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.NET Icon

It is now quicker, safer, and generally simpler than ever to upgrade to the .NET Framework. All versions of Visual Studio are supported by the.NET Framework, which is especially useful if you're working with others. With capabilities like generics, asynchronous programming, dynamic language support, strong file validation, and complete support for creating Windows Store apps, you can build applications in languages like C# and Visual Basic. Microsoft aggressively promotes the .NET framework and provides updates very frequently. Additionally, this implies that Microsoft will provide you with frequent bug patches and security upgrades. The best and highest performing dot net development services are offered to developers by dot net frameworks and tools. The.NET framework's most recent improvements offer a fantastic user experience with greater dependability and performance. A cross-platform framework that works with all kinds of systems can be made using .NET. The benefit of DOT Net is that it functions on all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. The fact that C# is the only language included with .NET Core makes it simple for developers to learn and use a single language base across many settings. With .NET Core, you'll have more access to the code than ever before, enabling you to produce apps of higher quality more quickly and with fewer errors.

PHP Icon

Almost all operating systems, including Windows, Unix, Linux, etc., support PHP. On any platform, sophisticated PHP applications are easily deployable. There is no requirement to rebuild it, and it may be readily integrated with other apps and data. Using the PHP Hyper Preprocessor script, which a team of PHP developers created and maintains, provides another advantage. This fosters the development of a welcoming neighborhood and a new library. To increase app usage, numerous developers worked on the app during this time. The majority of defects are found over time, and a team of developers promptly fixes them. PHP is totally free because it is an open-source web language. With several databases, including Apache, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, it can function well. It makes data communication secure and is simply linked to the database. The PHP framework is primarily used to simplify and automate the coding of online applications. A distinct module file is made easier by MVC design. PHP gives the website builder more flexibility than other languages. Some programming languages are overridden by lengthy, sophisticated texts, but PHP is not one of those languages. Additionally, PHP supports tags, so website developers can combine and add HTML tags to the material to give it more authority. PHP works with the majority of applications. It can operate without issue on a variety of platforms, including Linux, Solaris, and UNIX.

Javascript Icon

A programming language called JavaScript was developed to satisfy the demands of the internet's ever-changing environment. Since its conception, it has risen in acceptance and usefulness, expanding beyond web development. JavaScripts can be used to develop a variety of software, including games, computer programs, online applications, and even blockchain technology. However, it may be said that JavaScript is the most widely used programming language for the web. Since JavaScript runs on the user's browser rather than an external device, it is referred to as a client-side scripting language. MySQL, a server-side language that manages all database requests, is an illustration of a language that is not client-side. JavaScript also does not require that anything be downloaded to the user's devices, as modern browsers have the required software integrated into them. Because of this, JavaScript is significantly easier to learn than certain other languages. Additionally, JavaScript makes it the most visible leader in web development technology, according to Ezulix. The enhanced interaction and functionalities that JavaScript for Front-End provides only enhance web development. Websites and web applications are comparable, but web applications are packaged neatly within a box, improving control over security and other factors. Modern web browsers have advanced significantly; strong games that run in a browser are now even made by Java Script developers. Today, JavaScript is so reliable that the back ends of websites and web applications can even be managed using it.

ReactJS Icon

It is a fantastic JavaScript framework that has greatly streamlined the development process. Additionally, it offers adequate interfaces for quality-assured ReactJS apps. ReactJS is regarded as a highly sought-after substitute for creating user-friendly and incredibly appealing websites and applications because it offers developers a variety of opportunities to express their creativity. It adds interactivity to the design of any UI and is quite easy to use. Additionally, it enables quick and high-quality application development, saving time for both clients and developers. Significant data changes are made possible via ReactJS, which causes selected user interface elements to change automatically. You don't need to undertake any additional tasks to update your user interface because of its progressive functionality. Developers are free to use the reusable components it offers to build new applications. The usage of a robust JavaScript and HTML grammar blend streamlines the entire process of writing code for the intended project. ReactJS is the ideal fusion of HTML elements and JavaScript. Dealing with a sizable collection of data within the document object model is made simple by the use of HTML elements and JS codes. After extensive investigation and development by Facebook, React JS was released. It stands out from the competition and enables designers to create outstanding, search-engine-optimized user interfaces for all browsers and engines.

