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money transfer software

Money Transfer Software for Money Remittance Service


The money transfer software is real-time application allowing money transfer facility to any bank which is supporting IMPS or NEFT mode of transactions. It is comprehensive and fully featured application software that takes care of all aspects of your money transfer business. Our money transfer application software is fully safe and secure allowing easy money transfer service in one click. This money remit software provides you robust solution for your money remittance business. It would simplify your business process and daily operations to boost your business profit and visions.

The money transfer software and service provided by Ezulix Software for money remittance agents or business. It’s a b2b solution helpful for customers to transfer the fund easily and quickly. B2b money transfer software and application allows customer to transfer money in any bank quickly.

We Provide Money Transfer Service through Trusted Money Transfer API


Our company building secured money transferring software help for business owners to run their business without any trouble. You can feel assured about the money remittance service that we provide through the secure money transfer API. We understand the procedure of money transfer API and use them properly which is a help to building a simple platform for managing a professional business. We help you to succeed your money transfer business by offering the best and the most accurate money transfer software solution. We are the software company help you to build the best quality and featured money transfer software for your money transfer business need.

We provide the software that easily controls with web panel or mobile phone, it means all your business agents can use money transfer service through the web panel or mobile application to make money transaction in any bank through the process of IMPS or NEFT easily.

How Money Transfer Software Service Helpful for your business

This money transfer software allows admin to add any number of small money agents or partners and takes control through the admin panel. Create your own commission structure and enable your members.

We provide best solutions for money transfer in India. Our software application has the best that enables safe and secured money transfer transactions to any bank account. You can track the details of the beneficiary, look for transaction history and it also carries all the information regarding the sender and receiver name. The system is linked to SMS and email alert that gives you a message during transfer. You can check the transactions through the report system and monitor all the transactions of the user easily and quickly.

Our company provides the best software for money transfer service. Using this money transfer application, you can track the complete details of the beneficiary bank account, search for transaction history and it also keeps all the information regarding the sender and receiver name. We use high security and easy to use interface in our domestic money transfer software, so you can provide the best platform to your customers for instant money transfer service using your business money transfer solution

If you are looking for money transfer software with best money remit service, then we will help to provide the most competent, reliable and highly-secured software solution for a successful business.
We also provide industry best recharge software for client business along with integrated higher margin recharge API. Our software provides recharge facility on the web panel, mobile app and through offline SMS.