AEPS Service – Overview of Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

aeps service

AEPS Service – Behind the Scene

The AEPS full form is an Aadhaar-enabled payment system. AEPS service allows all bank customers to use basic banking facilities by using Aadhaar card. This is also known as Aadhaar payment system which can be operated by a person whose Aadhaar card is linked to a bank account.

AEPS service was started in November 2010, but it gets the most popular after the digital India program that was launched by Indian prime minister Narendra Modi in July 2015.

The key motive behind starting AEPS service is to penetrate banking facilities into those areas where banks and ATMs were not available.

Due to the lack of a banking model, people were unaware of banking services as well as they are not getting government facilities. Along with this, a big part of the population was a part contributing to the economy.

To resolve this problem national payment corporation of India NPCI and the reserve bank of India started AePS service. By using AEPS service, people get enable to use banking services without going bank or ATM.

Not only in rural areas but in urban and semi-urban areas people are using AePS service for banking. If we talk about covid-19 crisis, according to the report, kirana stores witness 96% rise in AePS transaction volume during the lockdown.

Along with helping in banking, AePS banking service is generating employment facilities in India in huge amounts. Anyone can start their own mini-banking business by using AePS software and can make 6 figure income.

Best AEPS Service Provider Company in India

There are many AePS service provider companies in India but Ezulix software is one of the best for the AePS admin business. We have a huge team of skilled and highly qualified professionals who are experts in developing advanced payment solutions.

To provide a one-stop banking solution, we have developed an advanced AePS portal integrated with multiple bank AEPS APIs.

By using our AePS portal, the admin can provide AePS service through multiple banks which are the following.

  • Yes Bank AEPS
  • Paytm Bank AEPS

So admin can provide Aadhaar payment service using 3 banks and can earn a commission. If in case any bank goes down, the admin can change it through the API switching facility. This is the reason the Ezulix AePS portal success ratio is 99.7%.

Our b2b admin portal is fully customized, highly secured, and based on cutting-edge technology. Easy navigation and unique design attract more members.

We provide you with lifetime free technical support so that you can easily run your business. In case of any AePS issue, you can submit your query through the ticket system that is resolved in 24-48 hours.

Along with this, you can add on an unlimited offline service to your panel and can attract more members.

This is last but not least, recently we have updated AePS commission as the highest in the market based on NPCI norms. So this is a great opportunity for you to start AePS business with Ezulix as admin and make it a handsome source of Income.

Complete Aadhaar Enabled Payment Sytem (AEPS) Service Lists

By using Ezulix AePS portal, you can provide all AePS services to your members and can maximize your income. By using AePS software, the admin can provide all the following services-

aeps cash withdrawal

AEPS Cash Withdrawal

The first and most used service is AePS cash withdrawal. A customer whose bank account is linked with Aadhaar card, can withdraw money using the AePS service.

By using 12 digital unique identity numbers, a bank customer can withdraw an amount from the bank account without going bank or ATM. He/she can withdraw money from any bank account using AePS.

AEPS withdrawal limit in a day is 10,000/- rupees. A customer can withdraw it in maximum 5 transactions.

In this withdrawal process, the amount is transferred from the customer’s bank account to the retailer’s AepS wallet and he/she provides cash to the customer. In return, retailers earn the commission that distributes in complete upline.

Cash Deposit

By using our AePS portal, you can provide a cash deposit service to your members and can earn a commission. Earlier we used aadhaar-based cash deposit system but in the updated AePS admin panel, we are offering cash deposit service on OTP based system.

AEPS Balance Enquiry

AEPS balance inquiry allows customers to check available account balances. This service is completely free that can help retailers to attract more customers. We can also call it a value-based service.

Mini Statement

We all are very familiar with the mini statement but here we will get it using Aadhaar card. A bank customer can check the last 10 banking transaction reports.

Recently we have updated AePS commission for the mini statement service that you can check out by directly contacting our executive at this number. +91 7230086664

Aadhaar Pay

Although we know by using AePS service, a bank customer can withdraw 10,000/- rupees in a day. But in case if any customer need more than 10K then what to do?

In this situation, aadhaar pay helps. By using aadhaar pay service, a bank customer can withdraw more than 10k rupees in a day.

We provide Aadhaar pay service at the lowest surcharge in the market.

AEPS Payout

Payout is the process of settlement from AePS wallet to the bank account. By using Ezulix AePS payout, members can take 24*7 real-time settlement in a bank account.

In AePS payout, members can take settlement in one account and have to pay a little surcharge. Member can settle 2 lac rupees in a day and have to pay 5 rupees surcharge.

Express Payout

By using our express payout service, members can take settlement 24*7 in AePS wallet to their bank account. In AePS wallet, they can take settlement in one account while in the express wallet, they can take settlements in multiple accounts.

In express payout, members can settle 50K in one shot and have to pay 10 rupees surcharge. Members can also use this service for money transfers and can transfer money at a lower surcharge.

mATM with mPOS Service

We provide you updated mATM machine integrated with mPOS service. This means now your members can take use mATM as well as mPOS in a single device.

The commission structure is the same in mATM like AePS. By using mATM, retailers can accept payments, withdraw payments, and balance inquiries through a debit card like traditional ATMs.

Along with this, now you can also use mPOS features in new mATM machines which can boost your profit.

UPI Collection (UPI POS)

By using UPI collection or UPI PoS service, members can accept payment through QR code and UPI address and can earn a commission. First time in banking, you can earn a commission by accepting payments using a QR code.

By using UPI collection service, you can accept a maximum of 1000 rupees from one UPI address.

So these are all the aeps services that you can offer to your members as an admin and can earn a commission.


So here we learned what is aeps service and who is the best AEPS service provider in India. Along with this, we discussed which aeps service you can offer to your members by using Ezulix AePS portal.

For more details about AePS service visit us now or apply for a free live demo.

Along with AePS, you can add-on utility bill payment, mobile recharge software, money transfer, pan card, travel, and many more b2b services in your portal and can maximize your income anytime.

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