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Real-time Employee Tracking System

Ezulix Software offers a comprehensive, cloud-based, and highly personalized employee tracking software solution that is specifically created for a variety of field service businesses to manage end-to-end service operations and determine the best path to achieve high operational efficiency, optimize revenue, lower costs, and boost customer satisfaction. With the real-time employee tracking system, employers may watch their employees' whereabouts during work hours. This software lets employers keep an organized eye on their workforce. It contributes to improved security, efficiency, and cost-effective operation.

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Out-Of-The-Box Features!

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Are you tirelessly managing work orders, both on-site and off-site staff, operational assets, equipment, and client service contracts in your service business? The answer to your productivity challenges lies in field employee tracking software. This powerful tool automates time-consuming tasks that often distract you from focusing on what truly matters, like nurturing client relationships. With our solution, overseeing your field service business becomes a breeze, and achieving impressive gains in productivity and efficiency is within your grasp! Say goodbye to unnecessary stress and hello to streamlined operations.

Scheduling the Work

Scheduling automatically gives management more time to focus on projects that add value. An automated and optimizedschedule is a very appealing feature of employee tracking software.

Order Management

Order Management feature permits businesses to keep track of the status of quotes and orders, the value of the orders, and the anticipated delivery date.

Field Employee Management

By providing your staff with instant access to the resources, information, and specifics they need to finish the job on the first visit, you can empower them with innovative software.

Proficient Quotations

Merchants can effortlessly create quotations for their employees that are to be presented in front of the dealers. It includes service, materials, and other costs used for the work procedure.

Stock Management

With this characteristic of tracking software, you can occasionally have visibility into the materials you have in stock and their location.

GPS Tracking

For increased productivity, an employer can keep track of your field employees’ live movements and status as well as how long it takes them to complete a specific task.

Employee Portal

Your workforce can easily modify their contact information, easily generate, track, and manage service complaints, as well as other asset information, through the employee management portal or mobile app.

Major Advantages of an Employee Monitoring Software

Till now we have seen what productivity tracking softwareis and some of its capabilities up to this point. Managers used to utilize Excel sheets and actual sheets for tracking staff time until recently. With boot time, technology has also been updated. However, at the moment, managers' jobs are made simple by tracking software. Now, managers can view the location report of their field personnel by using the tracking app. They can also monitor the real-time whereabouts of personnel. Using the features of the performance evaluation software, managers may now determine how effective their staff members are and improve their performance.

Taking on employee productivity tracking softwareallows the management team to shrewdly increase employee productivity and revenue. Additionally, you may effectively control your employees' time by using the software, which lowers the cost. Along with this, it aids in raising the value and market recognition of your brand. This tracking system has a few key advantages that make it more beneficial and popular in the corporate sector.

With Ezulixemployee performance software, an employer can seamlessly monitor and guide their workforce through an elementary mobile application. Your workstation will be entirely transparent with the tracking software because your employer will be able to capture time-to-time screenshots of every application you've been using.

1. You can check the live location of your field employees.
2. GPS employee tracking system helps to track complete location tracking.
3. Managers can find all employee details in the same place.
4. Along with employees, they can find out all customers’ detail in the same.
5. It helps to monitor employees’ working efficiency & time management in the field.
6. You can track, whether your employee is going on the right track or not.
7. You can assign work to your field employees by tracking their location.
8. You can easily schedule work meetings for your employee and can also monitor them.
9. It helps to improve the performance of your employees.
10. You get the notification for scheduling work.
Why Is Choosing Ezulix To Build Your Employee Tracking Software A Smart Move?

Looking for a custom employee tracking software development team that will offer top-notch support and improve every aspect of the employee monitoring process? Without a doubt, Ezulix Software can assist you with this. Our talented and knowledgeable software developers have practical expertise in completing a wide range of projects for customers from a variety of sectors. With our help, you can quickly realize the full potential of your staff monitoring software and quicken the trajectory of business expansion.

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