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Tiffin Mama

Tiffin Mama brings a new perspective to the food industry by providing hygienic, delectable, healthier, homey meals that are delivered straight to your door. They are here to relieve you of the burden of meal preparation by doing all the chopping, cooking, and cleaning for you. It was established out of a love of cuisine and a desire to give back to the neighborhood by serving true, authentic Indian food and offering top-notch customer service. You may enjoy your regular meals with Tiffin Mama without sacrificing variety or excellent flavor. All of it is provided to you at pricing you won't regret on a platform that is amazingly simple to use.

Full-service catering, Tiffins and lunchboxes, sweets and snacks, and To Go Orders are just a few of the many things we provide. We have delivered a Tiffin/Mess service management software, which is brimming with user-friendly features like inventory & billing management, customer records, drop-off confirmations, etc. The basic idea behind the creation of this software was that the citizens of our nation who rely on mess services come from many states and have a variety of cuisine preferences. If they are spending a few days visiting various areas of the city, they require...Read More

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Tiffin at their specific locations that must be updated in real-time. Every customer has a specific time that they prefer to get their tiffin delivered.

Our developer has developed three major modules: vendor, customer, and admin, for the tiffin delivery application. It gives you the freedom to customize your operations and enables your client to schedule according to their needs. The purpose of this project was to provide a platform that will facilitate users' food booking and exploring experiences. So the developers concluded the outcome to create a functional application that would speed up the ordering process and make discovering restaurants simpler. With the use of the latest and updated technologies, they developed software that helps in selecting meal time, meal type, and whatnot.

A GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkit is contained in this package in the form of scripts. These modules are utilized in our project to build the user interface that the mess owner and customers can use to communicate with one another.The owner has the ability to save user information, which may then be utilized for maintaining customer data, responding to daily tiffin requests, and sending emails. The client can update their tiffin order and select from the food selection in turn.The owner can email the client to remind them to pay their monthly invoices at the end of each month.

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