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AEPS App- Allow Easy Banking Service in Rural Areas

aeps app
aeps app

AEPS app is a mobile application solution that allows merchants to offer all basic banking services to customers using Aadhaar authentication. Here I will tell you how you can explore your AEPS business in rural areas by using AEPS app.

So keep tuning with me if you want to boost your business or planning to start your own bank mitra oriented aeps portal.

What is AEPS?

AEPS is known as Aadhaar enabled payment system. This is a bank-led model which is started by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) in 2016 so that everyone can use banking service which leads to financial inclusion.

In simple language, AEPS allows all bank customers to use basic banking services by using Aadhaar authentication. To use banking service, customers Aadhaar card must be linked with a primary bank account.

Customers can use basic banking services by visiting nearby BC (business correspondent). To use banking services, he just needs an Aadhaar card and fingerprint authentication through the AEPS machine or biometric machine.

Why AEPS App is Important to Explore Your AEPS Business?

AEPS service is most aggressively used especially in rural and semi-urban areas where people are unable to get banking services.

If we talk about stats, almost 74% of people belong to rural and semi-urban areas where people hardly used laptops or desktop.

So as an admin if you want to explore your AEPS business in these areas, you must allow your members to offer banking services through mobile using AEPS app of your brand.

Offering AEPS service using the mobile AEPS app is very easy. Merchants have to install AEPS app of your brand in mobile and externally linked with AEPS machine or biometric machine for fingerprint authentication. Merchants can start offering AEPS service after AEPS registration.

So in this manner you can cover a bigger audience because today most of the people use mobile instead of a laptop or desktop.

Which is the Best AEPS App Provider Company in India?

So If you are already in AEPS business or planning to start your own brand AEPS business?

I would like to suggest you choose the best AEPS service provider for your business.

Ezulix software is well known AEPS service provider company in the market. So you can choose us as AEPS service provider & can start your own brand AEPS business with our advanced AEPS portal.

Our experienced team recently updated AEPS software with advanced features. You can start your own brand business with us as admin & can create unlimited members. You can earn the highest commission by using our Ezulix AEPS portal.

We provide you website, AEPS portal, and mobile AEPS app linked with the portal so that you can boost your AEPS business easily. AEPS app helps you to explore your business visibility & presence online through the Play Store.

Which Services You Can Offer to Your Members Using Ezulix AEPS App?

By using our advanced AEPS app, you can offer all the following services to your members & can earn the highest commission.

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Cash Deposit
  • Mini Statement
  • Aadhaar Pay
  • Micro ATM
  • Aadhaar Pay

So you can offer all the services with 100% success ratio. You can boost your brand value in the market by offering multi-services through a single system. We entitled to provide you quality service & the best support so that you can explore your business easily.

What are the Benefits of Using Ezulix AEPS App?

  • Its interface is simple which make it easy to use for everyone
  • Secured AEPS API helps to make a safe online transaction
  • Members can offer AEPS service just by installing your brand mobile app
  • Admin can boost AEPS transactions by using advanced AEPS features
  • Admin can create unlimited members
  • We host your portal on a dedicated server which avoids interruption
  • Aadhaar Pay service allows your members to withdrawal more than 10,000
  • Admin can earn the highest commission
  • Admin can explore business visibility by launching AEPS app on Play Store
  • By using our Xpress Payout features, members can take real-time settlement any time
  • You can check complete transaction, members and commission details at the dashboard
  • Admin has complete control on the down-line
  • It is a fully customized panel, fast in use
  • You can offer AEPS service through 3 banks AEPS API
  • Members can start AEPS service through e-KYC
  • Our new video-KYC feature allows genuine members on your portal
  • Ezulix AEPS app allows all banks transaction service

So these all are the features which help you to run your business successfully.

Use New Micro ATM Option with Add-on mPOS Feature in Ezulix AEPS App

Recently we have added a new micro ATM option in the new AEPS app. By using this micro ATM feature, your members can offer cash withdrawal services through a debit card.

This is the latest feature we have added in our portal and AEPS app to boost your AEPS transactions.

Along with this, we offer advanced micro ATM machines with mPOS features. By using our new mATM machine, you can offer multi-service using this single machine. Now your members can offer micro ATM as well as mPOS features.


So here we learned what AEPS app is and how you can boost your AEPS business using Ezulix AEPS app. Along with this, we discussed the benefits of using AEPS app to explore AEPS business.

Ezulix software is a leading AEPS service provider company in India over the last few years. So If you are planning to start your own business or want to switch your AEPS business on to a profitable AEPS portal, start a business today with us & earn a high commission.

Along with cash withdrawal, you can offer the AEPS money transfer service by adding on money transfer software into this AEPS portal.

For more details visit my blog or apply for a free live demo.

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