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Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

Do you want to own a business with minor investment and significant earnings? If the answer is yes!! If you desire to establish yourself in the banking business as an Admin, then the Aadhar-Enabled Payment System portal is a beneficial platform for a successful beginning. At Ezulix Software, you get recommendable AEPS software development services, which can hassle-free generate a sizable source of income. This portal is generally used in the lower backward areas of India to create awareness about Digital India. Still, due to a lack of literacy, people avoid going to banks and making transactions. So, in that case, AEPS services work beneficially for them as an alternative to banks.

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Best AEPS software development company in India

Ezulix software has been proven one of India's best AEPS service provider companies for several years. This is why we have a diverse range of potential customers today. Using our latest AEPS admin portal, you can create unlimited members as master distributors, distributors, and retailers in your downline. Now the question arises, who can register to become an agent or Admin of this service?

So, this has a very elementary answer, anyone who has the potential to manage banking transactions easily can do AEPS portal registration for themselves. All you have to do is fill out the AEPS registration form and attach it with your PAN card and Aadhar card. This service will assist you in increasing your commission, as well as help serve a more significant number of people.

There are a couple of things required by an admin to start working are :

1. Smart Phone or Computer with an active internet connection : – This is essential because it is a digital work mode, so every transaction would require the internet to complete.

2. Biometric Device : – As you all know, Aadhar Card is a unique ID for every individual with unique fingerprints. When someone comes to you for a transaction, you need to verify the same impressions with the number.

How to Use Aadhar-enabled Payment System

AEPS is a government-certified Indian payment system for performing all financial activities in several rural areas of India. This cuts off the cost and time, as people need not travel from one place to another for just a few transactions. Ezulix has a professional team of aeps software developers to facilitate Admin with simplified features to work consistently. Admin panel is the platform where one can manage and optimize their master distributors, distributors, and retailers along with their work. After the successful registration of Admin. Now comes the turn of the working of the AEPS software, the process of which is as follows -

  • After connecting to the government and bank servers, the AEPS Admin installs a biometric device on their computer or smartphone.
  • The Admin then inputs the Aadhar Number and Bank Name of the customer.
  • Then select the transaction type as per the customer.
  • Now, to authenticate the transactions, the Admin asks for the thumb impression of the customer.
  • Then the particular transaction is initiated as per need in real-time, along with the respective amount of the commission set for admins.
  • After the transaction is successful, the Admin receives a transaction receipt, and the customer gets an SMS confirmation from the bank.

Which Services are provided in Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS)?

Now, you need not stand in long queues to withdraw or deposit cash, know your account history or enquire about the transactions. Because the AEPS Portal has made it easy for you to gather all this information in a few minutes. Following are the services provided using this software:

Cash Withdraw

Any customer can withdraw cash from their bank account without going to the bank. In AEPS, you have to use an aadhaar card to withdraw cash, while in the mPOS machine, you can withdraw money using a credit or debit card. We also provide you with mATM integrated with mPOS software.

Cash Deposit

Like the withdrawal process, you can easily use AEPS software to deposit your customers' cash. This will again require an Aadhaar number, bank name, and thumb/finger impression. It is easy to access at any time.

Balance Enquiry

You can check your customers' bank account balances using the advanced AEPS portals. These banking transactions also require the customer's Aadhaar details, bank name, and fingerprint; after that, there can be a check bank balance detail on the screen.

Fund Transfer

Using the AEPS service portal, customers can quickly transfer money from their bank account to other bank accounts via Aadhar Verification. For transferring the funds, inter-bank one must have their Aadhar number linked to their respective bank accounts.

Mini Statement

In AEPS software services you can check or download your account mini statement details easily. You can export your last transactions details by using Aadhaar card through AEPS service.

Aadhaar Pay

Aadhar Pay services allow bank customers to withdrawal cash more then 10,000/- rupees in a day or highest withdrawal limit fixed by your bank. This is the most trending service today using for cash withdrawal in AEPS.

Xpress Payout

Funds can be transferred from the wallet to any respective bank account. This feature is available 24*7. This also provides real-time settlement for retailers or any other AEPS service provider. These are all actions that you can perform through this Xpress Payout service.

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