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Exclusive Guide to Start Taxi Business | Uber-Like Taxi App Development

If you are planning to start your own taxi booking business and looking for best taxi app Development Company then this is for you?

Here I will explain you about taxi booking business Ideas and how you can start this business in your area with low investment.

So keep tuning me till the end because it is going to be an exclusive guide about taxi business in 2021.

Ok, Let’s start with scratch. It will help everyone to understand this completely.

How to Start an Online Taxi Booking Business Like Ola-Uber?

First of all you have to understand about what is taxi booking business?

Have you heard about Ola, Uber?

May be you have booked sometime?

They both are big giants of taxi booking business. They offer online taxi booking service to those who required vehicle to move one place to another place.

In simple words, taxi booking business allows customers to book a vehicle to use as rental. Customers can make bookings through taxi app of service provider.

So I think you have understood about taxi booking business.

Uber introduced in 2009 and had covered more than 70% market. Along with Uber, there are many companies who are working to give a tuff competition to newcomer.

At this situation If you don’t have a new Idea about this business, it is very hard to overtake these big giants.

In second case, If these companies are not active in your areas then it can be a great opportunity for you to start with a similar idea too.

So If you want to run a successful taxi business, you need a unique idea and best business strategy.

Now second thing which you essentially need, is taxi booking app.

I would like to suggest you to choose best taxi app developers.

Best Taxi Booking App Development Company in India

Ezulix software is a leading on-demand taxi app development company in India over the last few years. Armed with a team of experienced professionals, we can build you an app with a comprehensive taxi app solution. Our skilled taxi app developers team works on cutting-edge on-demand technology so that we can deliver you fully customized taxi app like uber.

By using our on-demand taxi app development service, you can convert your unique Ideas into a profitable business. We provide you online cab booking app development service at lowest investment. You can expand, automate, optimize and scale your taxi booking business into next level using our taxi booking app development service.

Now we will go through the feature of taxi app.

Key Features of Taxi App | On-Demand Taxi App Development

To understand the all key features of a taxi app, we have to go through all following panels.

  1. Passenger App
  2. Driver App
  3. Admin Panel

Here I will describe you complete features of all the panels so that you can understand it completely.

Passenger App Features

Here we will discuss all the key features which have used in the passenger app panel to make it easier and sure-friendly. It helps customer’s to get a delightful taxi booking experience. There are all must needed features which make a taxi app outstanding.

Passenger Profile through Mobile OTP Authentication

Customer can create their personal or corporate profile here through mobile OTP authentication. Here he can do a lot more things like check his favorite location, insurance facility etc.

Booking in Seconds

The first thing on which we worked hard, was easiest and fastest booking process. We know everyone is in hurry and a complicated booking process can annoy your customers. To keep it in mind, we have used cutting-edge technology to make booking process fastest in just few taps. Along with this, customers can choose multiple traveling options (If your business have) with estimated fare.

Real-Time Location Tracker

This feature allows customers to track driver’s live location on Map. Along with this, customer can call him to come fast in any emergency case.

Easy Payment Solution

Here we have discussed a lot and finally decided to add-on all possible methods of online payment so that customer can do seamless payment.

Review and Ratings

Reviews and rating are very important for the growth of any business. This is the place which describes your business strength, weakness. Customer can explain their riding experience through reviews and ratings. As a business owner, you can analysis that your drivers are working properly or not.

Along with this, sometimes you can get better suggestions to level up your service. That’s why we have design this section very smooth and navigate so that customers can review their ride experience.

After completing the ride, our system pushes a notification to passenger to review their ride experience.

SOS Alert

This is the new feature we have introduced by concerning safety and security features of passengers. In case if any passenger feels unwanted activity or threat, he/she can tap this button. This will inform operator and all concern authorities about this so that they can take action immediately by tracking driver location.

Promo Codes

This feature allows customers to use promo codes and get exciting offers on special occasions. This feature helps owner to boost their drives specially at beginning.

Refer & Earn

This option also helps owners to boost their drives as well passengers to get few free drives by referring their friends and family members.

So these are all the features we have included in our customized taxi app to make it more active and potential.

Driver App Features

In this section, we will discuss all the essential features of the driver app. Adding drivers in your business also a critical task. There is a number of companies where drivers are already working and there should be a strong reason so that driver can join you.

