ezulix bank mitra

How Do I Get Bank Mitra Oriented AEPS Portal?

ezulix bank mitra

Bank Mitra Oriented AEPS Portal at Lowest Investment

So If you are looking for an AEPS company that offers the best bank Mitra oriented AEPS portal at the lowest price then this article is for you.

Here I will tell you how can you get start your own b2b AEPSportal with advanced features at a nominal price. Create unlimited mini banks all over India using b2b admin portal and earn the highest commission.

So without wasting time, I come to the point.

You are here in this article, which means you are well known about b2b fintech industry.

Am I right?

Even though I will try you recall everything so that you can understand this article completely. Along with this, I will give you a pro-tip at last to boost your AEPS transaction.

So keep tuning with me till the end.

What is Bank Mitra?

Bank Mitra or mini bank is a common service point that provides all basic banking services and earns a commission on each and every transaction. This is a small form of the bank that provide a limited range of banking services. Most of the retail shoppers and small business owner’s start providing mini bank services to boost their incomes.

What is Standard B2B AEPS Portal?

B2B AEPSportal is a software solution that allows providing all basic banking services to bank Mitra or mini bank. Anyone can start his own brand b2b admin portal and can make it a handsome source of Income.

There are two types of AEPS software.

First is white label aeps software that is not standard software. In short, you can’t make any changes in this software solution. Along with this, you can add on any b2b service in this software solution while you super admin doesn’t add-on service in the panel.

Standard b2b AEPS portal is a fully customizable AEPS software. You can make any changes as per your requirement. Along with this, you can add on multiple b2b services like mobile recharge, utility bill payment and money transfer. You can also add multiple bank AEPS services by integrating AEPS API in standard software.

Which Company Offers No 1 AEPS Software to Create Unlimited Bank Mitra?

So If you are planning to start your own b2b AEPS business and looking for the best AEPS service provider company in India then this is for you.

Keep reading this article If you are looking for a featured AEPS software with all bank AEPS services and the lowest price.

Ezulix software is a well-known name in the fintech industry over the last few years. We provide you fully customizable standard b2b AEPS portal for based on the latest technology and market trends.

You can offer all bank AEPS services to your bank Mitras by using our aeps software and can earn attractive services.

Along with this, we facilitate you manual training and lifetime free technical support. It will help you to run your business smoothly and successfully.

Our commission structure is based on NPCI guidelines. It is high and genuine. We are a direct partner with banks and no third party involve between us. This is the reason we are the top AEPS service provider in India since 2015.

We have integrated trusted AEPS API in this software solution so that you can perform banking transactions smoothly and securely.

You can create unlimited bank Mitra all over India and can provide them with all bank aeps services like-

These are all services that you can provide to your members and can earn commission on each and every transaction.

Along with this, you can provide 24*7 real-time settlement facilities to your bank Mitras by using our Express Payout feature.

You can operate our mATM machine with your brand mobile application and can perform transactions. The commission structure is quite similar to the AEPS service.


So here we learned what is bank Mitra oriented b2b AEPS portal and which company offers the best AEPS software.

For more details about AEPS software, AEPS business visits my website or apply for a free live demo so that you can understand our portal and its services. Don’t worry, it is totally free, you just have to tap on the free live demo and fill the form. Our executives contact you within 24 hours.

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