software for money transfer business

Which is the Best Software for Money Transfer Business & Why?

software for money transfer business
software for money transfer business

Do you want to start your own money remittance agency & looking software for money transfer business?

If yes, then this article will help you to end your search. Here I will tell you which company offers the best software for the money transfer business. Also learn why this is the best software for the money transfer business.

So without wasting time, I come to the point.

Ezulix software is one of the best money transfer business software provider company in India. Learn why Ezulix is the best software for money transfer.

So these are some points which make it more special and useful for your money transfer business. Here we discuss all the points in detail so that you can understand these points completely.

Advanced Money Transfer Software with Unique Features

Software selection is a very important step which decides a big ratio of your business success. So if you are starting a money transfer business, you must choose the best software.

Ezulix offers the best all bank money transfer software in India. Our skilled and experienced professional team developed an advanced money transfer portal with unique features. Our new advanced portal fulfils all the aspects of your money transfer business. This is a real-time application that helps you to complete all your business needs.

By using its unique features you can boost your business sales and can monitor all the members at the same place. Our new portal is fully customized and based on latest technology. This is faster and user-friendly which helps you to work on it easily. Now you can use this software either you don’t belong to the technical background.

Our professional used critical coding to develop it which helps you in easy navigation. This means now you can understand it easily with normal training and can use it properly.

Offer Best Commission in the Market

When you offer a money transfer service to your customer, in return you earn small amount, called commission. Today most of the admins, pay attention on commission which is also important.

Ezulix money transfer software offers you the best commission in the market. You can start your own money transfer business with us and can earn the highest commission. When you start work as admin, we provide you a set amount of commission which is also based on transactions. You can set the commission of your team as per your choice.

There is a system through which you can set how much commission you want to share with your downline. You can distribute the commission to your downline as per their designation which is following.

  • Master Distributor
  • Distributor
  • Retailer

Whenever your retailer, distributor or master distributor offers money transfer service to any customer, you and your complete line earn the commission. To understand this concept you can directly contact our executives for a free live demo.

Money Transfer Service at Least Surcharge

Whenever you offer money transfer service to your customer, you have to pay a small set of an amount to your operator bank is call Surcharge. 

You must choose a software service that charges you the least surcharge so that you can earn maximum profit.

Ezulix money transfer online software provides you the best money transfer service at least surcharge. You can perform all the transactions all over India at least money transfer fees.

In short, we can say, by using Ezulix money transfer software, you can earn high profits.

Best Support Team

If we talk about the b2b industry, support is a very important factor. There are many companies that offer the best portal, highest commission and least surcharge but when it comes to supporting they are ZERO.

You must choose a software service provider that provides you best support with services. If we talk about b2b industry, you always need support from your service provider. You need timely settlements, you need help in technical issue, you need help in your customer’s issue, in short, you always need your service provider. So you must choose a service provider which provides you the best support service.

Ezulix money transfer software offers you the best money transfer service with excellent support service. Our support team always ready to swift reply and help you.

So this is the field which makes us more favorable and best in the market. We are known for our best service and excellent support all the time. We believe if you get success, you get popular, you get loved, we also get the same.

Manual Training Process

Most people think, who don’t belong to a technical background, how they will manage. By keeping this in mind, we developed a manual training process. In which we provide you a manual training so that you can completely understand the portal. This will help you to use it at an optimum level.

So you don’t need to be worried if you are new in the market. We offer you manual training of portal, you can take it twice or trice if you are unable to understand. In this training, we learn you every function of the portal, business structure, commission structure, everything which you required to run the business successfully.

Whenever we start a manual training process, we find growth up to 23% more people start a business from rural areas too. So this is a great initiate which is helping all the people who get worried about a new startup, due to lack of knowledge.

Create Unlimited Members

You can start work with us as admin using Ezulix money transfer software. As I told you, we provide you advanced money transfer software for money remittance business. By using it, you can create unlimited members all over India. It means you can boost your earning by Increasing the member list in your downlines. We can say, this is the great features that allow you to boost your earning hustle-free.


So here we learned, which is the best money transfer software for money remittance business and why you must choose Ezulix money transfer software for your business.

Ezulix software is the best b2b portal provider company in India. We provide you advanced b2b portal with Integrated service. Along with money transfer, you can offer AEPS service, bill payment service using the Ezulix portal and boost your earning as much as you want.

For more details about business and software visit my blog or directly contact our executives for a free live demo. On the occasion of Christmas, we are offering up to 20% flat discount on AEPS portal. Hurry up, don’t miss it.

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