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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile App like Airbnb and in 2023? 

Are you planning to build a travel booking app? Are you looking for travel booking app development services?  

Access the door to cost-effective mobile application development services without risking quality. Our In-depth guide to application development cost in India is your key to getting the most out of your investment. This detailed blog article will thoroughly examine the costs of developing an app in India.   

With a track record of successfully launched applications, we possess an extensive understanding of the complexity and costs of application development. Rest assured, the insights come from a trustworthy and experienced application development team. 


Mobile applications have become a vital part of our lives in today’s digital age, enabling ease and accessibility to a wide range of services and businesses. The hospitality and accommodation business is one such industry that has seen a significant upheaval thanks to smartphone apps. Airbnb and are industry behemoths famed for their user-friendly smartphone apps. In this blog, we’ll understand the estimated cost of developing a mobile application. Today! We join to understand the application you can try with your travel businesses. We dig into the world of travel apps, focusing on the ever-popular applications like Airbnb and with iOS or Android App development platforms.    

Top Features You Can Include in travel booking application like Airbnb and  

Developing a travel agency-based app is advantageous to your company. A hotel booking app gives your businesses the utmost preference to elevate with time. Having important features makes your application with a huge difference. So, we understand the features required for the functioning of your travel application. 

Host Panel 

  • Host Profile Management 

Managing the host profile is essential to provide access to generate excellent performing applications. The assets of any vacation rental business are the list of Properties. So, it is required to make a host to feature them wisely. Logging in to the same as any other application, with username/email and password. With this, the host can easily manage their host profile by adding their name, bio, mobile number, property data, payment details, and other information. 

  • Property management 

The host should be allowed to advertise their property by noting the type of space, number of bedrooms, images of the property, property address, expected rent, contact details, and currency they want to accept. They define the property with their prices, dates for property availability, and reservation request notification and chat availability with clients.    

  • Dashboard 

The initial requirement of designing a dashboard is that it is user-friendly and provides hosts with an accurate representation of their listing, number of viewers, total clicks on the reservation, booking requests, scheduled reservations, property cleaning status, and many more features. 

  • Reservation Management 

This tool feature allows hosts to manage reservations, such as accepting or declining reservation requests, and even to modify for reserving the property. 

  • Payment Management 

The secure payment gateway for a host will connect the system, allowing hosts to control payments for extra property access-related fees and set up automatic payout to their respective bank accounts. 

Guest Panel 

  • Guest Profile Management 

This feature allows guests to make their profile with a phone number, email address and authentic solid password. To register in the application, the application has developed a form for filling in the details, like name, phone number, payment methods, payment links with their cards, Wishlist, and many more. 

  • Property search with filters 

With the filter option, users will not be confused to search with many options. A search filter will allow them to modify according to themselves for rental properties based on scheduled dates, budget, required amenities, and other choices.   

  • Wish list 

Using the Wishlist option, users can save locations to swiftly reserve for planning their future trips to the location. It allows user to bookmark their choice within the application. 

  • Payment 

You can develop safe and secure payment options for their guest. It allows user to save their preferred payment cards and bank accounts with a secure linked payment gateway.   

  • Booking management 

This tool feature allows guests to view their reservations, change bookings, and cancel the reservation. This feature makes users make a happy connection with the application. 

  • In apps messaging 

Using this option, guests make quick, responsive talks with rental property owners by clicking on the option to discuss the booking. 

  • What’s nearby 

Guests can search for nearby places to visit, restaurants, famous sights, activities, and many more places to visit. As a performance, the application provides extra amenities to enjoy the trip by the guest.   

  • Rating and reviews 

When customers visit a location, the app allows guests to rate and review their property, allowing them to add future visitors’ reviews and details about their experiences. Allows the creation of a portfolio of host services which develop images for their location. 

Admin Panel 

  • User management 

This admin panel allows the admin to check out new users and handle the profile verification.  Not only that, but administrators can also review property listings provided for verification before allowing them to be made public. 

  • Content management 

Admin can modify the content and decide what to display in the application, including managing the rental categories, prices, descriptions, offers, and content facts. 

  • Booking management 

This appropriate function lets guests and hosts know about the most recent bookings made for them. Using this, admins manage bookings, guest check-in and check-out, suggestions for reservation, ratings and reviews, and more. 

  • Payment management 

Admins can manage the payment flow from different users, ensuring on-time payment to hosts, booking costs from hosts and guests, and resolving payment issues.   

  • Analytics and Reporting 

You can learn about users’ behaviour and trends from searches using a dashboard and complete report. You can combine your admin panel with a data analytics report for better progress. The perfect dashboard allows you to access the real-time data reports, insights, and admin panel.   

  • Communication and support 

They can easily handle bespoke support enquiries and concerns to elevate the response for customer experience. It enables administrators to provide the best services to their businesses.   

Factors Which Influence the Price of an Application Development 

Do you want a budget-friendly application? We have a planned scenario to provide an exact and optimal budget-planned  

  1. Complexity of an application 

The more functions and specifications you want to have, the more expensive the cost will be. Some advanced features like virtual tours, augmented reality, and chatbots will be costlier in your application. 

  1. Design and User Interface 

A user-friendly and visually appealing design from a travel booking app development company will be costlier than required for your application. Making a perfect application will ultimately give an exactly loving app with all the required features. 

  1. Platform and devices 

Developing for both the iOS and Android platforms will be costlier. You will be charged for its optimisation for different devices and screen sizes. You will have the perfect application for all the devices for better customer connectivity. 

  1. Location 

The location of your service provider will impact the cost. The cost will vary according to the hiring of local or offshore developers. Accepting the services from the developers of your choice will make payment variations. 

  1. Security 

Data security and legal compliance will add effort and expenses to your application. 

  1. Maintenance updates 

To maintain effective solutions with the application, ongoing maintenance and updating features will add cost to the application. 

Cost Estimate for Travel Booking App Development 

You must be clear with your requirements and how much you can spend developing your application. With a clear understanding of requirements, you can handle the application development cost with its operational features. Cost generally depends on the application size, functionality, and additional components required for your business. While establishing a precise cost is difficult due to the features you are taking, a reasonable estimate for constructing a mobile application like Airbnb and might range from $25,000 to $70,000 or more, depending upon the complexity and scale of your project. Here, with a better understanding of the essential requirements of a website, you can plan for the next step in application development. 

Basic functionality: 

The cost of a simple application with essential functionality could range between $25,000 and $45,000. You can make a simple running application to get on-demand services in your application.    

Moderate Complexity: 

The cost of moderately sophisticated software with additional features could range between $50,000 and $75,000. With excellent performance, your essential features will run up your business.  

Advanced feature application: 

Implementing additional features and technology may increase the cost above $1,000,000. Get a more featureful and functional application to proceed with a better-advanced version of your application. 

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Establishing a mobile app like Airbnb or requires a significant investment. It necessitates meticulous planning, a talented development team, and a dedication to provide a great user experience. With on-demand performance, your application will provide an excellent run-up in the market. Create a better platform with your estimation and a good service provider company. While the cost may appear prohibitive, viewing it as an investment in a potentially lucrative business opportunity in the rapidly evolving field of mobile hospitality and accommodation services is critical. You can hire app developer from a reputable company to place your application within the market.   

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