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The goal of career counseling is to help clients identify their interests, choose subjects that they enjoy studying, develop effective study habits, and grow in those areas so they can achieve their ultimate goal of finding a solid career that suits their needs. Tawi Career Mentors assist students in setting realistic academic and career objectives by assessing their skills, interests, talents, and personality traits. In addition, the mentors arrange for aptitude and accomplishment tests and assist people in choosing careers after they have explored and evaluated their education, training, job experience, interests, abilities, and personal attributes.

Their foremost purpose in life is to assist others in discovering their real calling and in creating more fruitful and meaningful professions. It helps assist people in identifying their perfect career and real calling in life, as well as career and "Right Path" information. Tawi Career Mentors do not handle admissions or represent or advertise any business or institution of higher learning. The information created during this procedure would be kept private and would only be applied to the student's career development, planning, and mentoring...Read More

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This type of educational software is developed using the agile Scrum approach, which is focused on incremental and iterative procedures. Scrum is an agile framework that is quick, flexible, effective, and meant to offer value to the customer throughout the project's development. Our developers used “Scrum Methodology”as it is centered on the idea that defined and repeatable processes only apply to problems that are also distinct and quotable, along with defined and repeatable individuals and settings.

A project is divided into 30-day iterations under Scrum (called sprints). The functionality needed for the sprint is identified before the sprint starts, after which the team develops it. The goal is to keep the criteria steady during the sprint. The management continues throughout the same development process. The team decides what will be created the following day during a brief meeting called a scrum every day. They provide management with information on the obstacles that must be removed and what was done so that management is aware of the project's stage.

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