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Top 12 NodeJS Development Companies in India 2023 


Node.js completely works for transformational change to evolve with the latest smart development, revolutionizing modern web applications to get developed and deployed. With this new change, we are focusing on delivering the best output with this Javascript framework. However, with this change, many top-rated web development companies are taking steps to provide access to this technology.    

From this blog, we deliver the best result from node.js development companies. We are now looking forward to the node.js development services provider companies list. Scroll with my blog to access the list with their special features to proceed with your journey with the Node.js development project.    

List of 12 NodeJs Development Companies in India 

Getting a list of top Node.js development companies was a difficult task. But we adjust our report and make out best for your progress. We are coming to our main topic of finding the best nodejs development company. To get a list, scroll for the perfect blend of better reports to the forward step. Here, we are on the list of top node.js development companies from India. 

TechAhead Software

TechAhead is a globally serving web and mobile App node.js development company. The team is highly experienced with the latest technologies and delivers projects to maintain, develop, and update the existing application. The team can be your first choice for everything that you want to prefer or want to take design for your organization. You are taken care of in the company, whether you want to create native or cross-platform applications. The team can provide exceptional services with the Node Js platform for your required business. 

  • Clutch Rating – 4.8 
  • Established On – 2009 
  • Projects Completed – 800+ 
  • Cost – $35 – $60 / hr 
  • Min Project Size – $30,000+ 
  • No of Employees – 300+ 


eSparkBiz is an Indian node development firm that provides high-tech, scalable, and adaptive corporate solutions for building your project. They have been preparing organizations worldwide for unconstrained growth since starting the firm with solid back-end systems, data-driven platforms, and web applications. Comprehending all the Node.js components based on event-driven concepts transforms your unique ideas into user-friendly, feature-rich, creative front ends and robust, reliable back ends. 

  • Clutch Rating – 4.9 
  • Established On – 2010 
  • Projects Completed – 1100+ 
  • Price – $20 to $40 / hr 
  • Min Project Size – $7,000+ 
  • Employees – 400+ 

Ezulix Software 

Ezulix software is performing with the specialization of understanding the Node js run time environment and JavaScript to construct a spring boot web application. Their highly skilled Node Js development services use best practices and worldwide development procedures to create a platform for market entry and on-time project delivery. Develop your project with Ezulix which is the best nodejs development company to create load-bearing architecture to provide functionality for a better successful project. 

  • Clutch Rating – 4.9  
  • Established On – 2015  
  • No of Projects Completed – 500+   
  • Cost – $30 – $60 / hr  
  • Min Project Size – $20,000+  
  • No of Employees – 150+ 


Mobcoder is completely targeted toward mobile app development, custom software development, and web development services. You are not required to have access to anybody about taking the services from Mobcoder. Here, you are still working on your better-running project. From development to launch, all is required to proceed by the company only. Mobcoder, a nodejs development company, is completely proceeding to access the great market in the IT sector. 

  • Clutch Rating – 4.9  
  • Established On – 2014   
  • No of Projects Completed – 400+   
  • Cost – $50 – $99 / hr  
  • Min Project Size – $25,000+  
  • No of Employees – 250+ 


The team of Mobulous is highly dedicated and determined to provide excellent results to your required field. The company provides integrated, colourful, and innovative solutions to businesses worldwide. You are getting a time-bound delivery project to your businesses for successfully running applications. Their experience is compatible with others and is highly useful with their remarkable success. However, we are connecting with the creative team to address the issue from the team who has developed numerous brands worldwide. 

  • Clutch Rating – 4.6 
  • Established On – 2013 
  • No of Projects Completed – 800+ 
  • Cost – < $30 / hr 
  • Min Project Size – $20,000+ 
  • No of Employees – 200+ 


Kellton is a globally working firm that provides cutting-edge innovative solutions to your transformation with digital solutions. They are running their business from the world’s top-rated completed projects. You can easily be part of their work for node.js web development services. Hence, suggesting this organization makes me collaborate with top result successful projects. 

