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Access Banking Anywhere Using Ezulix Aadhaar Payment System

Banking is our core necessity, we need it a lot in our daily life. If you are living in an urban or metropolitan city then it is very easy to perform financial transactions. But If you belong to rural areas, it is comparatively hard to perform banking. Due to the lack of banking platforms, people in rural areas were unable to do banking before 2016. To resolve this problem, NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) and RBI (Reserve Bank of India) started Aadhaar payment system that brought the biggest change in Indian banking culture.

What is Aadhaar Payment System?

Aadhaar payment system is a banking module that allows to access banking anywhere in India using aadhaar card.

AEPS stands for aadhaar enabled payment system that allows all bank customers to use basic banking services using aadhaar card and finger print authentication. Aadhaar payment system was invented to reach banking advantage into rural and urban areas where people was unable to use banking services. Along with this, it also helps to create cashless society in India.

To explore banking services all our India, NPCI created a model where NBFC (non-banking financial company) work as banking service provider. NBFC are the companies or financial institutes that work as bank without having banking license.

These companies offer all banking services to the cusrtomer through multiple channels.

So if you are planning to start your own business, you can start your own non-banking financial company and can make it a handsome source of Income. It is also known as AEPS business.

To start AEPS business, you required an AEPS portal.

What is AEPS Portal?

AEPS portal is a software solution that allows you to offer all banking services. It is integrated with the AEPS API of any bank or maybe multiple banks through which you can offer AEPS service.

As I told you, to start AEPS business, you need a AEPS software solution.

There are many AEPS service provider company in India. But I would like to suggest you to choose best AEPS software.

Which is the Best AEPS Service Provider Company in India?

Ezulix software is an emerging AEPS portal development company in India. We are trusted AEPS service provider company by all top banks. Our skilled and experienced AEPS software developers team created highly secured, fully customizable and cost-effective AEPS portal with all new exciting and latest features.

By using our advanced AEPS portal, admin can create unlimited members and can earn desire profit. You can offer all latest banking services by using our AEPS portal.

  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Mini Statement
  • Balance Enquiry

These are all basic banking services that you can offer to your members. We provide you AEPS service through multiple banks.

  1. Yes Bank AEPS
  2. Fino Bank AEPS
  3. ICICI Bank AEPS

It helps you to offre seamless banking without any downtime.

Latest Features of Ezulix AEPS Portal that Stands Us in Market

Here we will discuss all advanced features and services of Ezulix AEPS portal that make us stand in market.

Along with basic banking services we offer additions advanced services that helps you to boost your AEPS transactions as well as customer base.

Aadhaar Pay

By using AEPS service, a bank customer can withdrawal up to 10,000 in a day.

Aadhaar pay allow bank customers to withdrawal up to 50,000 in a day from single bank account. We provide you aadhaar pay service through multiple banks.

Express Payout

Express payout feature allows all agents to take real-time settlement 24*7. Now agents don’t have to wait for settlement from AEPS wallet to bank account. Now they can take settlement anytime seamlessly. This is a great features that can help you to boost your business awareness in market.

Micro ATM

Micro ATM allows customers to use banking services through debit card. Now if any customer doesn’t has aadhaar card, he/she can also perform banking transactions using micro ATM through debit card.

Our advnaced micro ATM machine is integrated with add-on mPOS features. It means now your members can accept and withdrawal payment using same micro ATM machine.

So these are all the latest features that can help you to move ahead your business smoothly and successfully.

Earn Highest AEPS Commission with Ezulix AEPS

So in last paragraph we discussed about all banking services that you can offer to your mmebers and can earn commisson. As much as AEPS transactions take place, you will earn more commisssion.

By using Ezulix AEPS software, you can earn highest commission in the market that is offered by banks on NPCI guidelines.

NOTE*- There are few companies in India that offers high range of commission by avoiding NPCI guidelines. I would like to suggest you to be safe to all those companies. Don’t be greedy for commission, it may cost big for you and your business.

You can apply to check our AEPS commission structure here.


So here we learned what is aadhaar payment system and how you start your own non-banking financial company or AEPS business in India with a trusted AEPS service provider company.

Along with AEPS software portal, we provide you AEPS website, and integrated mobile application so that members in rural areas can easily offer banking services.

For more details about AEPS business, visit my website or apply for a free live demo.

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