Creating , Empowering , and Uplifting Aspiring FinTech Stars!

Our suite of FinTech Software transforms various complex financial transactions into digital payments. The purpose of our FinTech Software is to create, empower, and uplift numerous aspiring business minds that aspire to shine in the FinTech Industry.

Our Fintech Software Suite provides a ready-to-deploy business start-up idea to the ones who are ready to start a business that we call an Admin. So, begin your enthralling journey to becoming the next FinTech Star today and explore our wide range of APIs.

A B2B FinTech Software that Has Multi-Level Benefits

Our B2B FinTech Software is more focused on serving the admins, but it does not imply that the benefits of our B2B FinTech Software are limited to the admins. Rather, we are a FinTech Software Development company that created this software suite with a vision to serve the entire society. Here is how we benefit all.

Benefits the Admin

The admins are those who wish to provide all the above-listed 6 services through a single software solution. All the above services belong to the FinTech Category. In this way, our FinTech Software suite helps form great FinTech businesses. Also, with a simple commission-based revenue system, the admin gets multiple streams of income.

Benefits the Middle-Men

Middle-men in this business model are the merchants and retailers who take login IDs from the admin and implement one, two, or maybe more services at their store. They are the retailers who are tech-savvy enough to conduct online transactions on behalf of the user. This way, the retailers get more foot traffic to their stores.

Benefits the Public

Simultaneously, the public living in rural, underserved, and remote areas and the people lacking computer literacy also drive benefits. They no longer have to stand in long queues or travel thousands of miles away from their homes to pay their utility bill, get a mobile recharge, or transfer money to their relatives.

In this way, Ezulix stands out among other Fintech Software Development Companies. While other FinTech developers focus more on developing Fintech Application Development that generates quick revenues only for the business owner. We at Ezulix, create value and foster society by enhancing technology and FinTech services accessible to all.

Incredible Features of Our Innovative FinTech Software

So, how our FinTech Software is innovative and different from the other robust FinTech solutions of Fintech Software Development Companies? Check out the exciting features of our FinTech Software

Our Solution is B2B

Our FinTech Software Suite serves business-to-business purposes. We empower aspiring FinTech businesses to live their dream through the right B2B Fintech Admin Panel that provides access to multiple FinTech services.

Combines the Power
of 6 Different Services

We are the only Fintech Software Development Company providing 6 different types of APIs including AePS, PAN Verification, Mobile Recharge, BBPS, Online Travel booking, and Banking APIs in a single software suite. This way, we are unlocking multiple business opportunities and revenue streams for the admin.

A FinTech Software
Which is Customizable

Our FinTech Software suite is fully customizable. And if you wish to use 2 or more APIs (and not all) as a services provider, you can. For example, suppose you wish to provide only AePS, PAN Verification, and Online Money Transfer as an admin, not using the other 3 APIs, you can! Moreover, you can choose to provide as many services as you wish.

A Scalable B2B
Fintech Software Service

Our transparent and data-driven B2B Fintech Admin Panel allows the admin to keep a close sight of all the transactions. The admin can easily track the number of transactions and check the revenues coming from the commission. Making business goals and revenue targets scalable, our software suite provides insightful data analytics and reports.

An Experience As
Smooth as a FinTech APP

Our software suite has an engaging and easy-to-use UI/UX. Our team of FinTech developers are ambidextrous in FinTech App Development and Software Development skills. So, we also act as a Fintech App Development Company. We have combined our skills and expertise in this software suite, and while using this software suite, you will get an app-like easy and friendly user experience.

Strongly Encrypted Security

We have also taken care of cybersecurity in our comprehensive solution. Financial transaction data, Adhar information, and banking details of a customer are very sensitive. Cybercriminals are always active in fooling the innocent public with malicious techniques. But our Software is completely malware-proof and strongly encrypted. Our data security policies are completely in compliance with the bare minimum.

Interactive and Transparent
Admin Dashboards

Our B2B Admin Portal is completely transparent and interactive. The admin will get access to every transaction, data insights, and revenue report. Furthermore, the admin will also receive payment status information for every transaction. In this way, we ensure transparency in admin dashboards and assure high payment success rates.

Here is Our Amazing Suite of FinTech Software that makes Your FinTech Business Dreams Come True

Have you ever thought of starting a business that provides AePS, Pan Verification, Online Money Transfer, Utility Bill Payment, and Mobile Recharge through a single online portal? Sounds impossible? Well, we are Ezulix, and to convert impossibilities into opportunities is what we do!

