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What is B2B Recharge Software?

A Business Business Recharge Software (B2B Multi-Recharge Software) is a mobile recharge software solution designed specifically for admins. An Admin is a central authority that creates a down-line of people who provide mobile recharge services to the end users (mobile/broadband users).

This down-line network requires a central authority that provides a Software solution and takes care of the payment and recharge success. Ezulix provides this Admin Software and helps you set up a downline network.


How You Can Make a Business with Our B2B Multi Recharge Software?

We provide the Best Multi Recharge Software Development that helps you recharge multiple broadbands with one solution! With our Recharge Admin Software, you can become a Recharge Admin in just 3 simple steps as follows

Get Mobile Recharge Software from Us

Connect with us and get your B2B Recharge Software. Our recharge software developer will help you get registered as an admin and will provide you with your login credentials. This way you can access the admin dashboard.

Create Your Network of Mobile Recharge Providers

Now start creating your own network of mobile recharge providers for broadband users. You will now help them register and will provide them with their login ID and credentials. You can access their activities transparently.

Start Earning Commissions

Now every time your down-liner recharges any device using any of the broadband services, you will get notified and will also receive a good commission. All you have to do is to monitor the transactions and ensure seamless mobile recharge services.

Services We Provide in Our Mobile Recharge B2B Software

We are a full-service Recharge Software Development Company and we have prepared a terrific solution that combines 5 types of Recharge services in one software!

Pre-Paid Mobile Recharge

Through our Recharge Software, we help the admins provide prepaid mobile recharge for all different broadbands. Admins can earn a commission on each transaction.

Post-Paid Mobile Recharge

As a comprehensive Recharge Software Provider, we have also embedded a post-paid mobile recharge or bill payment feature. The admins can help the downliners to provide bill payment services.

Landline Recharge

In our mobile recharge B2B software, we have also catered to the need of landline recharge services through software. With this multi-recharge software, the admin can also host landline recharge.

Data Card Recharge

We are a Multi Recharge Software Provider and we help admins host not only mobile and landline recharge services, rather data card recharge is also a highlighted feature.

DTH Recharge

When all types of mobile recharge are taking place through a single software, then why leave DTH Recharge services? Host DTH Recharge services as an admin with our Multi Recharge Software.

Features We Provide in Our Recharge Admin Software

Becoming a FinTech was never this easy! Our B2B Mobile Recharge Software has multiple benefits for the admins

Robust Admin Panel

We provide such a robust admin panel for the mobile recharge software that is simple to interact with and easy to manage. Furthermore, our Admin side features are completely admin-centric and provide a transparent view of each transaction by each downliner.

Multi-Recharge Facility

For five problems, we provide one solution! With a single mobile recharge software, admins can host 5 different types of recharge. Furthermore, admins can host a recharge facility for any broadband through a single software and so can their downliners!

Simple UI/UX

Although providing multi-recharge services through a single software, our Recharge Software Developers ensure a simple-to-impact User Interface for both the admins as well as the downliners. So that, multi-recharge can be effortless.

Transparent Transactions

Admins can have multiple downliners. However, admins can access the transactions of each downliner individually through our admin panel. In this way, no downliner can conduct any unfair transaction and the admin will receive a sure commission on each transaction.

Secure Payment Gateways

Our software developers are completely trained in developing strongly encrypted and highly cybersecure software solutions. We provide secure payment gateway integration duly protected against malware. So admins can enjoy seamless financial transactions.

Highly Compatible

Our software developers have designed the software in a way that it is highly compatible with most of the operating systems and smart devices. The software has a responsive design and it runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and even Android and iOS.

Why Choose Ezulix for Mobile Recharge Software Development?

There are many B2B Mobile Recharge Software Development Companies. However, our Mobile Recharge Software Development is a unique process through which we ensure that the admin gets a seamless experience.

Admin-Centric Approach

We follow an admin-centric approach to the Recharge Admin Software development process. Our multi-recharge software is fully customizable and easy to interact with for the admin and his downliners.

Smoothly-Functioning Software

However, we have combined 5 types of recharge services in a single software solution, and we have still ensured that our software runs seamlessly on every device with robust coding and programming.

Payment Gateway of Your Choice

Being a custom software development company, we integrate a payment gateway of your choice to the Multi-Recharge Software. So whichever you find better, choose it and let us integrate the same.

24*7 Technical Support

To make the admin’s experience hassle-free, we also provide 24*7 hour technical support to the admin and his downliners. So, the admins, his downliners, and the customers can experience uninterrupted services.

Lifetime Software Maintenance

Technology is dynamic and changes and upgrades rapidly. Therefore, we provide lifetime Recharge software maintenance and upgrades to keep the admin compatible throughout the work span.

Customized Approach

Our Multi-Recharge Software is ready to use, but, it does not imply that it lacks customization. If you want only selected features or wish to add some more features in your ‘version’, then we will do it!

Need More Information?
Let’s Connect!

Excited to become a FinTech? So we are to support you with our top-notch B2B Recharge Software! If you need any further information and clarity over our multi-recharge software development services or want to understand this business model further, just give us a call. Our dedicated developers team will guide you further on this!

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Hire the Best Mobile Recharge B2B Software Developer!

Ready to become an admin and implement our multi-recharge B2B software? Hire the Best Mobile Recharge Software developer team from us today, and get your specific multi-recharge software with the payment gateway of your choice!

Well, in general, the multi-recharge software development process takes 6-8 months project duration. However, Ezulix provides you with ready-to-use Multi-Recharge Software that does not require development duration.
The Multi-Recharge Software Development Cost may vary from ₹35,000 to ₹50,000 depending upon the software complexities and the number of features you need for the software.
Yes, we provide complete multi-recharge software maintenance services that include technical support and regular software upgrades.
For multi-recharge software, we provide technical support services like troubleshooting addressing, software updates, and 24*7 hour live support.
Multi-recharge software eradicates the requirement of using multiple platforms for different broadband recharge. With multi-recharge B2B software, the admin can host multiple recharges for multiple people through a single portal. Thus, it reduces the burden by half.
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