10 Questions to Ask Your Best Aeps Service Provider

10 questions to ask to your best aeps service provider

Asking questions always helps you to remove your doubts and understand thing better. To keep this mind, today I am here with top 10 essential questions. You can ask these questions to your best Aeps Service Provider & rate their potential.

In previous blog I have explained you top 10 Aeps service provider company list. This blog will help you how to choose best Aeps Company among those.

So without wasting time, I come to the point.

Here is top 10 question that you must ask to your best Aeps service provider before choosing.

1. How Secure is Your System?

Aadhaar enabled payment system (Aeps) is an online cashless payment system that helps you to use banking through Aadhaar.  Although this system relates to banking, secure becomes a very big factor. You must ask Aeps Software Company that how secure is your system. Ask them which security parameter you follow to make secure your system.

Make sure Aeps System must be highly secured. It must have protect your money as well as customers data.

2. What’s Your Approach to Innovation?

Innovation is the way to success in the age of technology. So you must ask to your Aeps software provider what is their future strategy regarding new innovation. You can ask which technology they are using and how it will help your business to ahead in the market. You can consult related to new upcoming features like Chat Bot, Ai and what is their planning about all these thing to grow your business.

3. Do You Comply with Regulation?

This is one of the must ask question to your Aeps provider company. You can make sure they are NPCI registered company and following all government regulations. You must be satisfied that your services provider is completely legal and ready with all legal documentation.

4. How User-Friendly Are Your Services and Panel?

You can ask this question to make sure that you are comfortable to use their Aeps admin panel. Clear navigations, easy to use services, and features always helps you to make things better. You can also take free live demo of panel so that you can understand everything with ease.

5. What’s Your Customer Support Like?

This is the services industry and you always needs after service support. You should ask about all support channel which they offer. It can be either mail support only or they assist you on call or ticket system. This knowledge will clear your mind to get resolve your issue smoothly and successfully. You can also ask buffer time to resolve any issue for ex. 24 hour to 48 hours etc.

6. Can You Scale Service According to Business Needs?

If you are starting business, it means you are looking for long term, right? If you Aeps service panel not allows you to business scaling then it is totally waste. So don’t forget to ask to your Aeps b2b company that either you can scale your service according to business needs or not.

You must be clear about that you can add-on multiple services to your Aeps admin portal easily by integrating Aeps APIs.

7. How Do You Handle Data Analytics?

When you start work as an admin in Aeps industry and create your member, they go through eKYC process. For this they have to submit legal documents for their real identity. Along with this, when they perform Aeps Transactions, all data saved in central system that your service provider hold.

You must ask about this data handling and processing.

8. What’s Your Track Record of Reliability?

In this you can ask about establish year of their company, how much staff they have, how many projects they have delivered etc. You can also enquire about how many projects are currently working. All these questions will ensure you about their working ability. You can also ask them to average delivery time of Aeps admin software.

9. How You Can Help Us as Suppose We are Beginner?

This is another very good question that you can ask.  As we know b2b Fintech industry is growing very fast and new people are planning to make their career in this through a Start-up. In this case, it must essential to ask your Aeps service provider that how they can help you initially to setup from zero.

Either they provide any training about their Aeps b2b panel or they provide any tutorial or manual to operate.

So It would be great If you can get manual training to their team. It will help you to understand everything seamlessly.

10. What is Your Aeps Commission?

This is the last but not the least. At first, you must research on how much is NPCI offering Aeps commission and then compare to your service provider. I have seen many time, people enrolled with companies for high commission and they have to suffer later.

If you Aeps service provider company is genuine and offering your best services, it will definitely push your business upwards. While If you prefer higher commission and avoid service, quality and support, I guarantied you can work with them in long-term.

So you can ask how much commission they are offering you and analyse is there is there any fishy.


So these are top 10 question that you can ask to your best Aeps service provider when you are planning to start Aeps business.

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I hope this piece of content will help you to choose a right Aeps Software provider company for your business.

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