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Awards and Recognition

4.8 / 5.0 by 450+ customers for 600+ Web and Mobile App Development Projects.

Consider yourself a normal person searching for a new home for your family. Which action will you take first? You can either find highly regarded real estate apps or search for listings on Google. This is where people get stuck in picking up the best of all. Before getting more deeply into the real estate industry, let us first know what does real-estate actually meant. Real estate is a type of property that includes both unimproved land and improvements including buildings, furnishings, roads, buildings, and utility systems. Ownership of the land, improvements and natural resources like minerals, plants, animals, water, etc. is conferred by property rights.

The rise of e-commerce and m-commerce has altered the commercial scene for real estate. The real estate industry is included in this group. The majority of real estate and property companies have changed how they operate in order to market to the millions of potential customers who are looking for their dream homes, lovely offices, and ideal workspace. We have embraced the newest technological advancements in real estate and provided all property owners and home builders with the most in-demand solutions.

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Challenges faced by Real-Estate Industry Nowadays

Adaptability Challenge

Customers lack the confidence and certainty that they will obtain the ideal property of their dreams because there are fewer eligible buyers in the internet real estate market. They are hesitant to make purchases online and hardly ever locate a website with a positive user experience (UX).

Greater Consumer Education

Customers seek a less stressful experience and prefer to book apartments without standing in line. Before buying the property, they want to pre-register and learn more. Everyone in the industry seeks a speedy selling experience with excellent outcomes.

Changes in New Technology

Customers want to experience the true sense of the house or property they see online on the website because everything is becoming more brilliant these days. These demographic changes, tastes, and technological advancements impact online real estate.

An Increase in Operating Costs

Government rules unintentionally increase the criteria and restrictions lenders, appraisers, brokers, and developers must follow to improve customer service.

At this stage, we work with our magic touch & excellence. The custom real estate mobile apps and web portals we design and create at Ezulix Software entice potential consumers with an interactive and captivating user experience. Mortgage conversion, intelligent property search and sorting, property sharing, real-time chat with a broker, and many more cutting-edge features are likely to close the transaction quickly. We provide outstanding property management options for real estate firms or realtors. We provide unique real estate mobile apps that streamline lead generation, lead management, and lead conversion processes. We merely provide real estate solutions that are profitable for both clients and real estate firms.

Solutions that We Offer:
1. Employee Tracking Software

In order to manage end-to-end service operations and choose the most effective route to achieve high operational efficiency, optimize revenue, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction, Ezulix Software offers a comprehensive, cloud-based, and highly personalized employee tracking software solution. This helps companies to track their field managers effectively.


Despite the size and industry, every business prioritizes its most precious asset: its personnel. As a result, a human resources department exists in every kind of organization. Hiring, training, and managing the workforce have all seen significant changes in the modern era because of the development of HRMS software. The software's solution is offered by Ezulix Software, a firm that develops HR software and maintains all pertinent data to provide quick and simple access to any piece of data from any location at any time.

3. Real Estate Mobile App

You can get a cutting-edge mobile app from our real estate app developers that partially automate the real estate industry. You may convert the lead with little effort because of its features like 3-D virtual property tours, actual photographs, and videos, geo-locations, etc.

4. Real Estate Website

Utilize the simplicity of real estate websites to assist your customers. With powerful big data management, Power BI analytics, and AI-powered data insights, we create and design unique real estate websites for agencies, realtors, and businesses with the highest business growth.

5. Property Management System Development

We work with you to create custom property management software from the ground up. You have total control over your property information on your internet portals thanks to this software. Additionally, it provides remote shared workflow features and cloud-based interoperability.

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