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What is Micro ATM, Micro ATM Machine, Price & Unique Features


The Invention of Micro ATM after Demonetization Empower Cashless Society in India

After demonetization, India is continuously moving towards a cashless society. RBI and NPCI are continuously working on projects that support the cashless economy in India.  AEPS is one of the best and most trending service that is invented & driven by NPCI (national payment corporation of India). Today we will talk about one more outstanding service that empowering a cashless society dream in India. Yes, here I am talking about micro ATM that legitimize cashless economy in India

What is Micro ATM?

Micro ATM is a device that is used basically by business correspondents (at retail Kirana shop or emitra) to offer banking services as AEPS and money transfer. It is also known as an automated teller machine which is used for money dispenser. In easy words, we can say it is a small version of ATM where we can withdrawal money by using a debit card. As in AEPS you can withdrawal money using 12 digits Aadhaar card numbers, same in micro ATM you can withdrawal money using your debit card at any business correspondent (BC).

What is Micro ATM Machine?

There are basically two types of micro (mini) ATM machine which are following-

  1. It looks like a POS machine attached with the biometric machine (for finger-print authentication).
  2. In this version, it looks like the following card swiping machine where you can swipe your debit card and provide authentication through PIN code

So these are two types of micro (mini) ATM machine which is in trend in the market. Now we will learn how this micro ATM machine works and what is its price.

Why Micro ATM Service Invented?

So here we will discuss what is the main motto of inventing micro ATM service in India while AEPS is already offering cash withdrawal service?

To understand the fact, first, we have to understand the concept of AEPS.

AEPS stands for the Aadhaar enabled payment system. It is a new age of cashless transaction in which a bank customer whose account linked with Aadhaar card can use all basic banking services using 12 digit Aadhaar card number and finger-print authentication.

This is such a great cashless transaction service that is helping to create a cashless economy in India.

But a new problem arose and whenever a new problem arises, new inventions take place.

A man can withdrawal money by using Aadhaar card through AEPS service but If anyone has a debit card then how they can withdrawal money in rural areas.

To solve this, banks can install ATMs in rural areas so that people can withdrawal money but it is so costly and its maintenance also very costly. So to eliminate this problem, NPCI invented micro (mini ATM) ATM service which is cost-effective and can reach all the areas of society.

Especially, in rural area s where banks are unable to reach, micro ATM easily can penetrate through business correspondents.

How Micro ATM Works?

So we learn what micro (mini ATM) ATM is and the micro ATM machine and why this service invented by NPCI. Here we will learn how this micro ATM works. How you can withdrawal money using this.

So without wasting time, I come to the point.

Basically, micro (mini ATM) ATM is a combination of software & hardware. This machine is integrated with micro ATM app and offers banking service through which software connected.

So If you want to withdrawal money, you have to follow these points-

  • Visit your nearby business correspondents (BC)
  • Swipe debit card into the machine
  • Choose transaction action and amount
  • Provide PIN code for authentication
  • Details forwarded to NPCI
  • If all details legal, the transaction takes place
  • Amount transfer to a correspondent account that is already connected with software
  • You can get cash amount from a business correspondent
  • Don’t forget to take receipt

So by following the above steps you can withdrawal money using this solution. We can say this is an extraordinary alternative of ATM which is very trending in rural areas.

What is Micro ATM Price?

If we talk about micro ATM price, it is variable and changes with different brands. If you are looking for a micro ATM at the best price & service, you can buy it from Here

Which is the Best Micro ATM Machine Provider Company in India?

Ezulix Software is one of the best micro ATM service provider company in India. So if you are planning to start your own cash withdrawal business through micro (mini ATM) ATM or if you have your own b2b portal and want to add micro ATM service, you can start with us.

We provide you advanced micro ATM service with unique features. You can add-on this service into your portal and can offer micro (mini ATM) ATM service to your members all over India.

Unique Features which helps you to Boost AEPS Transactions

  • It is fully customized & based on the latest technology
  • We provide you best service with support
  • It is easy to use
  • 100% success ratio
  • You can earn the best commission
  • It is fully supported for all portals
  • Easy installation
  • Receipt facility

So these are some features which help you to attract more customers towards your service. Along with this, we facilitate AEPS service, money transfer service, bill payment service, mobile recharge service, and pan card service to explore your business.


So here we learned what is micro ATM, micro (mini) ATM machine, why this service invested and how you can withdrawal money using this. Along with this, we discussed important features of micro ATM that helps you to attract more customers.

For more details about micro (mini) ATM, its price and how you can install this with software, visit my blog or directly contact our executives for a Free Live Demo.

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