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Online Utility Bill Payment – 10 Things You Need to Know

online utility bill payment
online utility bill payment

In general term a utility bill payment means the cost to be paid by an individual for using water, gas, electricity and other services every month.

Examples of utility bills include electricity bill, water bill, DTH recharge, Mobile recharge or bill, Insurance premium payment, etc.

These bills are fixed according to per-unit cost that is regulated by the government of India. The government decides on how much cost utility companies can make on their customers by monitoring their charges.

Is it possible to pay all your bills at one place, at the same time?

Of course, with the use of the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) all utility bills can be paid at one place and at the same time.

BBPS also gives you the opportunity to turn your shop into a one-stop solution for bill payment. This is the easiest and hassle-free process, just collect cash from customers and pay their bills using BBPS wallet.

Earn commission for every successful bill payment. BBPS is a new innovative method regulated by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). It offers instant payment of all your day to day bills.

Imagine the number of customers visiting your shop just to get their bill payment done. This utility bill payment is done frequently. It could be a long term business plan for an individual.

The demand for this service will never go down.  Because people would no longer prefers to stand in long queues to pay their bills. They can simply visit your shop rather than covering long distance.

Now we will tell you what all utility bills you can pay through BBPS.

List of Utility Bills paid through BBPS

These are the utility bills you can pay through BBPS instantly. There is no need to visit different departments for every bill payment. Visit a single shop and pay your bills at the same time.

Electricity Bill

Your electricity will provide continuous lights and cooling or heating. The price varies according to your consumption rate. Pay your electricity bill through BBPS and enjoy electricity service without any power cut.

Water Bill

Nothing would stop running water in your house as bills are being paid on time. A monthly bill will cover all the water you will use in your household.

Gas Bill

Cook your food with continuous gas supply and pay bills regularly on time through BBPS.

Fastag Recharge 

Recharge your Fastag wallet whenever you travel and pay your highway toll tax without any stop on highway.

Insurance premium

Pay insurance premium monthly, quarterly or yearly through BBPS and avoid late charges for delay in payment.

Data card

Enjoy seamless internet connection and pay your internet bills on time every month with BBPS portal.

Loan Repayment

Now it’s easy to repay your loan, there is no need to visit loan provider. Just visit your nearby BBPS service provider and repay your loan.


To enjoy uninterrupted DTH services pay your DTH bill regularly, you can also recharge DTH through BBPS for any operator.


Pay your landline bills every month to enjoy continuous services. Through BBPS you can pay bills for any operator in India.

Above mentioned services are available on BBPS 24*7 and can be accessed at your nearby BBPS service provider.

We have discussed enough about utility bills and BBPS. Now we will tell you those 10 things you need to know about Utility Bill Payment.

10 things you need to know about Utility Bill Payment

There are a lot of things to discuss about Utility Bill payment. But these 10 points are important for you to know as these points will tell you about the usefulness and advancement of utility bill payment.

One-stop Solution

All your utility bills can be paid at one place only to all the service providers. There is no need to visit different places to pay different bills.

Wider Coverage

Imagine you are in Delhi and you have to pay bill for your house which is in Jaipur. Is it possible?
Yes, You can pay that bill easily at any BBPS provider shop. You can pay your bills no matter you are in which city or place.


Never Pay late fees for missing the due dates. Pay all your bills from nearby shop without ever having to stand in a queue again.

24*7 Availability

BBPS is active anytime and it breaks the limits of working hours or holidays. You can pay bills as per your convenience.

Instant Confirmation

You don’t have to wait for confirmation of your payment. Receive a confirmation e-mail or SMS on every successful payment of a bill.

Time and Money-Saving

Customers can save time and money by not having to travel various departments. You can pay all the bills by visiting a nearby shop.

Highest Success Rate

BBPS assures 99.7% success rate. There is no transaction failure while paying bills.

Safe and Secure

BBPS can assure customers that their money and data are safe with it. Whenever a customer pay bill BBPS ask for some basic detail, that detail is kept safe.

Pay Bills at Same Time

There is no need to visit a shop again and again in order to pay different bills. Pay all your bills at a same time through BBPS.

 Faster and Instant Process

BBPS is a faster and easier process. People are successfully adopting this method of paying utility bills. Instantly pay bills without any delay.

These points are useful about utility bill payment. We know in this fast pace life, people are busy with their work.

BBPS is helpful in saving their time and money both by providing an instant bill payment facility without visiting any department for paying bills.


After this long discussion about Utility Bill Payment through BBPS, we can easily understand the usefulness of facilities provided by BBPS to customers.

Now the question is where you will get BBPS portal to start your own business?

Ezulix is a one-stop solution for every software problem. We provide an advanced and hi-tech BBPS portal. You can earn an attractive income while providing bill payment services to customers.

We have not ended yet, along with providing BBPS services to the customer you also offer AEPS and mobile recharge services to earn more income.

Transaction failure occurs rarely with Ezulix BBPS. We ensure that you get the best success rate for every transaction.

Contact us today to get the most reliable BBPS portal and start your own business. You can also apply for a FREE LIVE DEMO today.

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