AEPS portal

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AEPS portal
AEPS portal
  • What is AEPS Portal?
  • What are the Features of AEPS Portal?
  • What is Payout System?
  • What is Micro ATM Feature?
  • Why Ezulix AEPS Best for Your AEPS Business?
  • How to Start AEPS Business with Ezulix AEPS?

AEPS stands for the Aadhaar enabled payment system. This is the new age of payment in which a bank customer whose bank account is linked with an Aadhaar card can use basic banking activities like cash deposit, mini statement, fund transfer, balance inquiry, and most importantly cash withdrawal.

AEPS service leads and supports a cashless society all over India. This service started in November 2010 and is supported by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India). There are many places where banks are unable to reach. The main aim behind the AEPS service is to reach banking service to those people so that they can use banking service and can get the advantage of It. You can start your own AEPS (mini banking) business using the AEPS portal.

What is AEPS Portal?

AEPS portal is a software solution integrated with AEPS API. AEPS portal provides you with the facility to offer AEPS service to your customers. This is a customized software solution, which facilitates all AEPS services like fund transfer, cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, and cash deposit and mini statement.

By using the AEPS portal, you can start your own AEPS business. As I told you this is a web & mobile software solution integrated with the AEPS API of any bank. You can offer AEPS service by using It.

To offer an AEPS service, you have to use your Aadhaar card number and biometric machine for fingerprint authentication. This biometric machine is linked with the AEPS portal through your system or mobile.

What are the Features of the AEPS Portal?

Here we will discuss the features of the AEPS Portal. You must consider that your AEPS portal consists of all the features.

  • Bank customers can use basic banking services using an Aadhaar card
  • Safe & secure transactions under NPCI
  • No need to visit the bank or ATM for banking services
  • People from rural areas connecting with banks
  • You can use the banking service anytime (not depending on bank hours)
  • To use AEPS, the only information required is an Aadhaar card number, bank name & fingerprint authentication
  • Fastest cashless transaction service
  • Interoperable across all the banks
  • No need to stand in bank queues
  • It also helps in government schemes
  • Easy to use
  • No need of remembering PIN or OTP
  • Shopkeepers can also use it to accept payments
  • AEPS helps banks to Increase users
  • Helping to create a cashless society all over Indi

What is AEPS Payout System?

To understand the logic of payout, first, we have to discuss the process of AEPS.

So without wasting time, I come to the point.

Suppose you are an Admin and you have 100 members in your down line as master distributor, distributor, and retailer. You and all your members have 2 wallets, one is the main wallet and another is the AEPS wallet.

Members can use the main wallet to use the penal service whereas the AEPS wallet is used for the AEPS service. Some time ago, members had to request the admin for settlement AEPS amount into the bank account, and the admin forward this request to the company. That was a time consuming and long process.

To eliminate this process, our skilled and experienced professionally developed a payout system, in which now members can directly settle the amount into the main bank account 24*7 using the Express payout service.

So we can say, this is a great feature which provides amazing facilities to members. You can use payout features by using Ezulix AEPS Portal.

What is AEPS Micro ATM Feature?

Micro ATM is quite similar to AEPS service. As in AEPS service, you have to use your Aadhaar card number and fingerprint authentication, in a micro ATM, your customer can withdraw money using debit cards.

This is also a great feature that helps you to boost your business sales and market. Now you can offer more service to your customers can earn the maximum profit.

Our new micro ATM machine is fully updated with mPOS features in which you can use all micro ATM features as well as mPOS features in the upcoming days.

Why Ezulix AEPS for Your AEPS Business?

Ezulix software is one of the best AEPS service provider companies in India over the last few years. This is the reason today we have thousands of potential customers who is working with us happily.

We provide you advanced AEPS portal with unique features. Our new advanced AEPS portal is fully customized and based on the latest technology. You can easily use our AEPS portal without any technical background. Our professional’s team used critical coding to make it user-friendly and smooth.

Ezulix AEPS portal is fast and provides a safe and secure transaction service under the surveillance of RBI and NPCI. Our new portal is integrated with Yes Bank AEPS API which is the best AEPS API solution at the right time in India.

Along with this, in our new panel, you can offer AEPS service through Yes bank, ICICI Bank, and Fino bank AEPS API. It helps you to avoid downtime in the AEPS service. In case if any bank’s server goes down, you can switch the AEPS service to another bank and can provide smooth and fast AEPS service all the time.

Along with this, we provide you with unique features like payout and micro ATM, and Xpress payout which help you to boost your business sales and service range. Now you can earn more profit by offering more services to your customers.

How to Start AEPS Business with Ezulix AEPS Portal?

You can start your own AEPS business with the best AEPS service Provider Company in India. You can start your own AEPS business with us as Admin. We provide you with the standard portal and you can create an unlimited member in your downline as master distributor, distributor, and retailer.

We provide you stander web & mobile applications integrated with the AEPS portal. You can offer all AEPS services to your members by using the AEPS portal and whenever your members did any transaction, you and your member earn the commission.

All the banks provide different commissions on transactions. We provide you the best commission with effective customer service.

So why are you waiting for?

Apply for a free LIVE DEMO and start work with Ezulix AEPS Portal.


So here we discussed what is AEPS portal and its features and how can you start your own AEPS business with the Ezulix AEPS portal.

Along with AEPS, you can offer mobile recharge, money transfer, online bill payment, and mPOS services to your customers using the Ezulix portal.

For more details visit my blog or apply for a free live demo now and get exciting offers.

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