B2B Fintech Startup: Launch with AEPS & Earn Commission

b2b fintech startup

The Rise of Fintech in India: A Boon for Businesses and Individuals

The Indian fintech landscape is experiencing a dynamic transformation, pushed with the aid of elements like growing smartphone penetration, digital literacy, and government tasks like Digital India. This surge in virtual adoption has created a growing call for for accessible and handy monetary offerings, in particular most of the good sized unbanked population. Businesses, too, are spotting the potential of fintech to streamline operations, reach new clients, and unlock new sales streams.

However, venturing into the fintech area may be daunting for plenty businesses, regularly requiring massive investments in technology infrastructure and regulatory compliance. This is where Aeps Software emerges as a recreation-changer, presenting a B2B answer that empowers agencies to release their very own fintech startups with minimal trouble and maximum ability.

What is Aeps and How Does it Work?

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (Aeps) is a modern initiative through the Government of India that leverages the unique identification quantity Aadhaar to enable a range of economic offerings through finger print authentication. With Aeps, people can carry out important banking transactions like aeps cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, mini statement, aadhaar pay and fund transfer without the want for debit playing cards, ATMs, or net banking.

Aeps Software seamlessly integrates with existing business structures, letting them provide those vital economic services to their clients directly. This eliminates the need for complicated infrastructure development and enables businesses to launch their fintech startup speedy and effectively.

Benefits of Launching A Fintech Startup with Aeps Software

  • Low Investment & Quick Launch

Although pre-built Aeps solution allows you to swift launching of business and start earning commission instantly. To start fintech business using Aeps doesn’t requirement lots of upfront investment, anyone can start with just nominal funds.

  • Ready Made Solution

Entrepreneurs don’t need to be afraid of complexity of building your own fintech software. Aeps system is a pre-build solution that facilitates all basic banking services with all essential features that pushes your business. From customer onboarding to transaction processing, reporting & handing, everything is on automated mode in Aeps software.

  • Wide Range of Services

Aeps software is a comprehensive digital platform for multiple banking services. Along with Aeps cash withdrawal, admin can offer balance enquiry, mini statement, aadhaar pay and micro ATM services and can empower customers by offering variety of financial services.

  • Earn Attractive Commission

Aeps software platform allows earning commission by offering Aeps services to customers. You can make your profit as much as you want by increasing your Aeps transactions.

  • Reach New Customers

As a fintech startup, you can expand your business to all those areas of India where banks and ATM are not available. Still there are a big portion of India which is untapped to banking services. You can touch all those areas by leveraging Aeps.

How Aeps Software Empower Fintech Startup?

Aeps launched in India in 2010 to empower banking connective all over India. Thousands of businesses across India leveraged Aeps software to launch their fintech startup and achieve remarkable growth.

1. A kirana save in rural India saw a 20% growth in foot site visitors and a 30% raise in revenue after imparting coins withdrawal and money transfer offerings through Aeps Software.

2. A tour employer partnered with Aeps Software to enable cashless bills for travel bookings, streamlining the purchaser enjoy and reducing operational expenses.

3. A non-earnings agency utilized Aeps Software to offer economic inclusion offerings to underprivileged communities, selling financial literacy and financial empowerment.

These fulfillment testimonies show how Aeps Software empowers businesses of all sizes and across various industries to go into the fintech space and make a fantastic effect.

Getting Started with Aeps Software

Launching your own brand B2B fintech startup by using Aeps software is easy and convenient. Anyone can start without any technical background and can make it a handsome source of Income.

  1. To start to you have to find best Aeps software company  
  2. Check out all services, features and take demo of panel
  3. Go through all verifications of company
  4. Check out reviews of customers who buy
  5. Last but not the least enquire about their after service support

If everything is fine, then you can settling up your fintech startup and can expand business.

Wrapping Up Here

So here we learned about rise of fintech in India and how you can start your own brand fintech startup by leveraging Aeps Software seamlessly. Go through the benefits of starting fintech business by using Aeps and what you need to launching your venture.

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