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Fintech APIs

Around the world, cloud services are becoming more popular. The transition from traditional IT infrastructure to software-as-a-service is a key factor in this (SaaS). In actuality, 58% of the world's population uses cloud services, and this trend will persist, resulting in increased adoption of FinTech solutions. FinTech is a sector that has experienced remarkable growth in recent years and has a promising future. Let’s look at a few APIs that we specialize in:


Aadhar Enabled Payment System is a digital payment method that has received official approval. National Payment Corporation of India is the creator of AePS in India. Using their Aadhaar card and biometric authentication, users of this system can conduct financial transactions. With its cutting-edge goods and services, Ezulix is the top AePS API provider company in India. Since the majority of banks and ATMs are found in both urban and rural locations, we are well-positioned to provide financial services to the rural population. People can get a cash withdrawal option through AePS.

We may state that this system is the safest payment option available because it does not require an account number and only operates after biometric identification & Aadhaar number. We are the ideal option for you if you want to become an AePS API merchant and are searching for the most reputable AePS API provider firm. We offer maximum security, the best IT support, and quick response times for AePS API integration. We give you the built-in software you need to launch your company with your own name and logo and begin making money by providing AePS API services.


The Bharat Bill Payment System API is offered by Ezulix Software with 24-hour auto-billing. The National Payments Corporation of India, a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), operates the Bharat Bill Payment System (NPCI). It is an integrated bill payment system in India that provides customers with interoperable and accessible bill payment services through a network of agents of registered members as Agent Institutions. It also supports multiple payment methods, offers instant payment confirmation, and offers interoperable and accessible recurring payment services to all customers throughout India with certainty, dependability, and safety of transactions.

The Bharat Bill Payment System offers a variety of payment options and immediate payment confirmation through SMS or a receipt marked with the Be-assured emblem. It provides one-stop access to recurring payments of all kinds, including those for utilities, telephone, DTH, gas, water, insurance premiums, loan repayments, cable, FASTag recharge, tuition, credit card, municipal taxes, mutual subscription fees, housing societies, and more. To assist customers with any bill-related issues, BBPS has also put in place an efficient system for processing customer complaints. Ezulix is claimed to be the most trustworthy brand among Indian BBPS API providers.

Multi-Recharge API

Ezulix provides the most dependable, secure, and rapidly expanding mobile recharge API provider in India. The term "API interface" stands for "Application Programming Interface," which is a convention designed to be used as a communication channel between two or more programming applications. We deliver one of the top Multi Recharge API solutions now offered in the recharging solutions market. We are the most trustworthy brand among Indian Recharge API providers. We offer incredibly cost-effective Recharge API alternatives that are also advantageous while maintaining the highest levels of effectiveness. We make every attempt to implement the newest technology developments, which always elevates our Recharge API solutions above the competition.


We offer Domestic Money Transfer (DMT), which gives consumers a quick, simple, secure, and straightforward way to send money to banks. Our money transfer system is the culmination of more than five years of continuous research. With the help of our DMT Service, you can use NEFT and IMPS in 400+ banks. Our services are readily available at our locations and widely dispersed throughout various urban neighborhoods. Domestic Money Transfer API is a fantastic option for website owners, SMEs, and any other company to make extra money.

PAN Verification API

For entities and organizations that are subject to regulation, PAN verification via API is crucial. It can effectively complete the verification procedure if it has relevant information. The Income Tax Department had given organizations the go-ahead to present an online PAN confirmation API system that would enable organizations to verify PAN data. We are recognized for providing recharge, money transfer, and PAN verification API in India.

UPI Collection API Icon
UPI Collection API

Our UPI Collection API integration process is very simple and developer friendly for 3rd party applications. We use no lengthy codes to integrate. No need for multiple wallets for different services. Our single wallet system is a bouquet of flowers for different services. The security of user data is our highest priority. We provide Java and Oracle-based API solutions build in different layers which give high security.