Node JS Icon
Node Js

JavaScript code can be run in the back end using the NodeJS runtime environment. In brief, one of the key advantages of Node.js is the ability to develop servers using the programming language, whereas standard JavaScript normally operates in the browser context. Our experts can assist you with code reviews, scaling, identifying performance-related problems, and putting common web development best practices or outsourced NodeJS development services into practice. As part of our NodeJS development services, we continue to create lightweight, adaptive, and high-performance applications. We are professionals in Node.js software development thanks to our years of experience. With our cutting-edge NodeJS solutions, we create strategies and present fresh business chances to create reliable and successful apps. We include Node.js to apply interactive and visual design concepts on websites and web apps in order to give users a satisfying and seamless experience. Our team may make adjustments and add specialized features in accordance with your project's needs. You can enhance your NodeJS-based product with Ezulix or integrate it with other tools and technologies. By creating APIs to improve functionality, our NodeJS development team will assist you in finding the best solution. We employ NodeJS technology as a Node JS web development firm to quickly create safe, usable API from scratch. We assist companies at every level of the software development process while supplying efficient and tastefully created solutions to enhance your regular commercial operations.

AngularJS Icon

Popular open-source web and mobile software development are AngularJS. Google and a development community both support it. It's now one of the most effective JS frameworks for web development. You might be curious as to why AngularJS web app development is so commonplace today. Model-View-Controller architecture, two-way data binding, directives, pattern recognition, and JS community are all included in this technology. HTML is used by developers to create dynamic content with Angular software. They don't have to keep adding new code for synchronization. Using AngularJS technology, application development is a full-fledged framework with a variety of functionalities. Despite not being the most user-friendly framework, the outcome is worth the time and money you put into it. It would be risky for Google, Microsoft, Gmail, and Forbes to endorse the framework. The use of AngularJS development is growing. In this regard, we consider it to be a wise decision for both business and development. Ezulix provides efficient and beautifully crafted solutions to enhance your regular business operations while guiding enterprises through every stage of software development. Businesses that are highly specialized need specialized features and components that are specifically customized to their goals and objectives. Due to its many functionalities, AngularJS is a great option for creating on-demand applications. Our AngularJS developers can create video-streaming apps that provide incredibly contemporary and seamless experiences to the end users because of their stable, extendable, and powerful capabilities.

Java Icon

Java software tools and technologies that are scalable, safe, and optimized are provided by Ezulix's java development services. When optimizing Java software, we consider all facets of the many program components, including architecture, design, database schema, code, and other crucial factors like execution time, memory usage, disc space, and bandwidth. To build dynamic and static websites, content management systems, server/client portals, and high-performance online applications, we integrate Java with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Using Java Servlets, JavaServer Pages, and JavaServer Faces, as well as APIs for automated messaging, XML processing, and streamlined database communication, we create dynamic online content with responsive UI and changeable themes. We create dependable IoT and mobile applications for Android gadgets. We integrate social media plugins, adaptive UI/UX, custom widgets, enterprise mobility, mobile payment processing, and location-based services.

Additionally, we use Google Play's Developer, Remote Display, Game Manager, and Android Pay APIs. We successfully upgrade several projects by replacing outdated frameworks with new, contemporary Java versions, libraries, and tools. We are experts in application modernization and comprehensive end-to-end migration for various applications. We create Java software that is reliable for corporate operations, scalable, and secure. We build distributed and multi-tiered systems, corporate portals, CRM, inventory management, content management, asset management, business rules/process management tools, and other B2B and B2C programming solutions.

MySQL Icon

A popular open-source database for web-based applications is MySQL. The main database used by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Yahoo! is MySQL. For its dependable and secure database administration solution, MySQL is well-known. Top websites and companies like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Twitter, etc. use it. For web portals that handle sensitive and private user information, it offers exceptionally high-level data security. Smaller footprints can also be used to easily grow performance even when the data amount is enormous. A fantastic quality that enables the customization of online portals and e-commerce websites for certain businesses is flexibility. When selected, MySQL provides a distinctive and streamlined storage engine framework, making it easier for administrators to configure the database. MySQL is the finest database server to pick among the available options for websites that require constant uptime. The finest database engine for transactional support is MySQL, which offers top-notch and reliable transactional support. Along with row-level locking characteristics, it excels at supporting durable, isolated, and multi-version transactions. Data integrity can thus be appropriately assured. Whether MySQL is being utilized on a platform powered by Linux, Unix, Windows, or Macintosh has no bearing on this. It is a comprehensive solution that can be accessed on any operating system thanks to the self-management features. An excellent technique to cut costs is MySQL. This database provides outstanding troubleshooting tools that also maintain an online portal's efficiency.