Clutch Rating – 4.8   

Established On – 2009   

Projects Completed – 1000+   

Price – $30 – $50/ hr  

Min Project Size – $12,000+  

Employees – 1500+ 


Radiansys has provided technical assistance to 500 companies in the US, startups, and developed organizations. Their team is completely compatible with your business requirements as far as you want to go. Now we are exceeding with its qualities to maintain with your organization. You are not required to go beyond their created model for onsite, near-shore, and offshore cooperation for full-time staff. Create a patch to your progress with the radians team. Fully magnificent work to blow your success path.  

  • Clutch Rating – 5.0 
  • Established On – 2007 
  • No of Projects Completed – 800+ 
  • Cost – < $35 / hr 
  • Min Project Size – $12,000+ 
  • No of Employees – 600+ 


Since starting, Promatics has developed a view to provide excellent record results to their clients. Their dedicated team is designed to satisfy clients in digital transformation. Promatics develop and deliver web and mobile apps that transform the result and improve the efficiency of your organization. The team tries to innovate their solution to deliver excellent record break success output for their clients. Their capability ensures to provide a product that is easier to run and manage by the clients. Here to know about its capability to maintain your breaking record for maintaining progress. Its featureful acknowledged remarks make them tag excellence with your organization. 

  • Clutch Rating – 4.9 
  • Established On – 2008 
  • No of Projects Completed – 800+ 
  • Cost – < $39 / hr 
  • Min Project Size – $8,000+ 
  • Employees – 500+ 


Arramton offers its clients a wide range of services, including IT consultancy, AI, App development, web development, and online marketing. Here their team works more than just developing software. They take a flexible approach to project development as required and preferred by the clients. Arramton is working with the topmost position in India as a nodejs development company. Their corporation works as IT consulting and management services in the global market. You can opt for their services in your organization for better outstanding performance. 

  • Clutch Rating – 4.9 
  • Established On – 2008 
  • No of Projects Completed – 1000+ 
  • Price – < $30 / hr 
  • Min Project Size – $4,500+ 
  • Employees – 450 

Aks Interactive  

Aks Interactive serves in the global market, particularly targeting the US, Asia, Canada, Australia, and the Middle East. The company’s goal is to ensure satisfactory outcomes with customer happiness. Aks Interactive develop web and mobile application with Node, PHP, Angular, React JS, Swift, React Native, Magento, WordPress, and others. The team provides valuable solutions for all industries, from startups to large enterprises. The company is favourably dedicated towards nodejs development company and developing all possible best output results. 

  • Clutch Rating – 4.8 
  • Established On – 2009 
  • No of Projects Completed – 400+ 
  • Cost – $35 – $50 / hr 
  • Min Project Size – $6,000+ 
  • No of Employees – 280+ 

Wonderment Apps 

The company aims to provide top associated services to run its project. The team always used to favour the best goods and services for the market and receive the best reviews from their clients. It comprises an excellent team for designing, coding and developing products and services to deliver fast and effective solutions. Wonderment provides a wide range of services for developing all types of projects. Node.js is compatible with a variety of web platforms and languages and provides a balance between front-end and back-end strategies. 

  • Established On – 2015 
  • No of Projects Completed – 250+ 
  • Cost – $40 – $80 / hr 
  • Min Project Size – $4,500+ 
  • Number of Employees – 350+ 


As a leading Node.js development firm, the company was established with a remarkable technology-developed firm. The reason behind developing with Node.js, it serves as a critical platform for developing applications. Synapseindia strives to provide excellent application development services. The services the company provides are an internet application, mobile application, network application, real-time application, and many others. 

  • Clutch Rating – 4.8 
  • Established On – 2001 
  • No of projects – 300+ 
  • Cost – $30 – $46 / hr 
  • Min Project Size – $6,000+ 
  • Total Employees – 200+ 


With this conclusion, we are ending our blog. with this blog, we understand the best features of top Node.Js development companies in India. These companies are from India and are serving globally for their clients. Now we are about to make the result for the next step to take the best company for your organization from this list.   

Here, you know better to take advantage of developing a node.js application for your businesses. With this latest technology, you can take your businesses with better progress. You can hire a dedicated nodejs developer from Ezulix software for better progress and for positive results. 

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