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10 Steps to Start a Profitable AEPS Business: #7 is Crucial

how to start aeps business with Ezulix Software

As soon as India is moving towards digitalization, the AEPS business is spreading simultaneously. Not only in rural areas but also it is growing exponentially in semi-rural and urban areas. The main reason behind the growth of AEPS is the easiest, fastest, and most secure payment method. This is India’s most popular and fast-growing digital payment method over the years.

AEPS stands for Aadhaar-enabled payment system that is started and regulated by NPCI. This payment system allows all banking customers to use banking services through an Aadhaar card. To perform AEPS transactions, a customer’s bank account must be linked with an Aadhaar card.

By using Aadhaar banking, a customer can perform cash deposits, cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, and mini statements. Bank customers can withdraw up to 10,000/- by using an Aadhaar card in a day. If any customer wants to withdraw more, he/she can use the Aadhaar pay service through which they can withdraw up to the maximum limit that his bank offers.

In case any customer forgets their Aadhaar card, they can use a debit card to perform transactions using a micro ATM.

So we can say AEPS is a one-stop solution for all basic banking transactions. This is the reason why today youngsters, college pass-outs, and new entrepreneurs are showing interest in starting AEPS businesses in India.

In this article, I will tell you the top 5 essential steps to start a profitable AEPS business in India. So keep tuning me till the end.

From Idea to Enterprise: Launching Your AEPS Business

In this section, I will give you detailed information to start a profitable AEPS business in India. This section will make it easy to start and run a successful AEPS business in India.

Market Research

To start an AEPS business, the first thing that you require is AEPS software. There are a number of AEPS service provider companies in India. So the first step that you have to follow is market research. You must do market research online and offline to find out the best service provider for your business. As you know AEPS is a service-type business and If you are in the service industry, your service provider must be the best in the industry.

There are a few steps you can follow to do market research.

  • Do online research, go to Google and search best AEPS portal for admin
  • Wrote down the top 5 companies listed on the Google search page
  • Call them, ask about clients, and inquiry about service
  • Talk to clients and get reviews about services
  • Check customer reviews on the website

Regulatory Compliance

Launching AEPS business in India is an exciting venture, but navigating the regulatory landscape is essential to ensure a smooth legal operation. Before offering AEPS service, you must obtain the necessary licenses and authorizations. It consists-

  1. Company Name Registration
  2. Get GST Number
  3. Get PAN Number
  4. KYC Norms
  5. Data Security & Privacy Measures
  6. Reporting & Auditing
  7. AML & CTF Measures
  8. Agent Network Compliance

So these are all points you must consider under regulatory compliance.

Business Plan Development

To start an AEPS admin business, you must prepare a solid business plan before starting. Remember-

“Not Creating a Plan for Business, is Plan for Failure”

Your plan should outline your mission, vision, financial projections, target market analysis, and marketing strategy. Your business plan should provide a roadmap for scaling your operations, setting clear objectives, and ensuring financial sustainability.

Technology and Infrastructure

Technology and infrastructure are the backbone of AEPS business. This includes hardware, software, network connectivity, and physical facilities needed to operate efficiently. You must invest in a secure server like a dedicated server, biometric devices, and reliable internet connectivity. Choosing a robust AEPS software solution is crucial for transaction processing, data security, and customer management.

In short, you need the best technology and infrastructure to win the market and make a brand.

Partnerships and Tie-ups

If you are starting an AEPS business as an admin, it is very important for you to partner with banks and AEPS service providers. In the AEPS system, you can integrate multiple bank AEPS services. You should always be updated with the market and trends. Integrating multiple bank AEPS API can provide you the facility to never down AEPS service which helps to build your brand value.

You can tie up with multiple AEPS API service providers as well as banks directly If you have a flow of transactions. Because banks have criteria to provide service directly to AEPS admins.

Training and Skill Development

Training and skill development is a vital component in launching a successful AEPS b2b business. You must choose an AEPS company that provides training to your team and explain all services, features, and operation of the AEPS portal.  You must make sure your team is well-trained in handling all operations, regulatory compliances, and customer queries.

I would suggest you examine your team and make sure they are well-educated about your business services as well as operations.

Marketing and Customer Acquisition

Marketing and customer acquisition strategies are crucial for the growth and success of AEPS agency. After starting the firm, you need customers so it is essential to create a plan first for how will you get the business. To gain and retain customers, you need to create a targeted marketing plan that includes digital as well as traditional methods. You can take the help of digital marketing to create your online presence and generate business leads.

Transaction Process and Security Measures

As an admin, it is essential for you to make sure safe and secure transaction process path. Detail the step-by-step transactional process, from customer enrollment to AEPS transaction, ensuring clarity for both customers and agents.

Emphasize the use of biometric authentication and secure encryption protocols to safeguard sensitive Aadhaar and financial data.

Customer Support

Customer support is the cornerstone of AEPS business. It provides assistance addresses the queries of members and provides them solutions. Your support team must be well-skilled to understand and resolve customer’s inquiries. You can use multiple channels to handle support systems like email, Chatbot, mobile phone, and messenger applications. A good support system always helps to elevate your brand value in the market.

Scaling Your Business

Scaling your AEPS business is a pivotal phase for your long-term business growth. As your operation matures, Identify opportunities for expansion, whether by entering in new region effectively or by offering other multiple services like money transfer, mobile recharge, bill payment, etc. Continuously monitor performance, conduct market research, and adapt your strategy to changing customer needs and emerging trends.

Choose Best AEPS Service Provider Company for Your Business

Ezulix Software has been a leading AEPS software development company in India since 2018. The huge team of skilled and experienced professionals has delivered more than 2500+ AEPS portals for AEPS business startups. Our latest AI smart AEPS admin portal is the fastest, highly secured, and equipped with super advanced features that make your work automatic and smooth. Now we are the only company in India that is offering a 100% success ratio on all AEPS transactions with the highest commission in the market (According to NPCI norms). You can check out more Ezulix AEPS features here.


So here I am wrapping up this article. I hope now you have understood, how you can start a successful AEPS business with India’s top (NO 1 AEPS Company) service provider and can make it a huge source of Income. For more informative articles, keep visiting our blog and If you want to learn more about our AEPS panel practically, you can apply for a free live demo.

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