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Awards and Recognition

4.8 / 5.0 by 450+ customers for 600+ Web and Mobile App Development Projects.

Technical Expertise of Our Node JS Developers

Performing with the speciality of understanding with Node js run time environment and JavaScript to build spring boot web application. Our high expertise Node Js development services implement best practice and global development processes to develop a platform to reach the marketplace and on-time project delivery. Develop with Ezulix, to build load-bearing infrastructure to generate functionality.

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NodeJS Development Services We Provide at Ezulix

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Node JS Web Development

We provides Node JS web development services for interactive web applications. It offers to handle server-side logic and interact with database, API and all other services. We understand diverse industries requirement and generate solutions accordingly.

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Node JS Consulting

Potential developers build architectural designs for building web applications or using databases like MongoDB or MySQL for data storage. Node JS experts ensure to maintain the best coding standard to mark with client expectations.

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Node JS Development

Our node js development company engineers develop versatile platform and tools within the Node JS ecosystem. Developers build server-side application using java script. Every step of algorithm develops to set client's project requirement.

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API Development & Integration

Expert Node Js. Provide innovative solutions in building APIs and enable integration to ensure data transfer and excellent performance. Data analysis tool deal with huge data in browsers with Java script.

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UI/UX Development

UX/UI development serves as a backend platform for building full-stack applications. Expert Node Js. Specialized in developing a creative design for an efficient system for monitoring dashboards.

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Node Js. Plug-ins Development

Expert Node Js. develop a custom plug-in to contribute to existing plug-ins and create a separate module that is set to work with desired functionality. Machine code directly merges with JavaScript to provide speed performance.

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Support and Maintenance

Node js team provides support & Maintenance to drive better functionality and deliver assured performance of your project. Logging mechanisms with error tracking to capture and assist in identifying patterns & resolving the issue.

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Node JS Backend Development Company

We are a Node js application Development Company to develop web applications, an API and a Complex enterprise solution. We develop powerful features to architect, develop and integrate backend systems to power your application. We ensure to connect your backend with external sources and data sources for smooth data flow and functionality.We implement best practices for security measures updated with the latest advanced system for your application. Node Js powerful features process for optimal performance.

Our Node JS Development Life Cycle Looks Like
Requirement Analysis

Developers analyse the timeline, resource analysis and create a structured map for development. Our project team gathers and analyses the complete project for the scope, objectives and requirements.


Planning includes defining user data stories and creating specified functional documents. Team analyses and further refined to find the functionality and features of the required application.


Team creates the architecture and design of the system application. It includes the designing of the database, user interface, and application components and developing the complete design structure.

Coding and Implementation

Our expert developers write code using Node js technologies to maintain the best coding standard. Coding and development of the web application developed in this phase of the cycle.


Testing of the application includes unit testing, integration testing, system testing and user acceptance testing. We compete monitoring to ensure its functionality, performance and reliability.


Our team typically work with this step, making software accessible to clients. After the completion of the testing procedure, it moves for deployment with the requirement of the environment.

Support and Maintenance

The maintenance and support phase ensure for smooth functioning of application. Here regular maintenance and update ensure a responsive team support for clients.

Hire Node JS Developers from Ezulix for Various Reasons

When youHire nodeJs developers from Ezulix for new advanced and technical solutions with the latest technology. Node Js ecosystem provides tailored solutionwith high degree of professionalism for timely completion. We follow the industry's best guidance and established processes to ensure smooth project execution. Hiring from Ezulix, developers provide feature rich application as per business need. Our node js developers are expert in scalinghigh-quality solutions and tosolve your various business challenges. Our team address any issue that arises post-development and give result as per project requirement.

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