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Add-to-Deal is an e-commerce platform that conveniences the vendors to sell their goods by this platform. Every day, merchants from all around India come up with new ideas on our customers' behalf to satisfy their needs for more affordable goods and services as well as more useful services. In order to support the thousands of small and medium-sized Indian companies that sell on Add to Deal, one way we ensure that clients have access to a wide assortment of goods and services is by developing programs specifically for India.

Add-to-Deal is a website with a content management system (CMS) and commerce engine that is used to manage purchases, cataloged products, and customer relationships with online retailers. It makes no difference if your company is big or little, B2B or B2C, selling physical products or offering remote services. Add-to-Deal is a beneficiary company of OCP Tech Industries Pvt Ltd Group, which is a manufacturing company of general-purpose machinery. ATD is an online shopping site that benefits you with a varied range of products like electronics, beauty, clothes, shoes, bags, luggage, jewelry, and grocery products...Read More

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The decision of selling goods online is a huge and recommendable one. A sensible and affordable method to reach a global audience for your business is to use e-commerce solutions. You cannot proceed until you know the business needs from pin to a plane, which means understanding the business goals from scratch to hatch. Our developer can create a website/application entirely from the beginning using code and programming. Although it will take time,the outcome is fantastic. For e-commerce platform development our developers used the waterfall methodology to make things upstream for Add-to-Deal. The waterfall web development methodology naturally makes eCommerce development simpler and quickly accessible.

They start by gathering and documenting data for moving forward. All your next-phase decisions are based on the data they’ve collected in this stage. They consider client interviews and meetings for the development and customization of the project.The developing team then identifies all the appropriate forms to meet the client’s needs. Along with creating language, services, data layers, resource allocation, etc., you will also design the logic of the system.With regards to your analysis and system design, they implement professional code at this stage. Developers apply all system logic and service integration to give your eCommerceplatform its face. While going through the app codedevelopers navigate through the entire face of the project system, test the codes, and user acceptance. To make the project more resilient and agile, this stage also involves finding and eliminating bugs. Professionals launch the project and hand off the finished product to the client after thoroughly testing the website or application. While the final delivery period they make the necessary operational adjustments to maintain the system current and working properly.

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