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Your trusted software development company in India. We have delivered a good number of multifaceted custom software development projects globally.


Empowering Growth through Custom Software Development Services

Having experience of 8+ years, we offer extraordinary digital solutions that make changes to startups and businesses with maximum growth. Our custom software development services revolve around the pioneering process to produce highly effective software solutions.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

We understand your custom requirement with core concepts and then build diverse resources for project completion successfully.

Enterprises Software Development

Enterprise Software Development

With expertise in enterprise software development, we facilitate the process of API integration, software integration, and modernization.

Saas Software Development

Web Application Development

We build impactful web applications to revolutionize various business industries with quick development and transparency.


Custom UI and UX Design

Our creative unit at Ezulix delivers engaging prototypes for comprehensive mobile and web software development solutions for multi-industry types.

Saas Software Development

SaaS Software Development 

We scale the SaaS industry offering SaaS web and mobile app development, SaaS product development, and SaaS platform development.


Manual and Automated Testing

We streamline software quality with manual and automated testing services. It stimulates the performance of legacy features.

Result-Driven Software Development Process 

In the custom software development process we implement a unique methodology to drive cutting-edge technology features to structure business-specific software.

team management

Team Management

We add dedicated experts to the team for project management flexibility.

prototype design

Prototype Design

A model is prepared as per the software needs and specifications.

analysis and plan

Analysis and Plan 

Our team analyzes all aspects of the product and then plans accordingly.



We start development code using the preferred programming language.

software testing


Our QA experts check the software quality and find if there is any bugs.

team management


Now the software product is ready to deliver and launch in real time.

team management


We ensure your product is working properly after deployment.

High Success Rate in Serving Businesses Globally

Growing with several awards and success stories. Delivering quality and business values for the clients across the globe.





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Collaborate with the Reliable Software Development Company for Dynamic Solutions

Get Tailored Software Solutions for your Unique Business Ideas and Automation Requirements. Experience the might of Business Process Automation and Take Your Business Performance to the next level. Streamline Management, Optimize Workflows, and Multiply Revenues!

Software Development Outsource Services

We offer dedicated and top-notch software development outsourcing services onshore and offshore. Providing on-demand B2B solutions from startups to large-sized corporates, we make sure that your unique idea remains undisclosed by signing a valid NDA. So, let’s connect and outsource your software development with us on a daily or hourly basis for project management.

Hire Dedicated Software Developer

Need a dedicated software developer to work on your ideated software project? Choose a cost-effective solution, Hire a dedicated offshore developer from us and execute your aspirational software development project seamlessly and on time. Bring your valuable software ideation to us and take home a bespoke software solution. Realize your dreams turning into digital reality!

Our Workforce for Dynamic Partnership

Get quick-fix solutions with our team augmentation option. Take our highly skilled developers to be a part of your team and work in close collaboration. Our software developers are highly flexible to adjust to any kind of work environment. Let your team exchange knowledge, expertise, and skills with our software developers and expand your team fast for the required period of time.

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There are many software development companies in India, however not all are reliable enough. While choosing a software development company make sure that you-
  • Thoroughly check their website and try to analyse their development skills by observing their website.
  • Call the number provided on the website to check how responsive the company is.
  • If possible, visit the address provided and meet face-to-face to judge their communication, knowledge, and reliability.
  • If taking offshore software development service, connect on Google Meet or Zoom call to analyse their authenticity.
  • Check their privacy policy to make sure that the company is registered.
  • Also, check their Google reviews and Social Media pages to find out what others are saying about them.
  • You can also connect with their clients (mentioned on the website) and take their feedback directly.
Tech Stack for Software Development includes the programming languages, development frameworks, and DBMS. Ezulix is backed by the following tech stack:
  • Programming Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP,
  • Development Frameworks: .Net, NodeJS, AngularJS
  • Database Management Systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Firebase and more.
When you choose to outsource your software development project, the ownership purely depends upon your will. Whatever terms and conditions we negotiate and sign on papers, the ownership will be decided upon accordingly.
In a word, yes. Definitely! We shall sign a detailed NDA (Disclosure Agreement) with you and your unique idea will stay unique until its final launch. So, without any hesitations, you can bring your ideations and business Startup ideas to us. We shall provide tailored software as per your needs.
It totally depends on your project requirements and budget. If you need to stay uninvolved and just want software to be delivered as per your ideation, then software development outsourcing is the best option. On the contrary, if you need to have a close check on the software being developed throughout the development phase, then Team Augmentation is a better option. Also remember, that the former is a more pocket-friendly option as compared to the latter.
Yes, definitely! We shall provide dedicated technical support and maintenance post-software development. You can connect with our technical support team 24*7 hour and avail of troubleshooting management, bug-fixing, and software update services from time to time.
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