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Demand for Money Transfer Software

Financial Technology Software is inherently difficult because it involves managing both the security of an application and the different security protocols used to communicate with bank APIs. We have years of experience working with bank-used payment utility APIs as well as money remittance and recharge APIs. Solutions for money transfers are created using banking APIs, which may process fund transfers through IMPS or NEFT.

Ezulix Software offers a fully supported solution for your money transfer business. The most cutting-edge money transfer software program for your business's international money transfer operations. An all-inclusive money transfer software for businesses and organizations of all sizes worldwide. With our assistance, you are all ready to launch your internet business with great success. We have a team of programmers on board who are ready to quickly implement your ideas for money transfer apps.

Assertive Features of Domestic Money Transfer Software

With Ezulix's money transfer software, transferring funds anywhere becomes easier. The transfer is rapid, easy, and secure and extends to a number of advantages it offers. Creating transfer applications for authorized money transfer businesses operating global agent networks enabling global banks, money transmitters, and payment service providers.

Rates of Exchange - Utilize sites like Google Finance,, Yahoo, and others to offer your consumers fixed and dynamic currency rates.

Limit on Transfers - Depending on the various transfer media, set your clients' maximum and minimum transfer restrictions.

Advance Contract - You can provide your clients the option to lock in a specific exchange rate for upcoming transfers using a forward contract.

Customer management is simple - With only a few clicks, you may send money to your clients and notify them when the transaction is successful.

Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering - Our software already has the necessary modules, so all you have to do is continue doing business.

Data Analytics Reporting - By clicking the report tab, you can access thorough reports on transactions and the agent.

Customize Your Tariffs - On a global or personal basis, users can customize commission schedules and currency rates.

Customer management is simple - In only a few clicks, you may send money to your clients and notify them when the transaction is successful thanks to direct customer registration.

Options for Flexible Payment - We have choices for PayPal, debit and credit card payments, bank transfers, and more to keep your payment options open.

Personalized User Interface for Various Roles - Each user has a unique interface that we've built in, allowing you to control who has access to what information and at what levels.

Web, tablet, and mobile access - The Money Transfer Application can be accessed by users on a computer, a mobile phone, or a tablet.

Checks for Linked Transactions - To make sure that transactions can be tracked and traced, each one must be connected to a sender or beneficiary.

How to Start Money Transfer Business in India?

This can be a fantastic business startup chance for you if you're seeking the best money transfer business software and want to launch your own online fund transfer agency. With Ezulix's cutting-edge money transfer online software, you may launch your own online fund transfer business and turn it into a lucrative source of income. We give you standard money transfer software that has the newest features. With us as Admin, you can launch your own money transfer business. You have the option to establish an unlimited number of approved money remittance agents throughout India in as follows:

Master Distributor
Why Choose Us?

Handling of Security Protocols - Using established, tested protocols for communication, adhering to coding standards, ensuring the highest possible level of transactional efficiency, and designing the core architecture to accommodate the traffic. We are aware of the requirements for producing stable applications.

Transactional Ethics - When crucial transactions like money transfers and mass uploads are completed, nothing can go wrong. A minimal minimum requirement is to have worked on such integration and maintain transactional integrity.

Mechanism for Reconciliation and Auditing - The main requirements of such systems include handling automated bulk uploads, cross-verifying transactions, and setting up reconciliation methods. We can provide the applications you demand because we have experience with audit requirements and auto-reconciliation functionality.

Dealing with Security - We are capable of delivering applications that are vulnerable and require external and internal security expertise, whether it's choosing and deploying the proper infrastructure that complies with security standards, handling security protocols to keep your data safe, or working with external experts for penetration testing.

Low Surcharge - To transfer money from one bank account to another bank account you have to pay a small piece of the amount which is known as a surcharge. By using our domestic money transfer software you can transfer money at the lowest surcharge in India. If we talk about international fund transfer it charges a low exchange rate across country lines.

What do we deliver?
Money Transfer Platform
Bill Payment Portal (BBPS Based)
Banking API Integration
Bulk Payment Systems
Maximum Uptime
Software Integration
IMPS/NEFT Based solution
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