Bus Booking API

Your travel business can streamline its procedures and improve daily operations by integrating with our API. It is simple to launch a travel website or simply a booking gateway. However, if you truly want to make it work so that customers can actually book bus tickets, you must obtain the bus booking API integration services for bus booking from the right vendors. These service providers assist in ensuring that your website functions as you want it to and in accordance with your needs. These service providers are expanding as well in response to the rising demand. As a result, if you intend to launch a website related to travel, be sure to look into API integration services beforehand.

Flight Booking API

Ezulix Software is one of the top, most well-known flight API suppliers in India, enabling travel agents by giving tour operators, B2B travel agents, online travel agencies, travel management organizations, and destination management firms throughout the global travel technology solutions. Integration of the flight API links all significant airlines with travel agencies. The Flight API will assist travel agents in expanding their global reach, selling a sizable amount of flight inventory, and boosting profits.

Hotel Booking API

Ezulix provides a web service called Hotel API that allows users to search for and book hotels online. By controlling prices, availability, and the variety of accommodations, these hotel APIs enable you to give consumers the best choices for their perfect stay in a certain city. To enhance the customer experience, it will be implemented on your individual travel website and integrated with a number of payment channels. Another name for hotel API is hotel booking API.

Aadhar Verification API

Any company, financial institution, or other body must use the Aadhaar verification API to assess the reliability of their clients. The Aadhar card serves as every citizen of India's official identification. You may quickly and safely verify your clients with the use of Ezulix’s online Aadhaar verification resource. Aadhaar cards, which are issued by the Indian government, include your Full Name, Address, Mobile Number, and other details that could be used to verify your identity.

Payout API

Merchants may effortlessly settle payments to various bank accounts using the Payout API from Ezulix Software. Real-time Transaction reports are available to merchants. For adding beneficiaries, payout processing, and payout inquiry, Ezulix Payout includes 3 All-Inclusive APIs. Simple API integration provides businesses with a comprehensive payout solution for partners, clients, and suppliers. Multichannel payment partners have choices with the Payout API.

Cibil Score API

Real estate owners, landlords, property agents, and other small business professionals can connect with the CIBIL score API provider to obtain the API if they want to access the credit scores of their clients. It will make it easier to easily view the credit report in digital format. Lenders, those wishing to rent out space, and others can all benefit from the tailored solutions this API can offer. It facilitates exchanging reports with others and gaining access to them.

Voter ID Verification

The Election Commission of India (EPIC) issues voter identification cards, also known as Electors Photo Identity Cards to all of its adult residents. The Voter ID card is used by many companies and financial organizations to verify the names, ages, and addresses of their clients. You may get the necessary information from the voter ID and perform a trustworthy verification of it with the aid of Ezulix’s Voter ID Verification API.

Vehicle RC Verification API

The registered mobile number of a vehicle owner in the RTO database can be updated using the RC Detail Update API. We are a company that specializes in providing RTO update APIs and we provide capabilities to update your RC and RTO Mobile number in RTO Database records. For people who constantly change their cell numbers or have many mobile numbers, this service is incredibly helpful. The most crucial advantage of our API is it saves time and effort.


mPOS is a known mobile point of sale system which is an arrangement of software and hardware. This is an electronic device used by traders for transactions in regular business activities. mPOS system is going to be a basic component in industries just because of its online transaction function. The mPOS API is mostly used in retail shops where customers like to perform transactions through Credit or Debit cards. This is basically used in retail shops, grocery, and food and beverage businesses.

Passport Verification API

Customers of many financial institutions and businesses must have their passports identified. You can do this thanks to Ezulix's Passport Verification API, which is dependable and easy to use. This will enable you to assess the customer's credibility and aid in the prevention of fraud. Some businesses and organizations can verify the legitimacy of their clients using online Passport verification API solutions in a safe and efficient manner. To execute this transaction, we merely require the customer's properly chosen credentials.

Driving License Verification API

Our driving license verification API is very helpful to the public. By uploading the 15-digit number from the driving license, you can utilize our driving license API to authenticate the onboarding users. The user's driving license number will be entered into the API, and the data will be verified with government assistance. Upon successful verification, it will give you access to the verification information as well as the user's name, photo, date of birth, address, and authorized car. The API speeds up and increases the security of the verification process. Additionally, it will make it possible for you to onboard people fast and efficiently while also removing any potential for fraud of any type.

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