HTML 5 Icon

Our professionals configure unique software development solutions using best-in-class development processes and design schemas while creating enterprise-class web services and web app solutions using HTML5. Our on-demand developers produce structured layouts with flexible images, media querying strategies, multimedia plugins, and other app features for HTML coding for desktop and mobile apps for custom graphic design and 3D animation creation. In order to create dynamic, responsive HTML5 applications and HTML website structures, we change code from legacy platforms like Flash. Our clients get more adaptable, flexible, and versatile software that is tailored to their needs by utilizing our coding and adaptive rendering skills. We distribute inventive HTML5 programs with a forward-facing design fit for any enterprise-class clientele. Additionally, we are now able to use APIs to set up and include pre-existing third-party payment gateways and other applications. Our HTML5 mobile application software solutions configure native, hybrid, and online apps with responsive design features for all mobile screens, such as smartphones and tablets. Our on-demand programming team can construct cross-platform apps utilizing HTML5 and link them with frameworks like jQuery, CSS3, and WebAPI thanks to mobile app development frameworks. Our team of on-demand engineers creates responsive and durable desktop and mobile games with HTML5 audio and video integration. These games, which alter an organization's current software for entertaining UI/UX, include blackjack, poker, fantasy sports, solitaire, and lottery systems.

CSS3 Icon

One of the top CSS3 development firms is Ezulix Software. Hire our designers and developers to transform a basic website into a visually appealing, original, and dynamic work using CSS3. People use CSS to give their Web pages style and look. The most recent version, CSS3, contains many new features and updates that enable websites to function smoothly across various devices. People can use them more easily as well. As CSS3 experts, we know this new language's significance and its numerous advantages for you. When it comes to CSS3 Web Development, we excel at offering a comprehensive range of services that increase a website's productivity, enhance its brand image, increase visitor appeal, and facilitate user interaction across a wide range of devices. We offer CSS3 web design and development services that involve building responsive, mobile-first websites that work on various devices. A website that offers a good user experience, comprehensive features, and optimized Google page performance might be yours. Our services ensure that your website will work properly on all popular desktop and mobile devices, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. We build custom CSS, ensure the client's website loads quickly, comply with all industry requirements, and promote ongoing business expansion.

C# Icon

Ezulix provides remote C sharp programming language creation and modification services to support and grow IT organizations around the globe. Our team of qualified experts offers on-demand application assistance for C# frameworks, tools, and technologies. We create specialized teams to help startups, small-medium businesses, and enterprise-sized companies modify and integrate C#-written applications. We provide skilled and competent C Sharp programmers, framework developers, architects, and consultants to support the IT team and department. We set up Visual Studio and the ASP.NET Framework to work together throughout the development and updating of C#-based software for clients and server-side applications. C # libraries and tools improve dynamic websites and applications. We create hybrid and cross-platform C# mobile apps. We configure wireframing, UI design, database architecture, and business logic implementation as part of our all-inclusive c# mobile app development process. Software applications debugging, testing and deployment are scaled using native APIs with third-party interfaces. We use Windows Forms and Presentation Foundation to generate and render customized GUI designs. When extending the development IT team for software updates either on-premises or in the cloud, C sharp is used as a language connector that connects multiple database systems like Microsoft Azure and MySQL. Our IT teams collaborate with cross-platform framework companies like Visual Studios and ASP.NET to make changes to their social networking apps and develop C# social profile adjustments.

C++ Icon

The C++ developers at Ezulix have years of experience creating operating systems, games, applications, and web browsers. We provide support for functional, object-oriented, and procedural programming styles. Creating data-driven video game programming for platforms including social media, casinos, and VR/AR/MR. Our C++ game developers have years of experience working with designers, client/server and P2P networking, asynchronous programming, managing persistent worlds, and utilizing well-known game engines like Unreal and Unity. We also incorporate standard components like leaderboards and multiplayer features into Android games using Google's Play Games C++ API. In addition to native API programming for system utilities, communication, browsing, multimedia, data management, and enterprise-level solutions, the developers also create cross-platform apps. Engineering of mobile applications and widgets that control displays, links to social media, animate common UI features, and incorporate common app store features like payment processing for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. We procedurally program server-side systems such as operating system kernels, network management, backup and recovery, virtual machines, security architecture, automated processes, virtual memory, and database interactions using C++ and its low-level precursor, C. To increase data integrity, security, processing speed, and IT support, we integrate mission-critical systems into a company's current infrastructure. To ensure that your application functions as intended and is scalable to meet future needs, our skilled QA team is skilled in all testing types, including Functional Testing, Unit Testing, Performance Testing, Integration Testing, and much more.