Keep this in mind, we have added all key features which will help you to attract more drivers in your panel.

Easy Registration

We have designed easiest registration process so that new driver can make easy registration just by uploading their driver license and legal documents.

Availability Button

This feature allows drivers to show their availability on field so either they are avail to take rides or not.

Same Time Request

This feature allows drivers to get instant notification of new booking with location details.


By using this feature, driver can accept or reject ride by single tap.

Easy Navigation Sync with Google Map

This feature allows drivers to get the best route for destination with ETA and traffic information.

Contact Passenger

Driver can call passenger for clarification about pickup and drop location.

Earnings Tab

Here drivers can check their all drive history and incomes on daily and weekly basis depends on business nature.

Rate Customers

It is quite similar to review, here drivers also can review their customer, their behavior. Sometime this feature can help them to safe their self from any fake reviews.

So these are all the key features of driver app panel which make their task easy and smooth.

Admin Panel Features

This is the last but not the least. This is the place where admin/owner manages, analysis, and monitors all the business. We have add-on all essential features in this panel which essentially required for admin.

Driver Management

In this section, admin has to manage all their drivers, new driver’s request, and their documents. Admin can accept or reject driver signup request hereafter analyzing their profile. If he feels any suspect profile or driver ability which don’t suit to business, then he can reject their request.

Along with this, by accepting requests a mail and SMS sends to the driver as an invitation. Admin can also fill in driver details and vehicle details in this section which further save in database.

Here admin also can track driver performance, their movement and working nature by checking their individual profile.

Admin has all the rights, he can remove any driver any time in especial situation.

Passengers Management

Admin can check all registered customers record here. You can check customers feedback about service and can work on weak points. Along with this, you can target a group of passengers and can provide them special offers to boost your drives.

Payment Management

As per name, in this section admin can pay their driver partners as per daily and weekly basis. We have developed this section fully automated where admin don’t have to do anything manually.

Along with this, admin can check all CR and DR details just by single tab.


This section of panel helps admin to track their business performance. Here admin can track their business performance, growth chart and profit chart which help him to monitor his business easily. ‘

So these are the entire key feature which helps to run your business smoothly and successfully.

Our Taxi App Development Process

Here I will explain you our complete taxi app development process which we follow. This is help you to understand step by step guide of taxi app development.

So without wasting time, I come to the point.

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

This is starting step where we try to understand your unique business Idea and brainstorming to make it more specific and outstanding. Here we discuss about all the features which you required in your taxi app except its default features.


After understanding your requirement, we make a market research to analysis your competitors and business surface. It helps us to understand what is really requirement of your targeted audience and which features can we improve to make your business app more effective.

Design and Development

In this next our skilled taxi app developer start works on app designing and development. We works on cutting-edge latest technology to deliver you best solution.

Push Notification Integration

We integrate push notification feature in app to notify your derivers as well as passengers about new app services and offers.

Payment Gateway Integration

We integrate secure online payment gateway to offer you safe and secure online payment solution through multiple payment methods.

Reporting and Analytics Integration

We integrate reporting and analytics feature to analysis your business, tracking your drivers performance and many more deep knowledge. It also helps admin to make a decision on the basis of performance analysis.

Server Setup and Backup

We use dedicated server to host your taxi app solution so that you can offer lightening speed and better user experience to your passengers as well as drivers too.

Along with this, we setup your date back facility so that If you lost any data, you can recover it again. This is the last step which we perform as programming action.


After completing development process, testing comes as next. This is very important steps that make sure that there is not an issue in app. We take little time to testing every project before deliver. This is the reason we have 100% success ratio of delivering projects without an issue. We believe that never compromise with the quality.

Deploying the Taxi App

In this last step we launch your taxi on Play Store. Now you can promote your business and your passengers and drivers can download app from play store.

So these are step by step process of developing taxi application.


So If you have unique taxi business Idea then we are here to convert your ideas into a profitable business.

We are India’s no. 1 taxi app development company over the last few years. You can start your own taxi booking business at your areas with small investment and can make it a handsome source of Income.

For more details about taxi booking business, taxi app features, visit my blog or apply for a free live demo.

Here we will provide you live demo of our existing client so that you can understand all features.

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