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Real Prabhu assists you in selecting the best financial products by utilizing data and technological advancements. Their algorithm-based technology platform gives you access to a variety of personal credit offers, makes it simple to compare them, and offers unbiased guidance. Real Prabhu will be at your side at every stage up till the loan is disbursed, from the loan application to the disbursal. They provide short-term loans when in need, and also they have three investment options naming; gullak, recurring deposit, and fixed deposit.

Basically, Gullak is the type of deposit that you make daily, this is specifically designed for small shop owners and vendors. This investment type is for daily purposes, they can deposit a small amount of money starting from Rs 100, regularly, and then after 24 hrs, they start getting a fixed ratio of interest on the amount deposited. Along with this, they have RD & FD facilities, which are as same as the classic method of the terms. Additionally, Real Prabhu also offers a few B2C services for mobile recharge, electricity, DTH, Gas, and credit card bill payments. The premier goal of Real Prabhu is to make personal financial...Read More

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Decisions for India simple, clear, and practical. They aim to simplify complex decisions for you through technological and data advancements, along with a lot of hard effort. Here, also our developers work on the waterfall methodology as it is very important to understand the need and requirements of the clients to develop a desirable software/application. The waterfall method is regarded by developers as the most conventional but practical approach to software development. The requirements, design, implementation, verification, and maintenance phases of the waterfall technique each focus on a different objective. There is no turning back with this strategy, much like a waterfall runs in one direction. Because of this, the waterfall is an inflexible strategy that should be avoided for projects whose requirements change frequently. Before the following phasebegins, each phase must be finished completely. In most cases, there is no procedure for going back and changing the project or direction. The only way to go back is to restart the entire process of work.

However, only in exceptions does the developer need to go to the development phase back, after the testing phase to rectify the bugs or errors found in the smooth working of the software. The waterfall development process is simple to comprehend and administer due to its linear flow of work. This methodology works well for projects with precise goals and consistent criteria. The waterfall development process may be most advantageous for teams with expertise, thoroughly stable team compositions, and project managers.

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