We have developed FinTech Software that combines all these diverse transactions into a single software solution. And you as a business, can earn with rewarding commissions. Here is a quick overview of our B2B Fintech Software.

Comprehensive AePS Software Development

We are a FinTech software development company pioneering AePS software solutions. However, AePS software is only one of our software suites. Aspiring FinTech businesses who want to start AePS business to make banking facilities accessible to PAN India through Adhaar can benefit from our AePS B2B Software.

What is AePS?

AePS stands for Adhar Enabled Payment System. It is a kind of banking feature that allows people to withdraw cash through their Adharcard. The Indian government endorses this scheme and enables people living in remote and underserved areas to access banking facilities. We provide a B2B Aeps Admin Panel development to those who wish to start spreading and deploying this business model at multiple levels.

Multi-Platform Mobile Recharge Software

The rural, underserved, and semi-urban population in India still rely upon offline mobile recharge facilities. Only the metro cities are well-versed with online mobile recharge. However, the physical stores of mobile recharge services are bound to use multiple software and varying websites and portals for different broadband recharges. But our FinTech Software portal will allow them to recharge multiple broadbands through a single platform.

What is Mobile Recharge Software?

Mobile Recharge Software helps the service provider to recharge different broadband brands through a single portal. We provide a B2B Multi Recharge Admin Panel that allows the admin to deploy multi-recharge software at multiple levels.

Hassle-Free Online Money Transfer Software

As a FinTech Software Admin, you can also convince small retailers and merchants to offer banking services like cash withdrawal, money transfers (domestic), balance enquiry and many other banking services in local areas. As an admin, you will have a complete access to every transaction through our comprehensive B2B Money Transfer Software portal. Multiple retailers, agents, and merchants will provide services under your name.

Transfer Money Online Like a Bank for Your Customers!

Our Money Transfer Business Software allows the admin (aspiring business) to provide access to different merchants and retailers. The admin becomes the central authority and governing force. Then the admin can oversee that every partner agent executes his duties fairly. It helps domestic money transfers to people deprived of online banking knowledge.

Bharat Bill Payment System Software (BBPS Software)

Utility bills like electricity bills, water bills, gas pipeline bills etc. are easy to pay online. However, not everyone is capable of exploiting online services. And you as a business mind can exploit this opportunity. With our Utility Bill Payment Software, you as an admin can create a chain of agents providing utility bill payment services and can earn commission from multiple sources.

Become a Part of the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) With Our BBPS Software.

Baharat Bill Payment System or BBPS Software allows multiple bill payment services through a single platform. That is for electricity, water, gas pipeline, or any other domestic utility bill, a single portal can allow the user to pay bills on different channels. Without having to access different websites.

Online Tour Planning nad Travel Booking Software

With our FinTech Software Suite, the admins can also create multiple service providers who can provide online tour, travel and hotel booking facilities to people. The admin holds the controlling position and can provide access to different agents. Our Travel Booking Software admin panel offers a transparent and insightful report to the admin on each transaction.

How Does Our Travel Agency Software Work?

Our Travel Agency Software combines hotel booking and ticket booking software APIs. So, through the single portal admins can allow the subordinates to provide online ticket and hotel booking facilities to the end-users

NSDL PAN Card Verification Software

You can also become an authorized admin to verify PAN Cards through the Pancard Verification Software. PAN card is central to any Financial Transaction, online or offline. Eventually, we also combined PAN Verification API into our software suite.

Become an Authorized Representative of NSDL and Offer PAN Card Verification services!

As an admin, you will first need to register yourself on the official website of NSDL. Then, you will have to approach the subordinate agents, merchants, and retailers to implement the PAN Verification process in your business idea. However, this API will come in-built with our FinTech Software suite, but you will be able to use it as an admin only after registering on the NSDL website.

Why Choose Us for FinTech Software Development?

Ezulix is a name in the FinTech Software Development industry that you can bank upon! We provide the most customizable B2B FinTech Software Tools, FinTech Applications, and FinTech Web apps. Some of the reasons to choose us include-

CyberSecure FinTech Solutions
Customizable Services
Responsive Designs
So We Are to Serve You!

So are you thrilled to start your own FinTech Business? Connect with us today, and let us take the conversation forward. Our representatives will guide you thoroughly on how to become an Admin and start a new FinTech business! Let’s connect.

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