SQL Server Icon
SQL Server

By implementing linkages between tables to reduce redundancies, our document and deployment process develops solid schemas and automation jobs and normalizes data design models. We ensure that configurations of transactions match atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability standards by developing simple importing, exporting, and moving data solutions by specifying integrity restrictions and establishing data properties for character strings, time stamps, and numeric data. We use binary and Unicode characters to manage and set up large, scalable databases. Ezulix adopts and implements backup and disaster recovery solutions to reduce data loss due to human error and system failures. Our tactics comprise creating authentication and authorization protocols to configure log replication, shipping, and availability. Best practices for principals, permissions, firewalls, encryptions, and schema ownership are implemented. This enables us to create database system safeguards against unauthorized access, attack probes, malicious coding, and SQL injections. We ensure optimum performance in our database architecture when distributing software updates and assessing hardware system requirements like latency, memory, and CPU consumption. We can fix de-normalized tables and boost referential integrity by disassembling database schemas. The benefits of our database tuning configuration include examining system requirements, standards, and viability. Our improved SQL query syntax facilitates quick indexing-based data handling. We also identify and clear database locks and stalled processes to ensure concurrent data.

Android Icon

Android is now more than simply an operating system. Because of its enormous popularity and availability across platforms, it has evolved into a way of life. You will likely discover the Android operating system on whichever gadgets you use. The end-users positive experiences with it are what makes it acceptable. The Android operating system is also entirely configurable and exceedingly user-friendly. These characteristics fuel its global astronomical popularity. We are a top provider of Android app development services, empowering companies to use the mobile operating system to connect clients across platforms more quickly, profit from the flexibility, implement increased security features, and boost ROI. HTML, JavaScript, and other web technologies are all areas of expertise for our Android developers. We assist in developing native apps that take advantage of the Android OS-supported built-in features of devices to provide rich user experiences. In creating unique mCommerce and eCommerce apps, we integrate international online payment technology with multilingual and multi-currency payment solutions. We assist you in combining efficient payment processors that deliver seamless transactions. Our developers allow companies to create unique, enterprise-grade Android apps that are mobile-optimized and power a connected workforce with numerous security and thorough management layers across various devices. Our expert-level developers contribute to creating Android solutions tailored for particular sectors and devices, including POS, wearable technology, AR-VR/MR, and AI/ML, among others.

Firebase Icon

A fantastic choice provided by Firebase is the ability to get started without spending any money, which is one of the reasons it is so well-liked. The database read and write restrictions are very forgiving. A good alternative for application development is Firebase, which can significantly shorten the time it takes for apps to be released. As a result, it offers various ready-to-use services, saving developers the time and effort of writing boilerplate code, developing new processes, and building a backend from scratch. Firebase's top-notch SDKs, thorough documentation, and active community make it easy for front-end developers to integrate it into their codebases. Firebase has tools for building, releasing, and monitoring applications and covers the complete application development lifecycle.

Additionally, it offers capabilities to engage users and keep them using it as the last stage of the application development cycle: Google, one of the most well-known and reputable brands in the IT industry, powers Firebase. Firebase has undergone numerous modifications and advancements since its acquisition, becoming the dependable platform it is now. It makes use of multiple Google services as well as the power of Google Cloud. Firebase delays the date when the development of an application is expected to be completed by reducing the requirement to write boilerplate backend code. Firebase simplifies and lowers the cost of application development. An ML kit from Firebase includes functionalities like text recognition, face detection, image labeling, barcode scanning, and more that are readily accessible APIs for various mobile platforms.

