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Taxi Management Software

In the fiercely competitive world of taxi services, maintaining a leading edge demands cutting-edge software solutions. That's precisely where we shine. At Ezulix Software, we provide swift and AI-driven cab dispatch software, meticulously tailored for the dynamic transportation industry. The best part? It's a cost-effective solution to get your business soaring. Our online cab booking software is meticulously crafted to serve the unique demands of car-sharing and vehicle-tracking transportation businesses. It has undergone rigorous testing to guarantee not only its reliability but also its exceptional efficiency, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

Experience the future of the taxi industry with our Taxi website booking system and cab dispatch software. Elevate your business to new heights with technology that's designed to keep you ahead of the curve.

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One-Stop Solution for Your Taxi Service Software

We provide custom cab booking software that has a dynamic admin panel. It helps control every process using a centralized system. An admin can handle the driver's App and the customer's app single-handed. In addition, it gives you important information in the form of reports and assists in monitoring your company's growth. Admin Panel displays a summary of the entire business analytics. The administrator can view the map and see their drivers' location.

Drivers available for the upcoming trip are highlighted differently, while those who are not are highlighted in red. The cash flow and the number of journeys are displayed and updated in real-time. A list of features is shown to the admin on the dashboard itself. The booked trips, cancelled trips, and online users are displayed at the bottom of the dashboard. Additionally, the fare information is visible here, including the cab type, fare per kilometre, minimum fare, minimum distance, and waiting fare. This user-friendly interface helps you to use the software for the taxi business efficiently.

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Exploring Easy-to-Use Features for Customers

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Now you can travel anywhere at any time, you can put your riding problems to rest. With a simple use of taxi booking software in your smartphone and having an active internet connection, you may travel anywhere without any hassle. The cab dispatch software combines requests from numerous sources into an attractive and responsive interface, making it simple to dispatch an available taxi. There are a few parameters you must look into for a user-friendly application interface:

Selecting Vehicle Category

Our application is made as per the demands of the admin. So it allows your clients to find the perfect traveling vehicle. We built the platform incredibly adaptable so travellers can manage the categories in real-time from their mobile panel.

Manage Trip & Payment History

It is always a problem for cab riders to note down each Ride they take so the passenger app maintains track of all the trips and payments.

Planning Future Trips

In addition to the Ride Now feature, the app offers a rentals option. Rental prices are equivalent to packages, which are set for specific distances and durations.

Travelling Inter or Intra city

Riders can reserve longer-distance journeys using the outstation feature. Additionally, riders can reserve rides for the ‘n’ number of days according to their needs.

Live Tracking

Throughout the Ride, the app keeps track of the Driver's location. The admin provided the feature to track every Driver on the map. As a result, riders can share the cab details with their loved ones, who can locate them on a map.

Beforehand Information

Passengers can find out information about the arriving vehicle, the Driver's appearance, the number plate details, and the real-time location of the Driver from the pickup location.

Essential Features for Driver

Ezulix has created an authentic online taxi booking system to be a genuine driving partner. Everything a driver needs, from finding the pickup location to tracking their profits, is available within the app. We spent a lot of work in the development phase balancing those negative aspects. It gives the app an approachable and minimalistic interface:

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Fare Management

We created a versatile and dynamic fare management system to adjust or control everything from the admin panel per the requests we received from diverse clients. Additionally, the fare calculation is visible on the Driver’s app screen when the Ride is in motion.

Appropriate Documentation

According to the laws, rules, and regulations varying from place to place, we have made it necessary for drivers to upload the original documents during the logging-in procedure in the application. The documents must include vehicle documents, Driver’s license, details, originality of address proof, etc., mentioned within the app.

In-App Navigation

We have mastered the art of navigating the map and providing turn-by-turn directions within the app, saving drivers from launching Google Maps to get directions.

Driver Information

Before deciding how to show analytics to the drivers and the admin for better planning, we researched the number of clients. The Driver can access detailed statistics about their daily and monthly performance, including completed, declined, and missed rides.

Buy a Taxi Booking Software

If you are willing to try your hands at the traveling business, you should buy taxi software from Ezulix Software which comes with a wide range of advantages:

Easy Interaction

the taxi booking app should be user-friendly and provide clear instructions for clients and drivers.

Maintenance & Support

We provide 24*7 maintenance service. Our developers use their professional skills & years of experience, along with cutting-edge technology, to fix the issue.

Quick Command System

We assure to provide the quickest matches between the driver and the rider.

Multiple Payment Option

We have piled up the bundle of payment gateways under one roof of the application to make the transaction speed fast & convenient.

Hire a Developer from Ezulix

Our working strategy is based on the creative ideas that in order to acquire the respect and trust of clients, you must be committed to fulfilling their requirements. We are a group of experts who put a major emphasis on developing long-lasting connections with our clients. These relationships are suitable for clients with prolonged projects that constantly change the standards. We assure you that the project will be accomplished on deadline and at the best standards possible.

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