, even if you are not a game developer, you must not look dumb before the company. So, how to look smart? Ask them questions! Here is a list of some questions that will help you ‘act smart’ and will make the developer company feel that you are not gullible at all!

Are Your Web Developers Well-versed with RNG Algorithms? 

Note: In Color Prediction Game Development, the game developer uses RNG Algorithms (certain codes) to make the outcome the most random. If a player continuously observes that the same particular ‘colors’ are winning or losing all the time, then he would soon uninstall the game. Consequently, the business will fail. Certain game developers have poor knowledge of RNG Algorithms and hence their game quality gets poor. Make sure that you choose only the skilled game developer company!

Do you provide post-development support after colour prediction game development services? 

Many small game development companies have a small team of web developers and no team of backend and technical support. As a result, you will get no game updates, upgrades, and technical issue handlers. Always avoid such small companies. Lest your mobile gaming business should suffer obsoletion just within a few months. 

Does your cost estimation include App Store (or Play Store) launch charges? 

Mobile Game Development cost does not limit to the the development phase alone. Rather, you have to pay charges even while launching your game on a popular Store. For example, cost of launching the colour prediction mobile game on App Store or Play Store will be additional. So, always check for the same. And if you find Store Launch Cost out of budget, then you can rather go for Color Prediction Game Software development. In this method, the company will develop a game software. And your TG will be able to download the game from your business website. 

Will you have any monthly charges post-development? 

After game development, the mobile game application is subject to certain post-development charges. Some development companies might incur monthly billing for hosting charges, and some will charge annually. So, always get a clear idea of post game development charges

Ask them to Share Samples of their Work.

Lastly, ask them directly to share some samples of their work (even when you have already stalked their website 🤫). This will make you appear smart in dealing and you will be less likely to be deceived by a wrong game development company

Concluding Thoughts 

So, now we have trained you thoroughly on how to launch a Color Prediction Game Mobile Application and start earning. We are hopeful, that while dealing with a color prediction game development company, you will apply all the negotiations skills that we taught you through this blog. In the next blog of this series, we will introduce another mobile gaming idea to start your billion-dollar journey with. All the best for your gaming venture!


How Do You Make a Colour Prediction Game? 

To make a colour prediction game, you must first have a concept. Then, if you are a developer, then you can select the programming language of your choice, decide the interface, and start the development process. If you are not into development, then you can hire a game development company. 

Is Color Prediction Game Legal? 

Yes, definitely! Color Prediction or any other betting games are completely legal. Therefore, you can find many betting games on internet, App Store, and Play Store as well. 

Which algorithm is used in colour prediction game? 

RNG algorithms (Random Number Generation) of multiple types such as Xorshift Random, Mersenne Twister etc. help developing color prediction games. 

Can AI Predict color prediction Game? 

In a word, no! Any AI tool cannot predict color or number or any other outcome in any prediction game. All the prediction games work purely on random algorithms. Winning or losing in a prediction game is purely a chance of destiny.

Can I create my own mobile gaming app if I am not a game developer?

Yes, of course. If you are not a game developer, then you can hire a mobile game development company. Explain your gaming concept to them and explain well what type of gaming app you want. The company will develop the game on your behalf and you can earn from your business venture. 

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