Python Icon

Ezulix Software, one of the leading development companies, uses our business's top engineers and Python-certified professionals to support the scaling of IT departments with regression implementation support. We alter If-And-Of statements to set up block analysis utilizing the business source database for linear regression and multi-liner regressions. To ensure variables correspond to the desired object, we offer on-demand game regression analysis in Python. Modification and custom development validation are guaranteed by our meticulous quality assurance (QA) & software testing analysis. We put Python machine learning techniques into practice, such as k-means clustering, decision trees for classification, and logistic and linear regression. We design Python neural networks for the forward and backward propagation of AI computations using natural language. We provide unique Python GUI components for online apps and pages, such as restaurant menus, buttons, check boxes, and multimedia visuals. All Python widgets are created with advanced management systems and geometrical capabilities. We offer Python web service development solutions, including cloud apps maintained on the Google Cloud Platform, content management systems, dynamic websites with custom animation, and enterprise apps enhanced with data. Data processing, data wrangling, data visualization, and object-relational mapping are all included in our engineering of big data solutions. We put into practice and roll out cloud-based server modifications as database backup and recovery options. We create console, mobile, desktop, VR/AR, and web games using the Python game development framework. Python is used to create unique simulations, architectures, and images. We add flexibility to existing software by modifying Python gaming engines.

Photoshop Icon

Photoshop is a raster graphics editor. It is produced for Windows and macOS by Adobe Inc. Users can develop and improve photos and images with its assistance. Photoshop has evolved into the industry standard for graphic designers, digital artists, and web designers since its introduction in 1990. Even if there are many speedier tools available now for web designers, they can only compare to Photoshop's flexibility and one-stop shopping impact. It is constructive in producing stunning logos. Experimenting with color, forms, and typography aids our web designers. Photoshop offers more possibilities and versatility than any other application for making logos. With the use of technology, we can create visually appealing banners. Editors can change the color of photos, add or remove parts from the banner, and trim the banner into various sizes and shapes. The best tool to utilize when trying to produce pixel-perfect designs is Photoshop. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are all languages that front-end developers use to code. However, some front-end developers can also work as full stack developers and write code in backend languages like PHP and MySQL. When a website is wireframed, the client and other parties are informed about how different features and functions will work once it is live. Typically composed of blocks of text and objects, wireframes are simple to create with Photoshop.

Figma Icon

Figma is a cutting-edge design tool that simplifies and streamlines the developer handoff procedure. Developers may now extract data on font, redlines, colors, measurement, and more thanks to improved access to the designs. Regarding functionality and features, Figma is a cloud-based design application similar to Sketch but with significant variations that make Figma superior for team collaboration. Using Figma, team designers may discuss their work on a wide screen, document comments, and address problems during design reviews. Sketch does not support this type of real-time feedback since it requires team input to be uploaded to a cloud server. When looking at a design file, developers can use Figma to examine code snippets in CSS, iOS, or Android formats on any selected frame or object. Any developer who can view a file can inspect its design elements. The information can be obtained without the usage of a third-party tool. Even so, teams can fully integrate Figma with Zeplin if they want to do more than use CSS for display and simple measurement. Prototyping is believed to be one of Figma's most important features. With it, our designers can perform a variety of capabilities, such as move-in and move-out animations, animate properties, overlays, and so forth. The intriguing part is that you can present the prototype using your smartphone, provided you have the Figma Mirror app installed. Figma is a fantastic and highly recommended tool for graphic and motion designers.

Adobe XD Icon
Adobe XD

Adobe created the vector-based design tool Adobe XD specifically for UI/UX design. One of the top tools for User Experience (UX) design, it revolutionized the field with its seamless prototyping capabilities. Users of the Adobe XD tool can add audio to projects using Audio Playback and make Anchor Links for easy navigation. The platform's capacity to produce prototypes that enable immersive experiences and offer smooth user interfaces is built upon Adobe XD capabilities. With the help of the XD Cloud Content APIs, designers can link XD prototypes and design specifications to Jira issues, keeping projects organized and giving developers access to everything they require in a familiar setting. A competent and committed team of UI/UX designers work closely on your project at Ezulix Software to produce great user interfaces that generate significant revenue. Our UI/UX developers at our web design firm have years of experience providing UI UX designing services. You may hire UI UX designers here, from simple websites to creating monolithic, multi-tier, and microservice architecture-based mobile and online applications. The design will come to life once the layout is developed and interactions and relationships between pages are included. Transitioning from design to prototype is straightforward, thanks to Adobe XD's built-in Prototype mode.

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