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Akvira Technologies is India’s leading Rural Fintech Company empowering merchants/infopreneurs. Through technology to cater to the digital and financial needs of rural citizens in India. Akvira through its cutting-edge technology and wide network of master distributors is bridging the gaps in access to various financial services for the masses across the length and breadth of India. They provide fintech services to the rural sector of India. The creation of a digital platform for communications between your company and its partners, business clients, and vendors is known as B2B portal development. Ezulix develops efficient self-service and collaboration tools for corporate users and offers B2B portal-building services.

Create your own unique digital banking platform from the ground up to revolutionize the way people do banking. Create user-centered software, such as mobile banking apps or digital wallets. Smartphone users now have an easy way to make payments wherever they are thanks to digital wallet apps. Including promotional features like coupons and vouchers in an e-wallet software can improve user retention...Read More

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They serve services like Aadhar-enabled payment systems, Bharat bills payment systems, domestic money transfers, utility bill payments, account opening services, UPI-related services, travel solutions to book buses, train, flights, or hotels, and provides other E-Mitra offline services. With the aid of automation, multi-cloud services, blockchain technology, and customized functionalities, we assist businesses in developing safe, cutting-edge, and successful financial apps. You can compete with the greatest brands on the market and stand out from the crowd with the aid of our software tools, which will also help you earn more money.Every FinTech app, in our opinion, should be extremely stable, with access to sensitive infrastructure and external entities associated with the app restricted. We employ techniques like Open Policy Agent policies while keeping in mind every crucial aspect of security and stability.

In order to build the architecture and API for a real-time data processing system, we begin by planning the full data flow between all the systems that need to be linked into the app. Our software packages typically come with slickly built data visualization tools and design patterns in accordance with best data analysis practices.Starting with a custom architecture that is adaptable to modifications and necessary adjustments through modern and flexible integration solutions, various payment methods, a variety of widget customization possibilities, and unique capabilities.

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